[gst-devel] Displaying of translation texts in gstmediaplay (feature request)

Grzegorz Prokopski prokopsk at novell.itn.pwr.wroc.pl
Wed Mar 28 00:55:54 CEST 2001


Probably some of You noticed, that not every people are
english-speaking. ;-)

Some good people create text files, that contain text to be displayed
while watching english-only video.
Do I have to explain to You how such feature is important ?
Hope I don't.

So I went and grabbed some examples how they are "coded".

hh:mm:ss:Here goes the text to be displayed. It can be preeeeeeeetty
long !!! Often it has to be displayed as multiline.
h:m:s=Other example of text. Every line describes a text to be displayed
at once.
{2225}{2300}Here we have not time, but numbers of start and end frame.

Every of three examples shoul be in one line, no linebreaks inside.

It the first two exaples above there is a moment in time (from the
beginning of video), when text has to appear on the screen.
It is up to player to deduce how long it should stay there. It usually
sth like "at least 2 seconds, for every word longer than one letter -
lineary longer".

Of course it cannot be displayed longer, than till the moment when next
is to be displayed.

In the latter example we have number of starting frame when the text
appears and ending frame when it disappears. It defines two moments in
time between which text is displayed.

There are two ways of displaying it on the screen.
First one - the text is in the area separated from video area, usually
at the bottom, or top of it. 
Percentage of height varies and usually can be set by user, as well as
size and type of fonts - it has to support different language fonts.
Second - printed over the played video with white words - with black
border, or inside black rectangle.

If You need any videos that has a translation text in above formats, or
examples of translations you can contact me at: mailto:greg at sente.pl .

I can put anything on www if You wish. (10Mb cable modem, but don't know
how it would be from USA or elsewhere)

Best regards

			Grzegorz Prokopski

PS: If you need a working program which does what was said above, try
looking for "VPlayer" at google. First found links should take you to
proper places to get it.
PSS: After a short discussion with omega at irc I wanted to use
sourceforge to send this request, but I see nobody posted such jet, so
it seems to me as not used way. And I was unable to find a way to send
it using wiki/moin.
Anyway I am not subscribed to this mailing list (15 others I have
is enough), so please cc: me the answers if You can. Thanks.

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