[gst-devel] avi/quicktime plugins question

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Wed May 2 20:07:04 CEST 2001

On 2 May 2001 yann at 3ivx.com wrote:

> I've got a beta quicktime reader plugin but I've done it like the avi
> parser from gstreamer 1.1. So, it seems that I will have to make a few
> modifications in my code to use the new gstreamer power toys... There
> is no problem about that, but before beginning the changes, I wonder
> why the avi (and so my quicktime plugin as well) contains the
> supported codecs hardcoded in the plugins ? What I understand is that
> the avi plugin create a decoder plugin following the fourcc of the
> track and this matching fourcc/decoder is hardcoded.
It does this because that was the most expedient way to get it working at
the time, which was a long time ago.

> Wouldn't it be possible to output compressed chunks from the
> avi/quicktime plugins and let gstreamer autoplugin mechanism handle
> the problem ? To help the autoplugin mechanism, specific mime types
> could be added (video/avi/'fourcc') , or the buffer meta-data could be
> used, or maybe the caps negociation system...
Definitely.  That's the correct way to do it.  Unsure what the mime/type
would be, since mime/types are always two-part, but definitely have a
fourcc attached to it.

> This permits to add directly a new avi/quicktime codec without
> rewriting any lines of the parsers. And the same thinks could be
> applied to the avi/quicktime writers plugin...

If you want to discuss things, or have any questions, head to
irc.openprojects.net, #gstreamer.  Someone is there most of the time.

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