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[11:48] <thomas> morning
[11:54] Action: thomas wants the record to show that he found a way to delay the start of the second song in the mixer !
[11:55] Action: thomas is very happy
[11:57] <maYam> hi thomas
[11:57] <thomas> hi Mayam
[11:57] <maYam> and congratulations
[11:58] <thomas> thanks ?
[11:58] <thomas> I mean !
[11:58] <thomas> it's not finished yet though
[11:58] <thomas> but at least now I know it's going to work
[11:58] <maYam> yes it's a start
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[14:23] <thomas> list
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[17:56] <thomas> hi wtay
[17:56] <wtay> hello
[17:56] <thomas> good news: I got the mixer to work
[17:57] <thomas> question: how can I also connect to another irc server in xchat ?
[17:57] <wtay> no idea..
[17:57] <wtay> oh, new server tab will do
[18:35] Zeenix (programmer at host-99.netzone.net.pk) joined #gstreamer.
[18:35] <Zeenix> hi there
[18:35] <Zeenix> i have a prob. with the installation of gstreamer
[18:36] <Zeenix> any body there
[18:36] <Zeenix> ?
[18:53] <taazzzz> ?
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[18:58] <wtay> hi
[18:58] <chillywilly> hi
[18:58] <chillywilly> I saw your bonobo-media
[18:58] <chillywilly> how's that going?
[18:58] <wtay> audio but no video
[18:59] <chillywilly> oh, ok
[18:59] <chillywilly> so I take it that you are making the bonobo components?
[19:00] <wtay> chillywilly: just the bonobo-media wrapper
[19:01] <chillywilly> who made the components then?
[19:01] <chillywilly> just curious
[19:01] <wtay> cactus
[19:01] <chillywilly> hmm, don't know that guy
[19:01] <wtay> aka ERDI Gergo 
[19:01] <Zeenix> anybody there to help
[19:01] <Zeenix> ?
[19:02] <wtay> Zeenix: yup
[19:02] <Zeenix> i am having prob. installing gstreamer rpm on my redhat7.0
[19:02] <chillywilly> you guys get into debian sid yet?
[19:02] <Zeenix> its a dependency prob.
[19:03] <wtay> chillywilly: nope
[19:03] <Zeenix> like the following two:
[19:03] <wtay> Zeenix: ?
[19:03] <Zeenix> libasound.so.2
[19:03] <wtay> alsa..
[19:03] <Zeenix> libmp3lame.so.1
[19:03] <Zeenix> and two more 
[19:03] <wtay> and lame..
[19:04] Action: chillywilly is thinking of applying for NM...you need a debian maintiner, I will probably also maintain our baby GNU Enterprise :)
[19:04] <wtay> lemme see if we have those on the website...
[19:04] <Zeenix> something like 'verbo'
[19:04] <chillywilly> and my HURD PPP port
[19:05] <wtay> Zeenix: http://www.gstreamer.net/releases/0.1.1/support/
[19:05] <Zeenix> i am on it
[19:06] <wtay> Zeenix: alternativily you can use the --nodeps flag to rpm, but you won't be able to use those plugins then
[19:06] <Zeenix> which pluggins
[19:06] <wtay> Zeenix: the alsa src/sink plugins (they are broken anyway I think)
[19:06] <Zeenix> & whats that gstreamer-devel rpm for ?
[19:07] <wtay> Zeenix: if you want to develop using the library
[19:07] <Zeenix> developement ? thats the thing i want to do
[19:07] <Zeenix> what else gstreamer is for
[19:07] <wtay> Zeenix: ok, then install the -devel rpm too :-)
[19:09] <Zeenix> i donnot see a libasound on that website
[19:10] <wtay> Zeenix: nope, you can get a version ad rpmfind probably
[19:11] <Zeenix> whats that rpmfind, i dont know
[19:12] <wtay> www.rpmfind.net
[19:12] <wtay> type libasound.so and you'll get an rpm
[19:14] <Zeenix> did you all these pains when you istalled gstreamer
[19:14] <wtay> Zeenix: It's not pain, it's pleasure :)
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[19:14] <wtay> ho
[19:15] <hadess> hi gang
[19:17] <Zeenix> which one's i need, the lame-devel rpm or the lame
[19:18] <wtay> lame
[19:18] <wtay> lame-devel is if you want to develop with lame
[19:18] <Zeenix> whats that lame?
[19:18] <wtay> it's an mp3 encoder
[19:19] <Zeenix> i'll need realtime sound compresions
[19:19] <wtay> what PC do you have?
[19:20] <taaz> chillywilly: I'm (slowly) doing the debian gstreamer packaging and going through NM process.  did the ITP already: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?archive=no&bug=87667
[19:20] <Zeenix> Cirex M-II
[19:20] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) joined #gstreamer.
[19:20] <wtay> Zeenix: lame might be realtime then...
[19:21] <Uraeus> hi
[19:21] <wtay> hellow
[19:22] <chillywilly> taaz: oh, ok
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[19:24] <Uraeus> is gstmediaplay supposed to work currently? or has the latest changes temporarily broken it?
[19:24] <wtay> Uraeus: it should work
[19:24] <taaz> chillywilly: but for some experiance you could fix the remaining bugs i have! ;)
[19:24] <chillywilly> heh
[19:24] <Uraeus> wtay: it segfaults on my, shall I send you the core file readout?
