[gst-devel] Control Data Connection (and more)

Owen Fraser-Green owen at discobabe.net
Mon Mar 19 15:19:20 CET 2001


Ted Gould wrote:
> Q1 - What I would like to do is write a small plugin that would be able
> to do FIR filtering.  It would be nice if the coefficiants for this were
> able to be passed similar to other stream data, where there could be
> other plugins to generate the coefficiants (i.e. a notch filter, maybe
> some sliders, a poll zero plot).  How would I do this?  I think that the
> best way is to have a sink, but is there a type of data for 'control
> data'?  Should I just create one?  I don't think that I want to use the
> properties, they don't seem like they are adjustable real-time.

I also feel that it would make a lot of sense to introduce a mime type such 
as control/raw which would basically be the same as audio/raw with one 
channel and a much lower-sample rate e.g. 1000Hz. 

I know it has been suggested that it should be the application's 
responsibility to apply control data to the elements but I think there are 
two drawbacks to this:
1) It seems unnecessary for the application to have to handle the 
scheduling of this information when gstreamer is already quite capable of 
doing so.
2) This would lend the possibility of filtering the control stream, 
creating control stream sources etc.


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