[gst-devel] Re: GStreamer port to other platforms ?

Georg Waldschmidt georg.waldschmidt at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Mon Mar 12 20:11:20 CET 2001

So I will start do evaluate how to do the port best.
I already did some tries, but the main problem is the gcc-specific
code, as there are many macros with a variable parameter list.
This is a problem on Visual C++. Maybe not on MinGW.
Although, the architecure of GStreamer is the best I saw, there are
some disadvantages:
- It depends on GTK+, which depends on GDK which depends on the 
graphic subsystem of the OS. This is not a problem for the Win32 port,
but for other platforms like MacOS. Maybe this is obsolete when turning 
to gobject.
- the code is written for gcc. This may cause problems to port 
GStreamer not only to other platforms, but also to other compilers on
Unix OS's.
Nevertheless I will try. But maybe this will take some time , because 
it is just a hobby project, but maybe it will lead to a multimedia 
world domination  ;-)


Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> I would very much like to see a win32 port, but don't have time to do it
> myself (nor any remaining patience with the windoze development
> environment).  I'll definitely do all I can to help out such a port
> though, as that's just another step on the path to total world
> domination... ;-)
> The major code issues I see are: cothreads (shim with fibers), pthreads
> (use cygwin?), audiosink (replace with windoze-specific plugin), and
> videosink (replace with DirectDraw and/or GDI plugin).  None of those
> should be all that hard, though.
> There will also be a lot of gcc-specific code that you'll have to find
> ways to either modify to be more compliant, or otherwise work around.
> Most of this (if not all) is in some specific plugins.
> The biggest headache is going to be the build environment and all that
> stuff.  I have no idea what the best method is there, except possibly
> giving cygwin a go all the way from the begining, and using autoconf and
> friends just like on Linux.  I think that would actually be by far the
> best method, if you can cleanly interface that with regularly-built
> programs (i.e. in VC++) later.
> As for RealMedia, I don't even consider it a competitor at all, from the
> 3.5mo I spent "working" with it... <g>
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