[gst-devel] Capabilities API functions

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Wed Mar 14 02:37:03 CET 2001

* zaheer at grid9.net <zaheer at grid9.net> [20010313 20:24]:
> Here is a start, just for manipulation and retrieval of mimetypes .
> /**
>  * Gets all the mime types a set of capabilities has
>  * NB array returned must be freed...(however NOT its contents)
>  *
>  * @param caps the set of capabilities to get the mime types from
>  * @param size a pointer to an integer which will be set denoting the
> number of mime types in the array
>  *
>  * @returns an array of mime types the set of capabilities has
>  */
> guchar** gst_caps_get_mimetypes(GstCaps* caps, guint* size);

Wouldn't it be nicer to return a GList or GArray rather than hack
parameters into return values?  What is this info stored as internally?
(yeah, I'm too lazy to look ;)

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