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Thu Mar 29 06:27:31 CEST 2001

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[12:14] <Uraeus> hello
[12:17] <ajmitch> hi
[12:38] <Uraeus> hi ajmitch: do you know from which package byteswap.h comes?
[12:39] <ajmitch> glibc
[12:41] <ajmitch> glibc-dev on RH and similar, libc6-dev on debian
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[12:48] <Uraeus> thank
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[13:07] <sienap> Hi all :)
[13:08] Action: sienap @ school
[13:08] <ajmitch> hi sienap
[13:08] <sienap> Hej ajmitch
[13:08] <Uraeus> hi sienap
[13:09] <ajmitch> Uraeus: you get that include file?
[13:10] <sienap> he..
[13:10] <sienap> uraeus already got an reply from that audio project ? (forgot the name)
[13:12] <Uraeus> sienap: problem is that Gman didn't find it compiling on Solaris
[13:13] <Uraeus> and no, no reply for PROTUX, and if Erik don't send me the updated info for Ardour I am mailing the current mail to them soon :)
[13:13] <sienap> he ic
[13:13] <sienap> Gman is who ?
[13:13] <Uraeus> Glynn Foster, he works in the Desktop division at Sun on GNOME stuff
[13:14] <sienap> ooh ic
[13:16] <Uraeus> he is one of a 10 man team Sun has working full time on GNOME, think more people will be assigned to GNOME as soon as the move from CDE/OpenWindows is complete
[13:16] <ajmitch> and suggested the GUADEC beer day? ;)
[13:18] sienap (bla at left irc: 
[13:18] <Uraeus> true :)
[13:18] <ajmitch> you start with the best tasting, by the time you get to the worst you're too far gone to care ;)
[13:21] <Uraeus> the byteswap.h , anyone know its location in the filesystem?
[13:21] <Uraeus> is it /usr/include ?
[13:22] <ajmitch>  /usr/include/bits/byteswap.h in debian (according to apt on irc)
[13:22] <ajmitch> but /usr/include here...
[13:26] <Uraeus> is byteswap.h important or can other functions be used with a little hacking?
[13:26] <Uraeus> actually I guess my question is if byteswap.h is part of libc5
[13:27] <ajmitch> hmm, i dunno ;)
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[13:50] <ajmitch> hi steveb
[13:50] <Uraeus> ajmitch: is byteswap.h used to swp bytes for little/big endianes in ip addresses?
[13:50] <steveb> hello
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[13:51] <Uraeus> hi greg_
[13:51] <greg_> Hi again !
[13:51] <ajmitch> Uraeus: why ask me what it is useful for? ;)
[13:53] <Uraeus> ajmitch: cause I know that you know everything :)
[13:53] <ajmitch> Uraeus: hehe
[13:53] <ajmitch> Uraeus: if i knew everything gstreamer would be in a perfect state by now ;)
[13:54] <Uraeus> hmmm
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[14:50] Action: steveb shakes omega
[14:50] <steveb> wake up!
[14:51] <ajmitch> hehe
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[14:56] <Uraeus> welcome back holger :) try to stay a few seconds this time ok?
[14:56] <ajmitch> hehe
[14:57] <holger> yep.
[14:58] <holger> Is anybody working on the glib-2.0 port of gstreamer ?
[14:59] <Uraeus> holger: I think they are waiting for a API stable release of Glib
[14:59] <holger> Who exactly is "they" ?? :)
[15:00] <steveb> I think once Gnome 1.4 is out then real work will start on the GObject port
[15:00] <Uraeus> holger: in this case I think they is wtay
[15:00] <ajmitch> they == gstreamer developers
[15:00] <holger> gnagna ...
[15:00] <ajmitch> mainly omega, wtay, others
[15:00] <holger> thanks.
[15:01] <Uraeus> holger: are you working on something GStreamer related?
[15:01] <holger> I'm thinking about using it, but we don't use gtk-1.2 anymore.
[15:03] <Uraeus> holger: then you should be ok with using GStreamer cause the glib2 port has high priority
[15:04] <holger> Yes, I'd really like to try, but I'm experiencing troubles when I link against glib-2.0 and the old glib in the same application
[15:08] <Uraeus> holger: if you stay around, or come back in 3-4 hours either wtay or omega should be available, they are the lead developers and could probably give you more input on the glib2 port
[15:10] <holger> I'm not shure if I'll be able to do so; are they online this time every day ?
[15:12] <Uraeus> yes, omega is in the US so he usually come online in the evening european time, wtay lives in netherlands so he might be in earlier but he is more probably to find in the evening
[15:13] <ajmitch> and i am in NZ, but am currently clueless about glib 2.0 plans
[15:14] <holger> thanks. If I can't chat with them I'll send a mail ...
[15:14] <ajmitch> send to mailing list, i think
[15:15] <holger> ok.
[15:17] <Uraeus> holger: what project are you working on?
[15:18] <holger> take a look on our homepage (http://www.convergence.de)
[15:19] <holger> There you'll find links to our open-source projects and a short description of what we are doing.
[15:19] <Uraeus> ah, hmm Convergence, isn't that the company that some of the Gimp developers work for?
[15:19] <holger> yep.
[15:20] <Uraeus> cool
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[16:23] <matth-off> asdf
[16:24] Nick change: matth-off -> matth_
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[18:07] <zaheer> yo
[18:08] Action: omega_rr is pretending to be awake
[18:08] Action: taazzzz is pretending to be asleep
[18:09] <zaheer> :)
[18:10] Action: zaheer got his fluid dynamics simulation working!!!
[18:10] Nick change: wtay-sleeping -> wtay
[18:10] Action: zaheer can now concentrate on release of OpenTeleMedia and work on the gstreamer plugins
[18:10] <zaheer> yo wtay
[18:10] <wtay> hi everybody
[18:10] <wtay> zaheer: using libxslt?
[18:11] <zaheer> oh I love it
[18:11] Action: omega_rr wants to learn xsl
[18:11] <zaheer> #!/usr/bin/python
[18:11] <zaheer> import sys,os;
[18:11] <zaheer> if len(sys.argv) > 1:
[18:11] <zaheer>         stylesheet = "/home/zaheer/programming/zcfd/xml/zcfdtozscatter.xsl"
[18:11] <zaheer>         timestepinputfile = "ts"+sys.argv[1]+".xml"
[18:11] <zaheer>         scatterinputfile = "ts"+sys.argv[1]+"-scatter.xml"
[18:11] <zaheer>         scatteroutputfile = "ts"+sys.argv[1]+"-scatter.gif"
[18:11] <zaheer>         os.system("xsltproc "+stylesheet+" "+timestepinputfile+" > "+scatterinputfile)
[18:11] <zaheer>         os.system("/home/zaheer/programming/zscatter/src/zscatter "+scatterinputfile+" "+scatteroutputfile)
[18:11] <zaheer>         os.system("ee "+scatteroutputfile)
[18:11] <zaheer> else:
[18:11] <zaheer>         print "Syntax: viewgraph timestep_number"
[18:12] <wtay> fast enough?
[18:12] <zaheer> super fast
[18:12] Action: wtay should read his xml/xsl book...
