[gst-devel] Meta-plugins: a proposal

Lee Brown leejr at linuxsoftwareconsultants.com
Sun Mar 18 14:29:06 CET 2001

> next level.  (eg "Decoder/MP3/mpg123")
> Also, things to think about, to ensure sufficient generality, are:
>  What type would the example plugin (examples/plugin/example.[ch]) have?
>  What type would a tee have (since that can operate on any media type, it
>  shouldn't be Audio/, Video/ or AV/)

You mean something like:



	/generic   <-- tee
	/mp3    <---- this is the input type
		/audio-raw   //decoder   <--- this is the output type
		/mp3	      //reecoder
		/audio-raw    /mixer
		/mp3 	//encoder

Multiple inheritance is done with soft links.

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