[gst-devel] Capabilities API functions

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Wed Mar 14 07:53:40 CET 2001

* Thomas Nyberg <thomas at codefactory.se> [20010314 00:43]:
> It would be nice to make some standard of what properties should exist
> and how they should be created/stored/used.
> It would be nice to have a
> const GList *gst_pad_cap_get_depth(pad); 
> that returns a list of all depth that pad can handle.
> Which could be just a wrapper for a
> gst_pad_get_cap(pad, "depth");
> or something likethat. The easier API, and the less work needed to
> use it, the merrier it is :)
> It is better to have a few ugly gst_pad_cap_get functions than to
> have ugliness all over the place.

I thougth one of the main points of the core is to not have specific
details of the data types it's processing.  Which means no special
macros or functions for media specific things.  Isn't using strings
sufficient?  This stuff is called at a low frequency so performance
really isn't an issue.

All these functions are going to have to be translated to scripting
language bindings at some point.  It's best to try and keep the core
simple for this.  Handling strings will be easier than maintaining lots
of specialized enums and structs and functions.

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