[19:25] <taaz> speaking of debs... i have them built from 4/30 source.  there are some issues left (that i think i'll need to ask debian people about) but i could probably put them up for people to test
[19:25] <wtay> Uraeus: since when does it crash?
[19:25] <wtay> taaz: cool
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[19:27] <Matrix>  i still dont understand the difference b/w devel rpm & the other for all the things including gstreamer itself
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[19:27] <Matrix> sorry i got disconnected for a while
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[19:29] <wtay> Matrix: gstreamer is a library, it has the libraries and development headers
[19:29] <Uraeus> wtay: it crashed when I try to play a movie file, I haven't downloaded from CVS reguraly that often, so I don't know the time
[19:29] <Matrix> and the gstreamer-devel ?
[19:30] <wtay> Matrix: those are the headers used for developping with gstreamer.
[19:30] <wtay> Uraeus: what movie?
[19:30] <Uraeus> wtay: a divx avi movie file
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[19:31] <Uraeus> wtay: mp3 playback doesn't work either
[19:31] <wtay> Uraeus: oh... do you have an Xv capable X server?
[19:31] <wtay> Uraeus: oh
[19:31] <wtay> Uraeus: can you do gstreamer-inspect colorspace?
[19:31] <Uraeus> wtay: mp3 playback doesn't crash the player but nothing happens
[19:31] <Matrix> how could you use one at a time
[19:31] <Uraeus> INFO(10520:-1): Initializing GStreamer Core Library
[19:31] <Uraeus> INFO(10520:-1): CPU features: (c0c1f9ff) MMX 3DNOW MMXEXT 
[19:31] <Uraeus> no such element or plugin 'colorspace'
[19:32] <wtay> Matrix: you need to install the non -devel one, the -devel rpm is optional
[19:32] <wtay> Uraeus: ok, you'll need Hermes
[19:33] <Uraeus> Hermes?
[19:33] <Matrix> they both must be required for application developement
[19:33] <wtay> Matrix: yes
[19:33] <hadess_> wheee! bonobo fix0ring done =)
[19:33] <wtay> hadess_: does it work?
[19:33] <hadess_> wtay: that's on my program.. not the gstreamer one, sorry
[19:33] Nick change: hadess_ -> hadess
[19:33] <Matrix> they why two sepertate rpms
[19:33] <wtay> hadess_: I know...
[19:33] <wtay> Matrix: -devel is optional
[19:33] <hadess> wtay: yes, it does now, stupid cut'n'paste error
[19:34] <wtay> Matrix: if you don't intent do develop you don't have to install the -devel rpm
[19:34] <Matrix> funny ?
[19:34] <Matrix> then whats gstreamer itself for ?
[19:34] <wtay> Matrix: it's a media framework
[19:35] <Matrix> oh i think i understand
[19:35] <hadess> Matrix: for creating webcam apps, video players, sound and video editors, etc.
[19:35] <Matrix> you need it gstreamer to run apps. for gstreamer to run
[19:35] <wtay> Matrix: the non -devel rpms are required to *run* applications made with gstreamer
[19:36] <wtay> Matrix: the -devel ones are needed if you want to create a gstreamer app
[19:36] <Matrix> it means i need devel to
[19:36] <wtay> yup
[19:37] <Uraeus> wtay: ok I found Hermes, btw you should add it to the requirements file
[19:37] <Matrix> that website you showed me, have missing links for libvorbis
[19:37] <wtay> Matrix: oh?
[19:37] <wtay> Uraeus: I think it's in there...
[19:38] <wtay> Uraeus: hmm no it isn't...
[19:39] <Uraeus> wtay: I have seen that some apps gives you a list after you have run configure, cleary stating what will be built and not, that would be nice for GStreamer
[19:40] <wtay> Uraeus: yes, although we're going to move the apps/player/editor out of the main tree soon..
[19:41] <wtay> aaahh, snooker on TV!
[19:41] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-snooker
[19:41] <Uraeus> wtay-snooker: snooker on TV? isn't that the definition of boring?
[19:42] <Matrix> arent these required rpms abailable in redhat CD
[19:42] <Uraeus> Matrix: think so, except maybe Hermes
[19:45] Ow3n (owen at ti34a80-0852.bb.online.no) joined #gstreamer.
[19:45] <Ow3n> yo
[19:45] <Matrix> is libasound a part of ALSA
[19:45] <Ow3n> No.
[19:46] <Uraeus> huh, Ow3n you mean yes
[19:46] <Ow3n> Oh, yes. I do actually.
[19:47] <Uraeus> Matrix: but the Alsa plugin doesn'y work currently
[19:47] <Matrix> ok i need to go, see you tommorrow
[19:47] <Uraeus> ok
[19:47] <Uraeus> Ow3n: you are coming the 8th?
[19:47] <Ow3n> Yup! :)
[19:47] <Matrix> Thanks to all for your kind help
[19:47] <Matrix> bye.
[19:47] <Ow3n> bye. Sorry for the bad advice :)
[19:48] <Matrix> not that bad
[19:48] <Ow3n> Well, just the opposite answer that's all.
[19:48] <Ow3n> The worse thing is I'm actually hacking at the alsa drivers right now!
