[gst-devel] Meta-plugins: a proposal

Richard Boulton richard at tartarus.org
Sun Mar 18 19:32:33 CET 2001

> This is not the hiearchy of the filesystem/structure - but the naming of
> a plugins _class_ - this I believe, should differ.
Indeed - I wasn't assuming the code layout has anything to do with what we
are currently talking about.

> No, I think that you have missunderstood what I was saying. I only suggest
> that we should use the headerfile to ease development. If you want to use
> some other type, it is fine. By adding each type to the headerfile, developers
> can safely use macros(#define's) to assign the types - this makes it less
> probable that a spelling-error would occur. These types are added, when
> they are needed. If you create a element that works on other types, it's
> fine. 
Ah - if it's just a convenience, then it makes a lot more sense.
(I don't think we should be thinking of being able to change the macros
to rename definitions at a later date, but that was only a side point so
lets not worry about that for now).

In fact, what you're suggesting is the first step on the way towards the
FilterFactory concept.  I think noone really knows how to do
FilterFactories, but the idea was to use a combination of some provided
code and macro hackery to hide most of the messy details of making a new
element.  We need to get things working the messy way first, I think, but
that shouldn't stop us trying to work out how we're going to neaten things
up later.


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