[18:12] <taazzzz> go play with Cocoon... it's really cool
[18:12] <zaheer> cocoon is java based
[18:12] <Uraeus> wtay, omega_rr: holger from Convergence.de was here, they are looking into using GStreamer
[18:13] <omega_rr> we're /msg'ing
[18:13] <wtay> Uraeus: yeah, I went to their site
[18:13] <wtay> cool
[18:13] <holger_> I'm again here ;)
[18:13] <zaheer> all i wanted was a program that would translate my cfd ooutput xml file to my scatter graph input xml file
[18:14] <Uraeus> holger_: nice, then no need for me to speak on your behalf :)
[18:14] <zaheer> using my xsl stylesheet
[18:14] <zaheer> but i wanted it fast...using xt or xalan was soooo slow
[18:14] <Uraeus> omega_: any chance you can send me that mail you where talking about with some technical arguments
[18:15] Nick change: taazzzz -> taaz-away
[18:15] <omega_rr> um, yeah, gimme a minute <g>
[18:15] <zaheer> wtay: you saved me about 3 hrs of work telling me about libxslt :)
[18:15] <Uraeus> zaheer: is that Daniel Veillards new library?
[18:15] <BBB-zZz> omega!!!!! :)
[18:16] <omega_rr> BBB-zZz: are you ready for Saturday ?
[18:16] <wtay> zaheer: 3 hours to spend on gst then :-)
[18:16] <Uraeus> BBB-zZz: stop talking in your sleep ;)
[18:18] Nick change: BBB-zZz -> BBB
[18:18] <BBB> :)
[18:18] <BBB> omega_rr: yeah!
[18:18] <omega_rr> wtay: how soon might we have the ability to run a v4l -> videoscaler -> videosink to a non-Xv window?
[18:18] <BBB> but how late and where exactly?
[18:18] <BBB> :)
[18:18] <wtay> IRC daily logs finally work...
[18:19] <omega_rr> BBB: cool.  I'm hoping it'll be say noon to evening, still not sure where
[18:19] <wtay> omega_rr: end of this week/weekend
[18:19] <BBB> omega_rr: sounds good... So I should be in amsterdam at abou 12 o'clocl?
[18:19] <omega_rr> cool.  we've got a webcam setup in the rr simulator, and I'd love to see them ditch xawtv or whatever, and use gstreamer for it (so would they, actually)
[18:20] <omega_rr> BBB: I get in at 8:35am, so if you want to be there earlier (or anyone else does) we can meet long before noon
[18:20] <wtay> omega_rr: v4lsrc->videosink (with Xv) will be done today or tomorrow
[18:20] <omega_rr> but noon is the earliest some people can be there, so we won't start the official meet until noon-ish
[18:21] <omega_rr> if anyone sees steveb, ask him about the location....
[18:21] <wtay> Xvideosink will be commited today
[18:21] <omega_rr> cool
[18:21] <wtay> gotta eat
[18:21] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-eating
[18:21] <BBB> omega_rr: okay... I have a big party the day before (friday) which will take until about 6 am saturday so I won't be there much earlier, I'm affraid
[18:21] <omega_rr> ok
[18:21] <BBB> but I'll try to be there asap
[18:22] <omega_rr> the main trick will be everyone finding each other
[18:22] <BBB> :P
[18:22] <omega_rr> we might have to find some cafe to meet at, someone puts a 'gstreamer' sign on a table or something
[18:22] <BBB> so we need to find an exact location in Amsterdam to meet
[18:23] <BBB> let's wait for steveb to find out what location :)
[18:23] <zaheer> noon looks like best bet
[18:24] <zaheer> steveb isnt based in amsterdam is it?
[18:24] <omega_rr> ok, so I'll need somewhere to hang out <g>
[18:24] <omega_rr> not that I know of
[18:24] <omega_rr> he's got a friend there though
[18:24] <BBB> btw, isn't guadec in rotterdam?
[18:24] <omega_rr> iirc his fiance is an agent there
[18:24] <omega_rr> nope, copenhagen
[18:24] <BBB> hmz.
[18:24] <BBB> :)
[18:24] <BBB> ok
[18:25] <zaheer> omega_rr: hang out? :)
[18:25] <omega_rr> yeah, sit somewhere for 2-3hrs while waiting for people to show <G>
[18:25] <BBB> muhahahahhahahahahah
[18:25] <BBB> go to the museum
[18:25] <zaheer> hotel room? :)
[18:26] <zaheer> red light district? :)
[18:26] <omega_rr> um
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[18:26] <zaheer> airport?
[18:26] <BBB> <zaheer> red light district? :)
[18:26] <BBB> :PPPPP
[18:26] <zaheer> BBB: its a tourist attraction, n'est pas?
[18:26] <BBB> we need a fresh and fit omega, not a tired one :P
[18:27] <omega_rr> um
[18:27] <BBB> red light district is not really touristic, although many tourists do go there
[18:27] <zaheer> massage parlour would wake him up :)
[18:27] <BBB> :P
[18:27] <BBB> omega_rr: you could try that out :P
[18:28] <zaheer> the airport in amsterdam has a large amount of attractions
[18:28] <BBB> true
[18:28] <zaheer> loads I mean LOADS of shops
[18:28] <zaheer> casinos
[18:28] <zaheer> pubs
[18:29] <zaheer> restaurants
[18:30] <BBB> casinos!
[18:30] <BBB> :)
[18:30] <BBB> that's a good way to waste your time :(
[18:30] <BBB> :)
[18:30] <zaheer> arcades
[18:30] <BBB> and money
[18:30] <zaheer> flights to hawaii....
[18:30] <BBB> hm...yummy
[18:30] <BBB> let's have our meeting on hawaii
[18:31] Action: BBB won't pay, though
[18:31] Action: zaheer lets bbb pay the fares :)
[18:31] <zaheer> it also has power sockets for laptops....
[18:31] <zaheer> however its the only place in amsterdam ive ever been to
[18:32] <zaheer> have no idea what the rest of holland is like
[18:32] <zaheer> anyways i gotta get some food......ill bbin 10
[18:33] <BBB> ok
[18:34] steveb (steveb at node1ee02.a2000.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[18:40] <omega_rr> steveb: any news on meet location?
[18:41] <omega_rr> steveb: email me, I'll be in a meeting... <g>
[18:41] <Uraeus> omega_rr: what did you and holger agree/not agree upon?
[18:41] <omega_rr> or... not.  I'm here for a few more minutes
[18:41] <omega_rr> well, that the glib2 port will happen, reasonably soon
[18:42] <omega_rr> he's going to start looking at gstreamer soon
[18:42] <omega_rr> they want to do digital tv stuff (see thier website) with it <g>
[18:42] <Uraeus> omega_rr: if they do it would be a nice showcase for GStreamer
[18:42] <omega_rr> quite
[18:43] <steveb> yo
[18:43] <omega_rr> 'sup?
[18:43] <steveb> ok, the bad news first
[18:44] <steveb> portugal vs holland this weekend will mean that accomodation will be tight
[18:44] <omega_rr> oops
[18:44] <omega_rr> then /me must find something fast
[18:44] <steveb> also, <$100 won't get you much
[18:44] <steveb> but....