[19:49] <Uraeus> heh
[19:49] <Ow3n> I just never got as far as getting them working with my freak sound card :(
[19:50] <Ow3n> Heh, that reminds me...
[19:50] Matrix (programmer at left irc: 
[19:50] <Ow3n> I forgot to upload the gnostream stuff.
[19:51] ChiefHighwater (paul at temple-baptist.com) joined #gstreamer.
[19:53] <Uraeus> Ow3n: when will the first (user)testable version of Gnostream be ready?
[19:54] <Ow3n> I think another month :(
[19:55] <Ow3n> I just uploaded the updated website http://gnostream.sourceforge.net
[19:55] <Ow3n> I'll hopefully have a chance to finish off the FAQ at work tomorrow.
[19:57] <Ow3n> The hardest thing at the moment is trying to get anywhere with bonobo when patches of it are undocumented. Also, some features I'm using don't appear to be even used by any other projects.
[19:59] <Uraeus> ah, well do you get any help on the gnome-components list?
[20:00] <Ow3n> Yes. Michael and a couple of others have been very helpful there.
[20:00] <Ow3n> I guess it's in their interests to see bonobo get some use :)
[20:02] <Uraeus> heh
[20:03] <Uraeus> maybe it was your questions that got Michael to get GStreamer the other day :)
[20:03] <Ow3n> wehay! Cool!
[20:03] <Uraeus> http://www.gnome.org/~michael
[20:05] <Ow3n> I think it was probably your status report that sparked his interest. Nice work BTW.
[20:05] <Ow3n> I think it's a really handy thing to have.
[20:07] <chillywilly> anyone ead this: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/exec/craig/05-03sharedsource.asp
[20:07] <chillywilly> s/ead/read
[20:09] <Ow3n> Yeah I saw some stuff about that on Slashdot this morning. 
[20:11] <Ow3n> Someone was giving a talk I think.
[20:11] <chillywilly> is this not FUD or what?
[20:11] <Ow3n> Could be fun if RMS was there.
[20:11] <chillywilly> hehe
[20:11] <chillywilly> I would pay to see that
[20:12] <chillywilly> I wonder if ESR or RMS is going to writea formail reply to this crap
[20:12] <Ow3n> Someone posted a good point. That RedHat should sponser a debate. FSF vs SharedSource or something.
[20:12] <Ow3n> I think ESR responded.
[20:12] <chillywilly> I know ESR wrote somthing already warning that this was coming
[20:13] <chillywilly> but that was before hand
[20:13] <Ow3n> It's kind of scary because at the moment Open Source has alot of support because people prefer it to proprietry licencing.
[20:13] <Ow3n> But alot of people just prefer it because they want to get their hands on the source code.
[20:14] <Ow3n> The point GPL is trying to push is to try and wage war against proprietry by forcing software based on the GPL to be free too.
[20:14] <chillywilly> yeah Open Source is a bit confused
[20:14] <chillywilly> but not the enemy per se
[20:14] <chillywilly> it was nice to here ESR defed the GPL
[20:14] <chillywilly> hear
[20:15] <chillywilly> defend
[20:15] <Ow3n> The danger is that half the Open Source camp get sucked in by this Shared Source crap and suddenly RMS loses half his army.
[20:15] <chillywilly> I don't think so
[20:15] <chillywilly> because it's like a source ubnder glass
[20:15] <chillywilly> look, but don't touch
[20:15] <Ow3n> omega and I and a couple of others got involved in a debate with RMS about this in the street.
[20:15] <Ow3n> at GUADEC.
[20:16] <chillywilly> I don't think even the Open Source people would like it
[20:16] <chillywilly> I know
[20:16] <chillywilly> he told me
[20:16] <Ow3n> I'd never seen him before GUADEC. He's an extremely charismatic guy.
[20:16] <chillywilly> but RMS is RMS...he has to be a little nutty
[20:17] <Ow3n> He's definately that too.
[20:17] <Ow3n> I tried to argue a point with him but he just got me chewing my tounge instead.
[20:18] <chillywilly> meaning what, you lost the arguement?!?
[20:18] <Ow3n> You just get the feeling that whatever you say to him, he's heard 1000 times before.
[20:18] <chillywilly> He has
[20:18] <Ow3n> He probably has :(
[20:18] <chillywilly> He has an answer for all of them
[20:18] <Ow3n> s/:\(/:\)
[20:19] <chillywilly> hehe
[20:19] <Ow3n> Urgh, I had to think twice about that one :)
[20:19] <chillywilly> lol
[20:19] <chillywilly> hell even I don't have things worked out that good
[20:19] Action: chillywilly likes to argue too
[20:19] <chillywilly> er, debate
[20:19] <chillywilly> :P
[20:19] <chillywilly> same difference
[20:20] <Ow3n> Wow, one of us had some lag there.
[20:20] <Ow3n> Or your just an extremely fast typist!
[20:20] <chillywilly> :)
[20:21] <chillywilly> not me
[20:22] <chillywilly> omg, M$ talking about community is just wrong I tell you
[20:22] <chillywilly> gawd...healthy competition too
[20:22] <chillywilly> man this is hilarious
[20:23] <Ow3n> I don't think they're going to get much of the crowd back that's already swarmed over to OSS. But maybe it'll help hang on to those that havn't
[20:23] <Ow3n> Probably still accounts for 70% developers.
