[gst-devel] GStreamer wiki

Tim 'Tool-Man' Taylor tim at tool-man.org
Sat Mar 17 03:40:13 CET 2001

David I. Lehn wrote:
 > I've set up a GStreamer wiki based on MoinMoin.
 > This may be a good place to throw up ideas and discuss and refine them.
 > We'll see how it works out... needs participation though.

The thing to be aware of is how much you spread out or duplicate 
information on the project.  For instance, you already have these 
knowledge bases:

  - documentation
  - email lists
  - IRC
  - SF bug database
  - SF forums

Now add a wiki to the mix.   A wiki web is potentially redundant with 
documentation, email lists, IRC, and forums.

This can be disadvantagous.  One, there's no easy or reliable way to 
search all of them at once.  I first have to read the docs, then search 
the email lists, then scan the bug database, browse the forums, peruse 
wiki, and finally either post a question or ask on IRC (or in wiki).  In 
reality, people will probably only do a couple of these before giving up 
or resorting to asking a question.  Two, duplication of information is 
as much a problem as duplicated code.  The multiple versions can get out 
of sync.  Keeping them in sync is duplicated effort.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not opposed to wiki webs.  Actually, I think 
wiki webs are groovy.  I love wiki.  But you might want to consider 
having your wiki replace some of the other knowledge bases and set local 
guidelines on how you want your wiki used.  For instance, you could 
limit "talking" on wiki to discussion about the documentation.  Other 
discussion would occur on IRC or the email lists.

Consider moving all the current documentation into wiki.  Perhaps wiki 
can be used for keeping the documentation up to date while gstreamer is 
in flux.  I know alot of effort was put into DocBook'izing the docs.  By 
using wiki you benefit with collaborative editing.  Then you can use the 
wiki docs as raw material for DocBook documentation once development 
settles down.  DocBook is complex.  You raise the bar of who can 
contribute documentation by using it whereas wiki is rather easy to pick up.

On a similar note, I recommend disabling the SourceForge features you 
don't use.  At a mimimum, get rid of the Forums (redundant with email 
list).  The Surveys can probably go, too.  Looks like you already turned 
off (or never turned on) the DocManager.


> -dave

Tim Taylor
tim at tool-man.org

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