[18:44] <omega_rr> suggestions for a hotel near Amsterdam center?
[18:45] <steveb> my intrepid fiancee has found a nice hotel for fl275(inc breakfast) (fl2 == USD$1)
[18:45] <omega_rr> cool
[18:45] <steveb> AND they would let us use the breakfast room for the meeting
[18:46] <omega_rr> oooh
[18:46] <omega_rr> all day?
[18:47] <steveb> well, apparently it is empty after breakfast - also i haven't confirmed the power socket situation
[18:47] <omega_rr> hmm, ok
[18:48] <omega_rr> and white/black board?
[18:48] <omega_rr> we could just bring a big notepad..
[18:48] <steveb> don't know, but they do have a conference room for fl250 so we may be able to use some of their stuff for a negotiated fee
[18:49] <omega_rr> hmm, ok
[18:49] <omega_rr> so from say noon to evening, we could use that room?
[18:50] <steveb> if we're lucky - and there is also a lobby we could use.  But I suggest you contact them directly by phone http://www.apollofirst.nl/ There may even be a booking under your name (which won't be confirmed until credit card numbers are mentioned)
[18:52] <steveb> its not completely central, but close enough
[18:52] <omega_rr> hmm, ok
[18:54] <omega_rr> ok, I'll email them, and call them tonight from home
[18:54] <steveb> do you want me to phone and ask them anything?
[18:55] <omega_rr> sure, if you want to
[18:55] <omega_rr> I'll still email them though
[18:56] <steveb> i'll phone them if there is something you want me to find out
[18:56] <omega_rr> nothing specific that I can think of
[18:57] <steveb> ok
[18:58] <omega_rr> ok, email sent
[19:00] <omega_rr> ok, time for me and matth and brentb to meet to discuss ideas for the event system
[19:00] <steveb> have fun
[19:11] <zaheer> Uraeus: yah libxslt is daniel's new library
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[19:36] <zaheer> im off now
[19:36] <zaheer> bbl
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[19:48] Nick change: steveb-fud -> steveb-food
[19:55] sienap (synap at ipc379c0d3.dial.wxs.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[19:55] <sienap> Hi :)
[19:56] hadess (hadess at pc123-gui14.cable.ntl.com) joined #gstreamer.
[19:57] <sienap> HADESsss
[19:58] <hadess> hi sienap
[20:03] <hadess> hasn't anybody looked at providing a way to use xanim's dlls with gstreamer ?
[20:03] <wtay-eating> hadess: good idea
[20:03] Nick change: wtay-eating -> wtay
[20:03] <sienap> wtay going to do that right now .:)
[20:04] <wtay> cool
[20:04] <hadess> i don't know exactly how much abstraction the plugin provide though
[20:07] <Uraeus> wtay: is the something wrong with the FreeBSD patch since it isn't applied?
[20:10] <sienap> he wtay i mean YOU ?
[20:10] <sienap> not me:)
[20:10] <sienap> it was a question
[20:10] <sienap> i was wondering if you where going to loo kat it
[20:10] <sienap> however it isn't a bad idea to look myself as well :)
[20:11] <wtay> I didn't have time yet
[20:13] <sienap> he 
[20:13] <sienap> damn i am this unclaer ?
[20:13] <sienap> my question was are you going to look at xanim dll's ?
[20:13] <Uraeus> wtay: who was that response for me or sienap?
[20:14] <wtay> I didn't merge the FreeBSD patch because I didn't have time yet... I'm not going to look at xanim DLLs right now :-)
[20:15] <wtay> I'm working on the new videosink with capsnego
[20:17] <sienap> he
[20:17] <sienap> okie
[20:17] ChiefHighwater (floods at temple-baptist.com) joined #gstreamer.
[20:18] <Uraeus> sienap: would the xanim .dll give us anything the windows .dll don't? As long as they are not 'free speech' I don't see the difference for GStreamer between the two
[20:18] <sienap> uraeus if i am not wrong they have some dll's with qt support
[20:20] <Uraeus> sienap: true the support the intel codec under quicktime, but since 'all' quicktime dll's use Sorenson we would need the one for apple or windows to do any good anyway
[20:21] <Uraeus> err..all quicktime movies use Sorenson
[20:21] <sienap> he
[20:21] <sienap> ic
[20:23] <Uraeus> wtay: since noone has made a quicktime player in the same manner as avi and asf players for Linux does that mean the Sorenson codec isn't so easily available from the Quicktime for windows files?
[20:24] <wtay> nope, QT is completely closed, not even a VFW or DM decoder AFAIK
[20:28] <sienap> why is it that closed :)
[20:28] <sienap> i don't understand that :)
[20:29] <sienap> he however ;)
[20:29] <wtay> 'cause they are clueless
[20:31] Nick change: aj_zzzz -> ajmitch
[20:31] <wtay> yo ajmitch
[20:31] <ajmitch> hi
[20:31] <wtay> did the script work this time?
[20:31] <ajmitch> heh, no ;)
[20:31] <ajmitch> no errors, but no mail
[20:31] <wtay> it did for -devel
[20:32] <ajmitch> i know
[20:35] <ajmitch> brb
[20:38] <hadess> Uraeus: using the xanim dll's would allow having proprietary codecs running on much more platforms than just linux x86
[20:41] <Uraeus> hadess: ah yes, I forgot about that
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[21:08] <hadess> hi greg
[21:09] <greg_> hi hadess
[21:10] <wtay> yo
[21:10] <hadess> greg_: if you want me to host any of your videos to download from the us or europe, my website is on a T1...
[21:10] <greg_> hadess: nice. Exactly what videos are you talking about ?
[21:11] <hadess> greg_: aren't you Grzegorz Prokopski ?
[21:11] <ajmitch> hi hadess, greg_
[21:11] <greg_> Oh yes - i do. You mean "email" ?
[21:12] <greg_> But I see no response to it in my mailbox.
[21:12] <hadess> because i didn't send any
[21:13] <greg_> OK. I remmember what I wrote yesterday's night. What You want me to do to help you ?
[21:14] <ajmitch> bye
[21:14] ajmitch (me at p40-max1.dun.ihug.co.nz) left irc: http://www.freedevelopers.net
[21:15] <greg_> ajmitch: ??? 
[21:15] <hadess> greg_: nothing, just telling you that if you ppl won't be able to d/l the videos you can make available for them, i can put them on my site
[21:15] <greg_> hadess: I was talking about files witch translations, not especially avi or mpg files.
[21:16] <hadess> oh, ok
[21:16] <greg_> hadess: they're text files.
[21:16] <hadess> you'd need the videos to test it though =)
[21:16] <greg_> hadess: I've got videos, but they're (shame to say) pirate copies from different sources.
[21:17] <greg_> hadess: so it would be hard to expose them to public.
[21:17] <hadess> that's not the pb... if that's only to test the code
[21:18] <greg_> hadess: no problem. But I think of other thing. Is there anybody interested in doing anything with "subtitles" thing ?