[20:24] <chillywilly> yeah they still have the majority of developers
[20:25] <Ow3n> One mistake I think M$ is making though is thinking too short time. They have the majority overall but when you consider the 15-25 crowd it's a slim minority.
[20:25] <Ow3n> If they don't build up some more kudos in that crowd then in 10 years time that'll be the 15-35 crowd that's anti-M$ and then they'll be in big probs.
[20:26] <Ow3n> I guess it's kind of like COBOL.
[20:26] <Ow3n> It's use is only just now starting to diminish as the COBOL programmers start retiring.
[20:26] steveb (steveb at node1ee05.a2000.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[20:27] <chillywilly> heh, they're trying to say the GPL code == no price
[20:28] <Ow3n> I know. It's the people who only see that side of it who'll be most easily swayed back to M$
[20:28] <chillywilly> I justs don't see how you can make the analogy form software to property...i.e., owning knowledge. Porperty is a limited resource
[20:28] <Ow3n> Exactly.
[20:29] <chillywilly> I can give my buddy a copy of software or teach him something and I lose nothing
[20:30] <Ow3n> For centuries people have been trying to protect their knowledge. It's never worked and it's always just delayed the inevitable.
[20:30] <Ow3n> If it's important the knowledge always breaks out somehow.
[20:30] <Ow3n> Patenting IP is just a good way of screwing some short time bucks at everyone else's expense.
[20:31] <chillywilly> yep
[20:31] <Ow3n> Although I have to conceed it makes sense that the people coming up with the great ideas should receive recompense.
[20:32] <Ow3n> As with the Napster stuff, it's just inevitable that some point soon media will be available for free whenever anyone wants it.
[20:32] <chillywilly> no doubt, but the way I see it the GPL puts everyone on an even playing field, where free markets and free competition can occur...true capitalism in a sense
[20:32] <Ow3n> It'd be fun to peer into a glass ball and see 20 years into the future to see how the world got around it.
[20:33] <chillywilly> it's all about control, IMHO and ppl justs don't like it when they cannot have control over others
[20:33] <chillywilly> er those ppl anyway
[20:33] <chillywilly> ;)
[20:34] <Ow3n> Ah, a good old Thursday night trolling session ;)
[20:34] <chillywilly> lol
[20:35] <chillywilly> well this article gets me blood boiling laddy
[20:35] <Uraeus> the linuxplanet editorial?
[20:35] <Ow3n> Yeah, me too.
[20:35] <chillywilly> M$ FUD
[20:35] <Ow3n> That one too.
[20:35] <Uraeus> ttp://linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2001-05-02-006-20-OP-BZ-GN-0121
[20:35] <chillywilly> ooh
[20:35] <Uraeus> my rebuttal to the linuxplanet one
[20:35] <Ow3n> That article really sucked.
[20:39] <Uraeus> yes, i haven't gotten that angry about an article in a long time
[20:40] <chillywilly> hehe
[20:40] Action: chillywilly musts read the article now
[20:40] <Ow3n> Nice rebuttal.
[20:41] <Ow3n> That was such a stupid article.
[20:41] <Ow3n> One thing is to put something sown but his arguments held absolutely no water and it just turned into a rant.
[20:41] <Ow3n> s/sown/down
[20:41] <chillywilly> man
[20:41] <chillywilly> that's pure flamage
[20:42] <chillywilly> no rational arguments there whatsoever
[20:42] <Ow3n> I have to go and get some dinner now.
[20:42] <chillywilly> cya
[20:42] <Ow3n> catch you later.
[20:43] Ow3n (owen at ti34a80-0852.bb.online.no) left irc: [x]chat
[20:44] <chillywilly> it's sad that the internet has really made journalism such this much
[20:44] <chillywilly> [NEW=&gt;] Eric S. Raymond: Beware the Microsoft shell game
[20:45] <chillywilly> that's looks interesting
[20:46] <chillywilly> eh, I read this one before
[20:46] <chillywilly> justs elsewhere
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[21:51] Nick change: wtay-snooker -> wtay
[21:51] <wtay> yo
[21:52] <omega_> yo
[21:58] <ChiefHighwater> ello
[22:00] <omega_> ChiefHighwater: check /. for a problem with Dell 5000(e) laptop batteries, check on Jim's laptop....
[22:02] thomas (thomas at adsl-63633.turboline.skynet.be) joined #gstreamer.
[22:02] <ChiefHighwater> i saw the post
[22:02] <thomas> yo
[22:02] <wtay> hi
[22:02] <ChiefHighwater> ello
[22:05] Nick change: maYam_snooker -> maYam
[22:06] <maYam> hello
[22:08] <thomas> omega_: I have a question re: the COTHREAD_STOPPING flag
[22:09] <wtay> maYam: yo
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[22:10] <omega_> hmm
[22:10] steveb (steveb at node1ee05.a2000.nl) left irc: [x]chat
[22:11] <maYam> hey wtay :)
[22:11] thomas (thomas at adsl-63633.turboline.skynet.be) joined #gstreamer.
[22:13] <wtay> hadess: what about that patch for the properties? does it work better now?
