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Graduate g8441090 at ccunix.ccu.edu.tw
Wed Mar 14 03:46:47 CET 2001


   When I install the gstreamer 0.1.1 on my computer (Pentium III 550 
+ redhat 7.0). It's normal to play Mpeg1 and MP3. But when I play Mpeg2
streams. It plays a few seconds and crash. So I get the lastest version
from CVS. It still crash. :-( 

The error message is:

 INFO: CPU features: MMX SSE 
 ** WARNING **: gstplugin: registry needs rebuild
 videosink: found 16 bits display
 videosink: using 16 bits image 16 bits/pixel
 gstplay: using element "disk_src" for offset property
 gstplay: using element "mpeg2parse" for bit_rate property
 GstIDCT: using MMX_idct
 mpeg2dec: using normal motion compensation
 Using SSE for IMDCT
 Using SSE for downmix
 audiosink: attempting to open sound device
 audiosink: setting sound card to 44100KHz 16 bit stereo (131072 bytes
 buffer, 65536 fragment)
 audiosink: Capabilities
 audiosink:   Trigger
 audiosink:   Direct access
 audiosink: opened audio with fd=10
 gstreamer-0.1.1 (C) 2000 Aaron Holtzman (aholtzma at ess.engr.uvic.ca)
 5.1 Mode 48.0 KHz 384 kbps Complete Main Audio Service
 gst_mpeg2play_chain: MPEG2 720x480, 29.97 fps
 Illegal instruction		     

 Thank you for your help, and sorry about for this long mail.

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