[21:20] <greg_> hadess: btw: what exactly is the "flow" of T1 ?
[21:20] <hadess> 1.5 Mbps iirc
[21:22] <greg_> hadess: nice beast ;) I hope I had better connection to the world. Locally i got up to 500kB (bytes) around the city I live.
[21:22] <greg_> "I hope" was to be "I wish" of course ;)
[21:22] <hadess> mind you, that's not mine
[21:23] <greg_> hadess: what do you do anyway ?
[21:24] <hadess> with gstreamer you mean ?
[21:25] <greg_> hadess: not neseserily
[21:25] <hadess> i'm into telecoms right now, but moving on to do i don't know what yet
[21:26] <greg_> are you from USA ?
[21:27] <wtay> going to watch TV..
[21:27] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-TV
[21:28] <hadess> greg_: not, i'm french living in england
[21:29] <greg_> hadess: how is it to be foreigner ? how long are you there ?
[21:29] <hadess> been here for a year
[21:29] <hadess> time for food
[21:30] Nick change: hadess -> hds-food
[21:30] <greg_> hadess: OK - we continue when you're back (I just've eat)
[21:31] sienap (synap at ipc379c0d5.dial.wxs.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[21:59] Nick change: steveb-food -> steveb
[22:02] z- (david at host213-122-207-176.btinternet.com) joined #gstreamer.
[22:06] Nick change: taaz-away -> taaz
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[22:14] Uraeus (pirch at left irc: Read error to Uraeus[]: Connection reset by peer
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[22:35] Nick change: hds-food -> hadess
[22:37] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) left irc: Ping timeout for greg_[home.sente.pl]
[22:38] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) joined #gstreamer.
[22:40] <greg_> hadess: how's eating ;)
[22:40] <greg_> ?
[22:40] <hadess> not too bad
[22:41] <greg_> let me ask: why did you move to england ?
[22:44] <greg_> sth like one-year practise ?
[22:45] <hadess> not really, for work
[22:46] <greg_> uh... I know you didn't expoected such questions but... I am looking for opportunity to get some work out here.
[22:46] <greg_> I mean: not here, somewhere in Europe.
[22:48] <greg_> wonder how did you get in touch with your employer ?
[22:50] steveb (steveb at node1ee02.a2000.nl) left irc: [x]chat
[22:51] ChiefHighwater (floods at temple-baptist.com) left irc: Leaving
[22:53] <hadess> greg_: jobserve.co.uk
[22:54] vektor (vektor at HSE-Kitchener-ppp194162.sympatico.ca) joined #gstreamer.
[22:54] <vektor> hi all.
[22:54] <vektor> i just said something evil about gstreamer on #livid
[22:54] <vektor> so i figure i should also be on this channel :)
[22:55] <greg_> hadess: thanks. looking.
[22:55] <taaz> hey... so you want to discuss it here eh? ;)
[22:55] <vektor> taaz: yes :)
[22:56] <vektor> taaz: i haven't studied gstreamer enough, but i did spend about 45minutes or so looking at the web page, and reading a sample filter, and still didn't fully understand how to code one.  something tells me it's too complicated if that is the case.
[22:56] <vektor> taaz: however, i'm not being at all fair.
[22:57] <taaz> well, gst can certainly do stuff that oms has no ability to do at all
[22:57] <vektor> oh totally!
[22:57] <vektor> no question about that.
[22:57] <vektor> oms is not a very nice design.
[22:57] <vektor> well, maybe it is for a player.
[22:57] <vektor> but only a player.
[22:57] <vektor> :(
[22:58] <iGN_> Hm. I'm going to write a media-player. And I'll call it "Big Player". And the tagline will be "A big player, by big players, for big players".
[22:58] Action: iGN_ settles down.
[22:59] <vektor> iGN_: you kick ass :)
[22:59] <iGN_> vektor: ;)
[22:59] <taaz> vektor: yeah, which is why i want to try and use gst as oms core
[22:59] <hadess> iGN_: code instead of talking!
[22:59] <iGN_> hadess: Ok, deal :)
[23:00] Action: iGN_ goes as far as coding instead of thinking.
[23:06] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) left irc: Ping timeout for greg_[home.sente.pl]
[23:06] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) joined #gstreamer.
[23:08] Nick change: wtay-TV -> wtay
[23:08] <hadess> wtay: fine movie ?
[23:08] <wtay> twin peak, tv series, first esipode...
[23:08] <wtay> s/peak/peaks
[23:09] <hadess> cool, make sure you don't miss any =)
[23:09] <wtay> :)
[23:11] <hadess> have any ideas on the xanim plugin then ?
[23:12] <wtay> me?
[23:13] <wtay> I guess it is possible...
[23:14] <hadess> would be cool, yeah
[23:14] <wtay> sorta, it's quite closed... and probably very hard to make it clean...
[23:15] <hadess> well, the code for the interface is available...
[23:18] <wtay> hmm
[23:21] <greg_> do you people know, that gstmediaplay crashes, when trying to open a file which has filename with for example iso2 characters ?
[23:21] <wtay> greg_: hmm no...
[23:21] <greg_> wtay: now you do ! ;)
[23:22] <wtay> greg_: how come it crashes?
[23:23] <greg_> wtay: I've got dir mounted via smb from W2k, then when filename contains Polish characters
[23:23] <wtay> hmm
[23:23] <greg_> just pasting its name form clipboard to openfile box causes crash
[23:24] <vektor> sounds like a gtk bug :/
[23:25] <greg_> vektor: but for example codecommander works AFAIR (checking in a moment)
[23:26] <taaz> 04:32PM <vektor> qos is actually pretty simple.
[23:26] <vektor> i swear it is!
[23:26] <taaz> vektor volunteered to do QoS in #livid, just thought you all should know ;)
[23:26] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) left irc: Read error to greg_[home.sente.pl]: Connection reset by peer
[23:27] <vektor> fine, want me to?
[23:27] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) joined #gstreamer.
[23:27] Nick change: taaz -> taaz-working
[23:29] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) left irc: [x]chat
[23:29] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) joined #gstreamer.
[23:29] <greg_> X-Chat just crasched because... I wanted to write "a-cute" !
[23:29] <hadess> wtay: the eazel bonobo project has been pulled off it seems
[23:30] <greg_> So it can be right, that it is gtk bug, but why some app works with it, some not ?
[23:30] <hadess> ÈÉÊËÁÂÃÄ
[23:30] z- (david at host213-122-207-176.btinternet.com) left irc: Ping timeout for z-[host213-122-207-176.btinternet.com]
[23:30] <greg_> hadess: you won't kill my client with it, I just can't write those letters
[23:30] <wtay> hadess: why do you think so?
[23:31] <hadess> wtay: i can't find it anywhere on sourceXchange
[23:31] <hadess> greg_: what locale is your computer set to ? that might be the problem
[23:32] <wtay> hadess: hmm too bad...
[23:32] <greg_> greg at greg:~$ set |grep LC >>gives>>
[23:32] <greg_> LC_ALL=pl_PL
[23:33] <greg_> hadess: Polish locale of course.