[22:19] <hadess> wtay: ok, lemme grab cvs and recompile
[22:20] <taaz> ok, i asked mpeg2dec list if anyone wanted to package it... any bets on time before i give up waiting on a volunteer and do it myself? ;)
[22:20] <taaz> err package it for debian
[22:20] <omega_> heh, about 3hrs
[22:20] <hadess> huh, 1 day
[22:21] <omega_> oops
[22:21] <omega_> mega leak in mixer.c when eos happens.  it spins printing 'have eos, quitting ?', and munches on memory while doing so
[22:21] <wtay> 1 week
[22:21] <thomas> omega_: yeah, the eos is not ready yet.
[22:21] <thomas> omega_: but that means at least you got it working ;)
[22:22] <omega_> only out of CVS, not with autoplug
[22:22] <thomas> wtay: the autoplug is something I have to hold off for now, right ?
[22:22] <taaz> has anyone really tried to manage mem leaks that happen when pipelines are destroyed?
[22:23] <thomas> omega_: about the COTHREAD_STOPPING flag... you mention elements are responsible for this.
[22:23] <wtay> thomas: yup
[22:23] <omega_> taaz: no, we're waiting for you to fix it
[22:23] <thomas> ... so I added that to the adder, which now causes the main bin to iterate
[22:23] <omega_> thomas: elements are responsible for responding to it, not setting it
[22:23] <thomas> but i suppose that's not the right way
[22:23] <omega_> if the iterate() isn't working right, that's a bug
[22:23] <thomas> ah ok... but for now that's what made it work.
[22:23] Nick change: ajzzzz -> aj_uni
[22:24] <thomas> ok, so remove that from the adder if you want to continue tracking it down
[22:24] <omega_> right
[22:24] <thomas> so what should elements do in responding to that flag ?
[22:24] <omega_> finish their current iteration, if there is such a state, and exit
[22:24] <omega_> chain functions don't think about it at all
[22:24] <wtay> exit ASAP, no?
[22:25] <omega_> ideally, yes
[22:26] <thomas> omega_: does the delayed start work for you as well ?
[22:26] <omega_> with the adder hack, yes
[22:27] <thomas> what's the status on timestamps ? I'd like to get the mix sound right and I'd rather do it in the right way from the start...
[22:27] <thomas> Can I check an example for that ?
[22:28] <omega_> um, the mpegXparse stuff theoretically does that right
[22:30] Action: omega_ is writing up a scenario for a dynamic autoplugger
[22:31] <taaz> what does "dynamic autoplugger" mean?
[22:31] <omega_> the current autoplugger creates things all at once, and has to do nasty state transitions to accomplish that (afaict)
[22:31] <omega_> a dynamic autoplugger does all its work *live*
[22:31] <wtay> omega_: not really nasty state transitions..
[22:31] <omega_> you add an autoplugger and hit PLAY, it figures it out as the data flows
[22:32] <omega_> wtay: compared to INCSCHED, yes <g>
[22:32] <wtay> omega_: ok,ok
[22:32] <omega_> the dynamic autoplugger is what I had in mind a long time ago, but wasn't feasible until now
[22:32] <omega_> it's was the driving scenario behind incsched, really
[22:32] <wtay> taaz: the problem is that the current one cannot adapt to the situation at hand
[22:32] <taaz> well, it seems in theory it has to be dynamic unless it's a data format thatcan be guessed all at once
[22:33] <omega_> taaz: exactly
[22:33] <wtay> omega_: be carefull not to create loops...
[22:33] <omega_> right
[22:33] <omega_> well, that's the job of the shortest-path algo anyway <g>
[22:34] <wtay> omega_: keep in mind that it's very expensive
[22:34] <omega_> there's gonna be some think-ahead going on in many cases
[22:34] <omega_> the algo?
[22:34] <wtay> o(N²)
[22:34] <omega_> can it be stored in the registry?
[22:34] <wtay> possibly
[22:34] <omega_> and incrementally updated as new plugins are added?
[22:35] <wtay> hmm
[22:35] <omega_> or merged, i.e. a system registry, then load a user registry
[22:35] <thomas> can't you just store like the 30 last-used autoplug pipelines in a new cache
[22:35] <wtay> it can be done but it'll be hard
[22:36] <omega_> thomas: meta-elements are a planned idea anyway, we can make use of that to handle common cases faster
[22:36] <omega_> fyi, ecasound 2.0.0 released
[22:37] <omega_> has alsa 0.9.x support, maybe easier to follow than ardour
[22:49] <omega_> ok, dynamic autoplug scenario sent to -devel
[22:49] <Uraeus> maYam: how do you spell your name, Michelle? 
[22:49] <maYam> yes
[22:49] <maYam> why?
[22:50] <wtay> or Michèle..
[22:50] <maYam> Michèle is the official name
[22:50] <maYam> but i don't care
[22:50] <Uraeus> ok, so for my GUADEC summary I will use Michèle then :)
[22:51] <maYam> oh dear ;) 
[22:51] <maYam> one request: no more profile-photos!
[22:51] <omega_> hehe
[22:51] <omega_> btw, Uraeus: any idea what happened to that 'GNOME Family Album' thing?
[22:52] <Uraeus> nope
[22:52] <maYam> rofl  family album ;)
[22:53] <thomas> anyone here ever drawn text in a transparent gtk widget ?
