[gst-devel] Re: GStreamer port to other platforms ?

zaheer at grid9.net zaheer at grid9.net
Mon Mar 12 11:33:33 CET 2001

glib 1.2 has only mutex and condition variables and threads private
variables and thats it, no thread creation or thread manipulation.

This is why gstreamer currently uses pthread functions directly.

Glib 2.0 has some very nice thread functions, and yes will compile under

Currently, my guess is most of GStreamer will compile and work using
CYGWIN but a few things will probably need to be changed to compile and
run under Visual C++ or similar.

Also, the dependency on GTK+, if this is moved to the gobject library,
then it should be possible.

To backbort the glib 2.0 thread stuff to glib 1.2 is trivial, ORBit-mt
does this.



On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, David I. Lehn wrote:

> * Erik Walthinsen <omega at temple-baptist.com> [20010311 19:59]:
> > I would very much like to see a win32 port, 
> ...
> > The major code issues I see are: cothreads (shim with fibers), pthreads
> > (use cygwin?),
> When next glib comes out we can use its thread api.  It has win32
> support right?  Not sure how difficult it would be to backport just the
> thread stuff to current glib...
> -dave
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