[23:33] <hadess> well, crashes for me as well, i don't think it's a gtk+ bug tough
[23:33] <hadess> though even
[23:35] <greg_> hadess: a bug in gtk that some apps workaround'ed ?
[23:35] <hadess> greg_: no
[23:39] <greg_> hadess: rememmber that my IRC client crashed also ;)
[23:40] <hadess> greg_: try copying the file over to you computer to read it
[23:42] <hadess> ÈÉÊËÁÂÃÄ.mpeg
[23:42] <greg_> It does not even come to the moment when file is opened. To crash it, I just have to point filename, or even directory, that contains "other" letters.
[23:42] <hadess> and i played it with gstmediaplay without a pb
[23:43] <hadess> greg_: send the filename to me, in a text file or so
[23:43] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) joined #gstreamer.
[23:44] <Uraeus> allo
[23:44] <greg_> hadess: moment
[23:45] <hadess> Uraeus: yo
[23:45] <Uraeus> hi hadess
[23:45] <hadess> if i can get 10 seconds off irc, i could do some code...
[23:45] <greg_> hadess: try: http://home.sente.pl/filename.txt
[23:45] <Uraeus> will Erik (Omega) be back later, anyone know?
[23:46] <wtay> Uraeus: hi, dunno
[23:46] ajmitch (me at p30-max4.dun.ihug.co.nz) joined #gstreamer.
[23:47] <hadess>  /mnt/extra/Kryjówka diab³a/kryjówka diab³a2.avi
[23:47] <Uraeus> hi ajmitch
[23:47] <hadess> doesn't support every character it seems
[23:47] <ajmitch> hi Uraeus
[23:47] <Uraeus> ajmitch: does it ever snow in New Zealand?
[23:48] <ajmitch> Uraeus: hehe, yes
[23:48] zaheer (zaheer at tnt-18-195.easynet.co.uk) joined #gstreamer.
[23:48] <greg_> hadess: does it crashes too or not ?
[23:49] <ajmitch> Uraeus: not as much as where you are, i suppose
[23:49] <Uraeus> ajmitch: ok, that means I will aim at moving to austrialia not New Zealand :)
[23:49] <ajmitch> Uraeus: hehe, why's that? ;)
[23:49] <hadess> greg_: no
[23:50] <greg_> hi zaheer
[23:50] <ajmitch> Uraeus: it might snow in the city here maybe one or two days in a year
[23:50] <Uraeus> ajmitch: part of my wanting to leaving norway is being fed up with cold weather 
[23:50] <ajmitch> Uraeus: and this is right down south (closer to south pole ;) )
[23:50] <zaheer> hiya greg
[23:51] <ajmitch> Uraeus: if you commit the sin of living up in the north island, you won't see snow unless you go up to the mountains
[23:51] <Uraeus> ajmitch: hmm, sound better is that the location of the capital?
[23:51] <ajmitch> Uraeus: yes, Wellington is up north
[23:52] <ajmitch> Uraeus: Auckland is the main city in NZ tho, it's right up north where it's warmer
[23:52] <Uraeus> ajmitch: is it 'warm' all year +18 C minimum?
[23:53] <ajmitch> not sure, could drop a bit during winter i guess
[23:53] Action: zaheer wouldnt mind living in "warm" all year :)
[23:53] Action: zaheer considers a move to an equatorial climate :)
[23:54] <Uraeus> yup, my one year in the army (conscription) left no doubt in my mind: I am getting out of this frozen hellhole
[23:54] <greg_> hadess: interesting. I've got CVS versions from 3 days ago. Anything else I can test ? (did all the characters show up in texfield of filename?)
[23:54] sienap (synap at ipc379c0d5.dial.wxs.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[23:54] <hadess> greg_: yes
[23:54] <zaheer> yo sienap
[23:54] <sienap> hi all
[23:54] <sienap> zaheer!
[23:54] <sienap> hadess
[23:54] <Uraeus> hi sienap
[23:54] Action: hadess is away: code
[23:54] <ajmitch> oh no...
[23:55] <sienap> hadess
[23:55] <sienap> what are u coding ?
[23:55] <sienap> ajmitch!
[23:55] <sienap> ureaus!
[23:55] Action: ajmitch starts running
[23:55] <sienap> man i had a laugh yesterday ;)
[23:55] <Uraeus> ok, everyone lets gather togheter for a group hug :)
[23:55] <sienap> with some class mate of my i was visiting the mac for a hamburger..
[23:56] <sienap> and we had some foreign helper with her nameplate saying "ur anus" .. . men that was difficult :) (not to laugh too hard)
[23:56] <ajmitch> lol
[23:57] Action: zaheer thinks sienap deliberately put that nametag on :)
[23:57] <sienap> he :)
[23:57] <sienap> he no i didn't :)
[23:57] Action: ajmitch thinks sienap shoudl get back to coding ;)
[23:57] <zaheer> hold on i need to change my UID number in debian....
[23:57] <zaheer> ill brb
[23:58] zaheer (zaheer at tnt-18-195.easynet.co.uk) left irc: brb
[00:00] --- Thu Mar 29 2001
[00:01] <sienap> no intresting discusions to night :)
[00:02] <sienap> what btw is really sad.. are those 2 childeren that are blown up by a suicide commando in Isreal..
[00:02] <sienap> i just won't understand those people
[00:02] <sienap> how they can blow up little children
[00:02] <ajmitch> it's sad
[00:02] <sienap> it is really sad..
[00:03] <sienap> and they say.. it is just the beginning
[00:03] zaheer (zaheer at tnt-18-195.easynet.co.uk) joined #gstreamer.
[00:03] <sienap> next time it is a whole bus full with them
[00:03] <sienap> just 100% pure sad ;(
[00:03] <zaheer> back
[00:03] <sienap> hi zaheer!
[00:03] <sienap> zaheer did some codding lately ?
[00:03] Action: zaheer is gonna work on his gst plugins and get caps done on them
[00:04] <sienap> he :)
[00:04] <sienap> okie
[00:04] <zaheer> sienap: been doing some work with my cfd simulation stuff
[00:04] <wtay> zaheer: I implemented something cool with caps too...
[00:04] <zaheer> wtay: what you do with caps? :)
[00:05] <wtay> when you return a NULL caps and _TRY the other plugin is instructed to pass something else..
[00:05] <wtay> zaheer: v4lsrc and xvideosink
[00:05] <sienap> he ;)
[00:05] <zaheer> thats cool
[00:05] <sienap> hej zaheer what is cfg simulation :)
[00:05] <zaheer> so if other plugin cant return somin else, what does it do?
[00:06] <sienap> wtay maybe i am not getting it fully
[00:06] <sienap> but what is the meaning of it
[00:06] <zaheer> sienap: computational fluid dynamics
[00:06] <sienap> aah and now in dutch :)
[00:06] <sienap> wim help me out :)
[00:06] <wtay> zaheer: it fails
[00:07] <sienap> no one is able to explain me the idea of it ?
[00:07] <sienap> *HELLO* ?