[22:55] <omega_> nope
[22:56] <wtay> thomas: gstmediaplay draws text on a custom widget
[22:58] <thomas> wtay: ok, i'll check that.
[22:58] Action: thomas is going to sleep again
[22:58] <omega_> wow
[22:59] <omega_> VA is smart
[22:59] <omega_> projectxyz.sf.net actually works
[22:59] <omega_> VA Linux Systems, Inc. (SF212-DOM)
[22:59] dobey (dobey at dreadnought.ximian.com) joined #gstreamer.
[22:59] <omega_> yo
[22:59] <dobey> maYam: !!!!!!!!
[22:59] <dobey> yo
[23:00] <Uraeus> preview of my summary: http://www.linuxrising.com/files/guadec2.html
[23:00] <maYam> doooobey!!
[23:00] <thomas> bye all
[23:00] <omega_> thomas: l8r
[23:00] thomas (thomas at adsl-63633.turboline.skynet.be) left irc: Client Exiting
[23:00] <omega_> wtay: you're reading the autoplug stuff?
[23:00] <dobey> hey baby, what's up?
[23:00] Action: omega_ reads Uraeus's summary
[23:01] <maYam> baby baby..  not too familiar now, dobey! ;)
[23:01] <omega_> Uraeus: your links for Ow3n are fragged
[23:01] <Uraeus> omega_: reload :)
[23:01] <dobey> maYam: heh
[23:02] <wtay> omega_: read it, looks good but it doesn't touch the hard parts :-)
[23:02] <omega_> such as?
[23:02] <wtay> dynamically finding plugins
[23:02] <omega_> ok, but you already know how to do that.... right?
[23:02] <wtay> anyway a first implementation shouldn't be that hard
[23:02] <wtay> yes
[23:03] <wtay> I can see lots of issues actually...
[23:05] <wtay> like: I have added an mpeg decoder but it wants to know what data the peer element can take (execpt there is no peer element just yet)
[23:05] <omega_> Uraeus: miguel 'managed to kick *off* GUADEC..'
[23:05] Action: Uraeus regrets letting omega_ see the summary
[23:05] <omega_> wtay: you can still add chains of elements in one go, if you know them well enough
[23:05] <dobey> heh
[23:06] <omega_> Uraeus: you want it to be 'correct', right?
[23:06] <Uraeus> yes :(
[23:06] <wtay> omega_: hmm
[23:06] <omega_> missing capital on 'during' on second sentence of para starting with 'the first day'
[23:06] <omega_> s/brake/break/
[23:07] <omega_> or rather, second sentence isn't sentence, it's a continuation, s/./,/
[23:07] Action: omega_ is gonna move this to a /msg to stop annoying everyone else <g>
[23:08] Action: Uraeus praises the gods above that he never went to school and did projects with omega_ ;)
[23:08] <omega_> hehehehe
[23:08] Action: wtay is adding dynamic pads to -launch
[23:21] <hadess> wtay: ?
[23:21] <hadess> INFO(946:-1):gst_plugin_load_absolute:368: loading plugin "/home/hadess/src/gstreamer/./gst/elements/.libs/libgstelements.so"...
[23:21] <hadess> ** WARNING **: unknown property type found 4321 for 'format'
[23:21] <hadess> on gst-register launch
[23:21] <wtay> oh
[23:21] <ChiefHighwater> cool 8-]
[23:22] <dobey> hadess
[23:22] <hadess> but it seems to pass the rest of the stuff it failed on before
[23:22] <dobey> dude
[23:22] <dobey> you really need to read your /msgs
[23:22] <hadess> dobey: i told you i was away
[23:22] <hadess> i just got back
[23:22] <dobey> ;-)
[23:23] Action: hadess hits dobey with a monkeystick
[23:23] <dobey> :-(
[23:23] <dobey> martha already does that enough
[23:25] <hadess> dobey: she's evil isn't she
[23:25] <dobey> no, not really
[23:28] <hadess> so why does she hit you ?
[23:28] <hadess> wtay: ?
[23:28] <dobey> eh, "lightly taps"
[23:28] <dobey> heh
[23:31] <wtay>   hadess: looking into it...
[23:32] <wtay> ./gstreamer-launch disksrc location=/opt/data/armageddon1.mpg ! mpeg1parse video_00! queue ! \{ mp1videoparse ! mpeg_play ! aasink \} *WORKS*!
[23:32] <omega_> oh? neat!
[23:33] <omega_> now the trick is to extend that so you can append '; mpeg1parse.audio_00! queue ! \{ ac3dec ! ossink \}'
[23:33] <wtay> yeah :)
[23:35] <wtay> hadess: looks like a va_args problem :(
[23:36] <wtay> hadess: you also have this on other plugins?
[23:36] <hadess> should i try to remove this plugin then ?
[23:36] <wtay> or just gstsinesrc...
[23:36] <wtay> hadess: does it crash?
[23:37] <hadess> yep, segfault
[23:37] <wtay> when? right after the wrning?
[23:37] <hadess> yep
[23:37] <Uraeus> hadess: http://www.linuxrising.com/files/guadec2.html
[23:38] <omega_> hadess: I'm boring Uraeus to death with my editting nitpicks <g>
[23:38] <wtay> hadess: do a make clean in gst/elements and rerun -register
[23:38] <hadess> omega_: heh :)
[23:38] <hadess> wtay: ok
[23:39] <hadess> INFO(1047:-1):gst_plugin_load_absolute:368: loading plugin "/home/hadess/src/gstreamer/./plugins/alaw/.libs/libalaw.so"...
[23:39] <hadess> Segmentation fault
[23:39] <wtay> first one?
[23:39] <hadess> no
[23:40] <hadess> there's libgststaticautoplug.so
[23:40] <hadess> libgststaticautoplugrender.so
[23:40] <hadess> libgsttypes.so
[23:40] <dobey> bleh, later people
[23:40] <hadess> all that
[23:40] <hadess> cya dobey
[23:40] dobey (dobey at dreadnought.ximian.com) left irc: home
[23:40] <wtay> cya
[23:40] <wtay> hadess: what's the last plugin loaded before the one that fails?
[23:41] <hadess> libgsttypes.so
[23:41] <wtay> hmm
[23:41] <hadess> but there's also some directories listed
[23:41] <wtay> ok, the prob definatly is va_args related...
[23:41] <hadess> actually, no...
[23:42] <hadess> yeah, the va_args are a big trouble on ppc
[23:42] <wtay> hadess: any specifics on how?
[23:42] <hadess> can you join #mklinux ?
[23:47] <hadess> wtay: http://lists.linuxppc.org/listarcs/linuxppc-dev/200007/msg00079.html has some stuff, but no explanations
[23:50] <hadess> http://lists.linuxppc.org/listarcs/linuxppc-dev/200012/msg00031.html has some stuff as well
[23:50] <wtay> And some standard specifies that va_args with char, 
[23:50] <wtay> short, and float are forbidden (give unpredicatble results)
[23:50] <wtay> hmm...
[23:55] <wtay> looks like I need a __va_copy before I pass things to another function...
[23:57] Action: hadess rotfl
[23:58] <hadess> some german lady throw a ping-pong ball 5 yards away with her cunt
[23:58] <hadess> on english telly. muhaha
[23:58] <omega_> um
[23:58] <omega_> not broadcast, I hope...
[23:59] <hadess> cable
[00:00] --- Fri May  4 2001
[00:00] <omega_> wtay: so, you've worked out all the issues with dynamic autoplugging?
[00:00] <wtay> omega_: not at all..
[00:01] <omega_> but that's what we're paying you fo.... oh.
[00:01] <wtay> omega_: hehehehe
[00:01] <omega_> you are gonna commit your -launch changes though?
[00:01] <omega_> or are you working on the ; mpeg1parse.audio_00! stuff?
[00:02] <wtay> omega_: check your mail from 15 minutes ago :)
[00:02] <omega_> oh
[00:02] <wtay> allready commited
[00:02] Action: omega_ shuts up
[00:02] <hadess> Uraeus: lol
[00:03] <Uraeus> hadess: you like my article :)
[00:07] <Uraeus> well, time for sleep, tommorow morning the article should be up on Linuxpower :)
[00:07] <wtay>  * this is implemented as a huge macro <shrug>, because we can't
[00:07] <wtay>  * pass va_list variables by reference on some systems.
[00:07] <hadess> Uraeus: a lot, i'm just at the bit where you talk about anna <g>
[00:08] <Uraeus> heh, yeah I expected you would be amused by that one ;)
[00:09] <Uraeus> night
[00:09] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) left #gstreamer.
[00:09] <wtay> hadess: ok, found the problem, I have to implement the function as a macro it seems...
[00:09] <omega_> huh?
[00:09] <omega_> which?
[00:10] <wtay> PPC cannot handle va_lists passed by reference and I use that in gstprops.c
[00:10] <omega_> hmm
[00:10] <wtay> I was looking at the Gtk code
[00:12] <hadess> wtay: rocking !
[00:20] <wtay> hadess: try again with the HEAD cvs version..
[00:20] chillywilly (baumannd at d154.as3.nwbl0.wi.voyager.net) left irc: brb
[00:24] <hadess> okir
[00:24] <hadess> okie even
[00:25] <hadess> what element should i update ?
[00:25] <omega_> just sent mail to Owen about the builddir pkg-config issue, which he dismissed at GUADEC to some extent
[00:25] <omega_> gst/gstprops.c
[00:26] Action: hadess updating
[00:43] Nick change: ChiefHighwater -> CHW_away
[00:45] Action: omega_ goes to try to add the ; mpeg1parse.audio_00 stuff to -launch
[00:45] <hadess> wooohoo !
[00:45] <hadess> works !
[00:46] <hadess> mp3mad doesn't though
[00:47] Action: hadess plays some cypress video to celebrate
[00:48] <omega_> mp3mad isn't the name, 'mad' is
[00:48] <hadess> omega_: no, the test/mp3mad example
[00:48] <omega_> oh
[00:50] <hadess> the player works nicely...
[00:51] <wtay> good :)
[00:52] <hadess> hmm, seems like mad didn't get built..
[00:52] <wtay> ah
[00:52] <hadess> i have mad installed though
[00:52] <wtay> also mad-dev?
[00:53] <hadess> installed from source, who do you think i am =)
[00:53] Nick change: aj_uni -> ajmitch
[00:53] <wtay> hmm
[00:53] <wtay> does configure detect it?