[00:08] <sienap> he GRR
[00:08] <sienap> in that case
[00:08] <zaheer> sienap: imagine a Formula 1 car, how do you test the aerodynamics of the car? you build a prototype and stick in a windtunnel, that takes time and LOTS of money, you use CFD it gives you an indication of how your car reacts to whatever physical conditions you program in
[00:08] <sienap> i am off sleeping ;)
[00:08] <ajmitch> hehe
[00:08] <sienap> zaheer aah ic :)
[00:08] <zaheer> wtay: thats a good answer :)
[00:08] <wtay> lots of maths...
[00:09] <zaheer> you take a few laws
[00:09] <zaheer> conservation of mass
[00:09] <sienap> nothing gstreamer related huh :)
[00:09] <wtay> zaheer: I wanted to test a few cases here with a plugin that interogates the other one and then agrees on something
[00:09] <zaheer> conservation of energy
[00:10] <zaheer> and apply it to loads of cells in a grid
[00:10] <ajmitch> sounds fun ;)
[00:10] <zaheer> and see what happens :)
[00:10] <zaheer> well its a bit more complex, but its all based on basic physics
[00:10] <wtay> zaheer: have pretty images of it too?
[00:10] <zaheer> wtay: yah, and i wanna convert em into frames of a video :)
[00:10] <wtay> like wind swirving around the corners etc...
[00:11] <sienap> >:) evil cool :)
[00:11] <wtay> zaheer: cool
[00:11] <zaheer> my pretty pcitures currently are scatter graphs :P
[00:11] <sienap> he hej wtay :)
[00:11] <sienap> bye
[00:11] <sienap> and others bye
[00:11] sienap (synap at ipc379c0d5.dial.wxs.nl) left irc: sienap has no reason
[00:11] <wtay> what do you scatter graph then?
[00:11] <zaheer> density against x position
[00:11] <zaheer> currently
[00:11] <wtay> ok
[00:12] <zaheer> thats why i wrote my xsl stylesheet
[00:12] <wtay> yup
[00:12] <zaheer> to convert my output data from the simulation to input data for scatter graph
[00:13] <zaheer> i should replace my scatter graph program with a stylesheet that takes that data and makes an SVG file :)
[00:14] <zaheer> before i started this phd i didnt realise how much bloody physics and maths i had to do :P
[00:15] <wtay> well... I could have told you :)
[00:15] <ajmitch> hehe
[00:15] <zaheer> but im one of the first approaching CFD from a computer science background
[00:15] <hadess> hmm, need to reboot
[00:15] <wtay> that's good
[00:15] hadess (hadess at pc123-gui14.cable.ntl.com) left irc: mooooh!
[00:15] <vektor> CFD?
[00:15] <ajmitch> it's probably quite useful having a CS background
[00:15] <vektor> What's CFD?
[00:15] <zaheer> and so my design works much better than everyone else's
[00:15] <ajmitch> vektor: scroll up ;)
[00:16] <vektor> oh
[00:16] <vektor> [05:11pm] <zaheer> sienap: computational fluid dynamics
[00:16] <zaheer> vektor: look up ten to twenty lines
[00:16] <vektor> yeah, sorry.
[00:16] <zaheer> np :)
[00:16] <zaheer> i dont know how theyre gonna approach papers i write for conferences...
[00:16] <wtay> zaheer: indeed most fysicists actually can't program so they are quite limited in their computations
[00:16] <vektor> are most fluid dynamics problems np complete?
[00:17] <vektor> like, predicting the path of fluid based on a given input?
[00:17] <vektor> sounds like there would be alot of complexity.
[00:17] <zaheer> vektor: im not looking at computational complexity....
[00:17] <vektor> oh.
[00:17] <vektor> well, that's boring then isn't it.
[00:18] <zaheer> I am modelling cells rather than fluid molecules
[00:18] <vektor> oh.
[00:18] <zaheer> cells are an area of space
[00:18] <zaheer> so matter moves between cells
[00:18] <zaheer> hence flux
[00:18] <vektor> ok.
[00:18] <zaheer> based on that, one can approximate to a very high level of accuracy what is actually going on
[00:19] <zaheer> at exponentially greater speed than modelling fluid molecules
[00:19] <zaheer> i use field variables such as density, mean velocity etc.
[00:20] <zaheer> modelling of fluid molecules is a completely different science
[00:20] <zaheer> and not CFD
[00:21] <zaheer> however yes in the future that kind of modelling could replace CFD
[00:21] <wtay> zaheer: do you plan do use it in a job later on?
[00:21] <zaheer> wtay: no :)
[00:21] <wtay> zaheer: hehe
[00:21] <zaheer> i purposely did my phd on a topic that i am not going to do at work
[00:21] <ajmitch> why?
[00:21] <zaheer> i work with telecomms and networks
[00:22] <zaheer> ajmitch: take it as a kind of "hobby"
[00:23] <zaheer> diversification of knowledge
[00:23] <ajmitch> k
[00:23] <zaheer> my phd is classified under software engineering
[00:23] <zaheer> so its not too far away :)
[00:23] <zaheer> but ive always been into aerodynamics
[00:24] <zaheer> i know i wont actually do it in industry
[00:24] <zaheer> its just the direction i have decided
[00:24] <zaheer> i could quite easily have done my phd on multimedia issues over wide area networks
[00:24] <greg_> zaheer: what kind of studies have you done ?
[00:25] <zaheer> as UCL (where I am studying) has a lot of research in that area
[00:25] <zaheer> greg_: a B.Sc in Computer Science
[00:26] <greg_> zaheer: what B.Sc menans ?
[00:26] <ajmitch> zaheer: yeah, i'm doing a BSc in CS as well
[00:26] <zaheer> Batchelors of Science
[00:26] <zaheer> its a "first degree" as opposed to post-graduate studies
[00:27] Action: zaheer wonders how long this cvs co gstreamer is gonna take :)
[00:28] <zaheer> ajmitch: hows it going?
[00:28] <ajmitch> lol
[00:28] <greg_> Batchelors word is not im any of my dicts :(
[00:28] <ajmitch> zaheer: heh, i'm a first year student, and haven't done any CS papers so far
[00:28] <ajmitch> greg_: try Bachelor
[00:29] <zaheer> greg_: sorry I spelt it wrong :)
[00:29] <zaheer> bachelor means "not married" in the dictionary :)
[00:29] <greg_> Bachelor - hm... sounds really "British" ;) (got it)
[00:30] <greg_> zahher: yeah - found it
[00:30] <zaheer> in a degree context its the first degree you do
[00:30] <greg_> zaheer: anyway - strange title as for me, but I don't live in UK
[00:31] <greg_> so it comes: B.Sc, than PHD ? then professor ?
[00:31] <zaheer> Bachelor then Master then PHD then lots of things...... then professor
[00:31] <greg_> B.Sc you got when finished studies ?
[00:32] <greg_> but you say you're doing PHD and have B.Sc ?
[00:32] <zaheer> i skipped masters stage :)
[00:32] <ajmitch> hehe
[00:32] <greg_> :))
[00:33] <ajmitch> i dunno if i'll go to masters stage
[00:33] <zaheer> if i dont get thru my phd i will get a masters of philosophy in computer science
[00:33] <ajmitch> k
[00:34] <greg_> a question: B.Sc you get after how many years of studying ? then master after what ?
[00:34] <zaheer> wtay: i like the way youve done it in converter2.c
[00:34] <wtay> zaheer: good
[00:34] <zaheer> greg_: in UK 3 years to get BSc further 1 yr to get MSc then further x years to get phd
[00:35] <zaheer> where x >=3 && x<= lifetime :)
[00:35] <ajmitch> lol
[00:36] <greg_> as far as PHD is considered it is same as in Poland
[00:36] <ajmitch> here in NZ it's nearly the same as the UK (no surprises there..)
[00:36] <zaheer> in the US, its 4 or 5 to get Bachelors i believe
[00:36] <zaheer> 4 or 5 yrs that is
[00:36] <wtay> gotta sleep
[00:36] <wtay> cya
[00:36] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-sleeping
[00:36] <zaheer> ok cya wtay
[00:37] <greg_> I've got 4 years of studies ;) Got BSc or Msc ? ;)) (when Poland is in UE it is gonna be this way I think)
[00:38] <zaheer> probably a BSc or equivalent...
[00:38] <ajmitch> i've got about 5 weeks of studies done ;)
[00:38] hadess (hadess at pc123-gui14.cable.ntl.com) joined #gstreamer.
[00:38] <zaheer> rarely do you get to MSc level in first set of studies....
[00:39] <greg_> ajmitch: congratulations ;) keep it this way !
[00:39] <zaheer> yo hadess :)
[00:39] <hadess> got CD detection working =)
[00:39] djcb (binnema at 29dyn1.dh.casema.net) joined #gstreamer.
[00:39] <greg_> zaaher: my studies are 5-years-long. Got to finish 4th year, and one year to go - I have.
[00:40] <hadess> yo zaheer
[00:40] Action: ajmitch solved issue of non functional printer - plug it in ;)
[00:41] <greg_> zaheer: anyway - looking for oportunity to get some work on summer break maybe in UK or so... hope to find some...
[00:41] <zaheer> ajmitch: sounds logical
[00:42] <hadess> it's the first time i hear Heartbreak High in english, heavy australian accent they have :)
[00:42] <greg_> ajmitch: good deduction ;)
[00:42] <ajmitch> hehe, i just saw the end of the printer cable on the floor ;)
[00:44] Action: zaheer needs to find apt source for libtool 1.3.5
[00:44] <greg_> is it normal that gstmediaplay crasches when I want to open second video ?
[00:44] <ajmitch> crash? normal?
[00:44] <ajmitch> heh
[00:45] <ajmitch> i dunno, i gotta go...
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[00:45] Nick change: BBB -> BBB-zZz
[00:45] <greg_> I meant: do you know about it ?
[00:50] <zaheer> i dont use gstmediaplay :(
[00:50] <greg_> i see: everybody does
[00:50] <zaheer> post the bug on sourcefirge and mail the list
[00:50] <zaheer> is all i can suggest
[00:51] <greg_> zaheer: don't worry - then it doesn't crasches for you ;)
[00:51] <zaheer> i dont use it :)
[00:52] <greg_> zaheer: OK - not sure if developers like such trivial bug reports, but can get the risk ;)
[00:52] <hadess> afaik, gstmediaplay is just a test bed right now
[00:52] <greg_> zaheer: see - I was prepared to put some "videos with subtitles" stuff on www, but none of developers is interested i think.
[00:53] <hadess> greg_: you can also help you know...
[00:53] <greg_> hadess: If you say so - I would like to see it as a beginning of sth. like M$ MediaPlayer.
[00:54] <greg_> hadess: I know. I've got deadline till the end of month and... what the hell I am doing on iRC ??? ;)
[01:01] <zaheer> greg_: you should add it in :)
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[01:18] <vektor> greg_: you there?
[01:18] <greg_> vektor: sure
[01:19] <vektor> know anything about subtitle encoding in dvds?
[01:19] <vektor> or subtitle add-on files for divx ;-) movies?
[01:19] <vektor> [05:58pm] <greg_> zaheer: see - I was prepared to put some "videos with subtitles" stuff on www,
[01:20] <greg_> vektor: want some ?
[01:20] <vektor> i have some dvds with subtitles.
[01:20] <vektor> i'm looking to fix/recode this subtitle ripper
[01:20] <vektor> i've figured it out mostly
[01:21] <vektor> demux vob -> grab priv_stream_1 -> check if it's a subtitle pack
[01:21] <vektor> but like, i'm just wondering if anyone knows what format ppl use for subtitle add-ons for divxs?
[01:21] <vektor> do they take as input the same as a dvd? so, a bitmap (w/pallette) for each subtitle frame?
[01:21] <vektor> do you know?
[01:21] <greg_> vektor: for divxs ??? I posted the formats. 
[01:22] <vektor> awesome!
[01:22] <vektor> where?
[01:22] <zaheer> gst-devel
[01:22] <vektor> that's exactly what i'm looking for
[01:22] <greg_> vektor: yesterday to the list. someone told me he received it
[01:22] <vektor> ok..
[01:22] <vektor> how do i read the list?
[01:22] <vektor> ah sourceforge
[01:22] <vektor> k thanks
[01:22] <zaheer> archives are available as link from website
[01:23] <zaheer> vektor: quite a few ppl are starting to use dissipate from what i can see...
[01:24] <vektor> zaheer: really?
[01:24] <vektor> damn cause it needs work
[01:24] <vektor> greg_: i can't find the post.  what was the subject?
[01:24] <zaheer> yah ive kept my ears open in the telephony sector
[01:24] <greg_> vektor: "Displaying of translation texts in gstmediaplay (feature request)"
[01:26] <greg_> vektor: you probably look for "subtitles" word - unfortunatelly it didn't come to my mind when I was writing email :(
[01:26] <vektor> you only talk about the subripper format, i believe.
[01:27] <vektor> there are many formats for displaying subtitles along with movies
[01:27] <vektor> subrip, subripper, extracted stream from the dvd, etc.
[01:27] <greg_> vektor: probably yes, but as far as I can tell - I've seen only those 3 - with divx and mpeg movies.
[01:28] <vektor> ok.
[01:28] <vektor> so, gstreamer doesn't support any?
[01:28] <vektor> libavifile supports at least some version.
[01:29] Action: vektor does assignments
[01:29] <zaheer> london undergound strike tomorrow :(
[01:29] <zaheer> looks like im gonna be working from home tomorrow
[01:29] <greg_> vektor: support for subtitles in libavifile ? but You probably mean subtitles INSIDE video file. I only mentioned those distributed separately.
[01:30] <zaheer> im gonna go sleep now
[01:30] <zaheer> see you guys later
[01:30] zaheer (zaheer at tnt-18-195.easynet.co.uk) left irc: sleep
[01:30] <vektor> greg_: no.
[01:30] <vektor> greg_: libavifile, when it opens a movie, looks for /path/to/movie.sub
[01:31] <vektor> greg_: it uses that for subtitle information.
[01:31] <vektor> i don't know what format it uses though, but it definitely works.
[01:31] <greg_> vektor: oh... nice. what formats does it support ? You mentioned some... those ?
[01:33] <vektor> i don't know yet, i thought you would have more information :)
[01:33] <vektor> i haven't investigated.
[01:33] <vektor> however, i do intend to get a working dvd subtitle ripper, and i will have to convert it to whatever format libavifile supports.
[01:33] <vektor> so, i'll know soon enough.
[01:35] <greg_> looking for subtitles formats in google....
[01:36] <vektor> easier to look at windows divx subtitle ripper apps and see what format they output.
[01:36] <vektor> go to any divx site.
[01:36] <greg_> found sth like this: http://www.bangkokatnight.com/cgi/mpg/minidvd_subs.htm what ya think ?
[01:38] <vektor> not that interesting :)
[01:38] <greg_> try this: http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:www.bangkokatnight.com/cgi/sub.htm+subviewer+format
[01:39] <greg_> there are format examples at the end
[01:40] ChiefHighwater (paul at temple-baptist.com) joined #gstreamer.
[01:40] <greg_> huh - never seen any of them except first "MicroDVD" one
[01:40] <vektor> i don't like that format because it's a pain in the ass to extract from a dvd
[01:40] <vektor> i want a format where i can write an app to rip them without me doing any work
[01:40] ChiefHighwater (paul at temple-baptist.com) left irc: 
[01:41] <vektor> anyways, i'll play with this later.  i really need to finish algorithms soon so i can do coding theory. :(
[01:41] Action: vektor idles
[01:41] <greg_> vektor: what do you mean by "I WANT" ??? There are some formats, you support them or not.
[01:41] <vektor> oh
[01:41] <vektor> i'm talking about writing a ripper, not a decoder ;-)
[01:41] <vektor> supporting any of these in gstreamer is a no-brainer :)
[01:41] <vektor> i'm sure you could whip up some code in about 3 seconds.
[01:41] <greg_> vektor: From what you've said i thought there are some already ?
[01:42] <vektor> sure, there are some for windows.
[01:42] <vektor> i don't have windows.
[01:42] <vektor> do you?
[01:42] <vektor> didn't think so :)
[01:42] <vektor> there's one for linux but it's broken in some subtle way.  i'm trying to learn more so i can either fix it or code my own.
[01:42] <vektor> i'm mostly on my way to coding my own though.
[01:43] <greg_> vektor: you only ripe it once, than just use. If you ask me as a user, firs I would like to see support for those formats in gstmediaplay, ripper is at the end of list.
[01:44] <vektor> oh.
[01:44] <vektor> ok.
[01:44] <vektor> well, ttyl :)
[01:44] Action: vektor idles
[01:45] <greg_> goota go
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[02:02] <matth_> me toooo
[02:02] Nick change: matth_ -> matth-gone
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[04:03] ajmitch (me at p52-max4.dun.ihug.co.nz) joined #gstreamer.
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[04:14] omega_ (omega at omegacs.net) joined #gstreamer.
[04:15] <ajmitch> hi omega_
[04:15] <omega_> yo
[04:15] <ajmitch> what's up?
[04:15] <omega_> preparing for my trip
[04:15] <ajmitch> hehe, how long do we have no gstreamer updates for? :)
[04:16] <omega_> I expect there will be significant hacking during these next two weeks, in spurts
[04:16] <omega_> a round of commits Sunday wouldn't surprise me
[04:16] <ajmitch> why's that? ;)
[04:16] <ajmitch> ok
[04:16] <omega_> same with next weekend
[04:16] <ajmitch> api changes?
[04:17] <omega_> some, the last 24hours I spend discussing incsched and events with matth and brentb
[04:17] Action: omega_ just got back from Boise
[04:17] <ajmitch> ok, just wondering about whether i should do some work on my app or the bonobo component
[04:17] <omega_> the component is good <g>
[04:18] <ajmitch> but i'd be able to work on the app more, i'd say ;)
[04:18] Action: omega_ would love to see an IDL draft for a 'media player component'
[04:18] <ajmitch> yeah, would be very nice
[04:18] Action: ajmitch should spend a couple of nights coding, then going to 8am lectures ;)
[04:19] <omega_> ouch
[04:19] <ajmitch> they have coffee here ;)
[04:20] <omega_> ah
[04:20] <ajmitch> hmm, maybe i should only got till 2 or 3am tho
[04:21] <omega_> hrm, yeah
[04:21] <ajmitch> not tonight, gotta be at church by 6:45am tomorrow ;)
[04:23] <omega_> ouch
[04:24] <ajmitch> hehe
[04:26] <ajmitch> i'm gonna concentrate on only two general things from now on: gstreamer-realted stuff & gnue related stuff
[04:26] <omega_> _))((*O&%*&*%(*(&^$(*&%$^(&*^_(#*%&@(#$*%&@#($
[04:27] <ajmitch> what?
[04:27] <omega_> the *other* hinge on my laptop screen just shattered!
[04:27] <ajmitch> oh dear ;)
[04:28] <omega_> I have <36hrs until I leave
[04:28] <ajmitch> and need your laptop fixed?
[04:28] <omega_> yes.
[04:28] <ajmitch> crap
[04:29] <omega_> I can't close it
[04:29] <omega_> this makes it *impossible* to travel with it
[04:29] <ajmitch> duct tape :)
[04:29] <omega_> no, I *can't* *close* *it*
[04:29] <ajmitch> oh...
[04:36] <ajmitch> bye, i've gotta go
[04:36] <omega_> ok
[04:36] ajmitch (me at p52-max4.dun.ihug.co.nz) left irc: http://www.freedevelopers.net
[05:18] Nick change: taaz-working -> taaz
[05:18] <omega_> #$^&$^%$~@^&#$&@#%
[05:18] Action: omega_ heads off to do major damage to his laptop
[05:18] omega_ (omega at omegacs.net) left irc: [x]chat
[05:39] gallium (karl at latcs2.cs.latrobe.EDU.AU) joined #gstreamer.
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[05:40] walken (michel at bozo.vmware.com) joined #gstreamer.
[06:13] PartyZan (root at ip51-165.dialup.wplus.net) joined #gstreamer.
[06:16] <PartyZan> Hi
[06:17] ajmitch (me at p31-max5.dun.ihug.co.nz) joined #gstreamer.
[06:17] <PartyZan> Please,tell me what is Xlib.h and where I can get It?
[06:17] <PartyZan> Please...
[06:17] <ajmitch> PartyZan: it's part of X, found in xlib-dev package iirc
[06:18] <PartyZan> thanks,my respect 2 you 4ever:)
[06:19] <ajmitch> what distro are you running, the package is named slightly different on some
[06:19] <PartyZan> RH 7.0
[06:21] <ajmitch> k, on mandrake it is in package XFree86-devel
[06:22] <PartyZan> And you use Mandrake?
[06:23] <ajmitch> no, but i still have mandrake installed on a partition ;)
[06:25] <PartyZan> And I have MD'98 in one partition,but I didn't use it since I had install Linux:)
[06:25] <ajmitch> i haven't used windows for about a year & a half here
[06:26] <PartyZan> And what you use?
[06:26] <ajmitch> debian GNU/Linux now

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