[00:53] <hadess> seems like not correctly installed, it couldn't find libmad
[00:54] <wtay> it looks for a function in libmad..
[00:54] <omega_> wtay: can we use xmms's 'mp3 input plugin' in gst?
[00:54] <wtay> omega_: yes
[00:54] <hadess> how ?
[00:54] <omega_> how do I -launch it?
[00:54] <wtay> sec.. trying
[00:55] Action: wtay installs xmms
[00:55] <omega_> grr, I built it and it segfaults at -reg
[00:55] <hadess> that would be great if i could use that in rhythmbox, this plugin is so tested
[00:55] <omega_> #0  idcin_init () at idcin.c:237
[00:55] <omega_> #1  0x40886a08 in __DTOR_END__ () from /home/omega/gst/./plugins/xmms/.libs/libgstxmms.so
[00:55] <omega_> #2  0x4088200d in plugin_init (module=0x8083a68, plugin=0x8083ab8) at gstxmms.c:55
[00:55] <omega_> #3  0x400329ff in gst_plugin_load_absolute (
[00:55] <omega_>     name=0x807ec40 "/home/omega/gst/./plugins/xmms/.libs/libgstxmms.so") at gstplugin.c:371
[00:55] <hadess> you have to have xmms installed to use it...
[00:56] <hadess> omega_: the idcin plugin is dodgy video input plugin
[00:56] <omega_> hmm
[00:56] <wtay> omega_: must be a bogus xmms plugin?
[00:57] <wtay> idcin works here...
[00:57] <hadess> it plays movies from quake
[00:57] <omega_> wtay: idea: we can write a variant of the pipefilter that does esddsp's trick in overriding open,read,write to enable arbitary audio apps to be embedded in gst
[00:57] <hadess> omega_: l33t
[00:57] <wtay> omega_: on a pipe?
[00:57] Action: omega_ moved it out of the way, no more problems
[00:57] <omega_> wtay: yeah, basically
[00:57] <omega_> open two pipes
[00:57] <omega_> fork
[00:58] <wtay> omega_: pipefilter does that
[00:58] <omega_> overload libc open a la esddsp and send audio to gst and vice versa
[00:58] <omega_> no, overload so an app that open("/dev/dsp") talks to gstreamer
[00:58] <omega_> not stdout
[00:58] <wtay> oh
[00:58] <wtay> right
[00:58] <wtay> can do that
[00:58] <omega_> very cool <g>
[00:58] <omega_> do it in the oss plugin dir though
[00:58] <omega_> since it's an oss api thing, there should be some shared code
[00:58] <wtay> nice...
[00:59] <omega_> I might try it tonight <g>
[00:59] <wtay> nice plugin :)
[00:59] <omega_> I'll explain that idea in this response to l-a-d
[01:00] <wtay> ./gstreamer-launch XMMS_INPUT_mpeg_layer_1/2/3_player_1.2.4 location=/opt/data/mp3/files.cgi ! osssink
[01:01] <omega_> done
[01:01] <wtay> use gstreamer-inspect to find the actual xmms plugin name
[01:01] <omega_> ooooooh!
[01:01] Action: omega_ scrambles to find a .mod
[01:01] <omega_> er, a *real* mod
[01:02] <omega_> anyone have one or a url to some?
[01:02] <wtay> lemme copy one to gstreamer.net
[01:02] <omega_> media/..
[01:02] <hadess> omega_: i have 25 megs of modules from a demo party here...
[01:03] <omega_> ah
[01:03] <omega_> hrm, I have a kfmf disc somewhere
[01:03] Action: omega_ searches
[01:03] <hadess> no .mod, but .it and .xm ones
[01:03] <wtay> hmmm I lost my .mod :(
[01:03] <omega_> mikmod does those, right?
[01:04] <wtay> beware!! xmmsinput doesn't do capsnego yet...
[01:04] <hadess> is that a libmikmod plugin ?
[01:04] <hadess> omega_: yep
[01:04] <wtay> try to insert an xmms plugin too :-)
[01:04] <hadess> that's a friend of mine maintaining libmikmod (or mikmod i don't remember)
[01:04] <omega_> core
[01:05] <wtay> you'll need to -register..
[01:05] <omega_> I did
[01:05] <omega_> #0  0x406b57be in get_time () at plugin.c:174
[01:05] <omega_> #1  0x8095570 in ?? ()
[01:05] <omega_> #2  0x40145581 in gtk_object_arg_get (object=0x8094de8, arg=0x80969cc, info=0x8094d20) at gtkobject.c:862
[01:05] <omega_> in xml_write ??
[01:06] <omega_> saving the mikmod element
[01:06] <wtay> hmm
[01:06] <omega_> trying to save 'song_info
[01:06] <taaz> oh jeez... i probably will end up with mikmod and xmms debian packages too... this is getting silly ;)
[01:06] <omega_> taaz: ;-)
[01:06] Nick change: maYam -> maYam_sleep
[01:07] <wtay> ./gstreamer-launch XMMS_INPUT_mpeg_layer_1/2/3_player_1.2.4 location=/opt/data/mp3/files.cgi ! XMMS_EFFECT_freeverb_0.01 ! osssink
[01:08] <omega_> doh
[01:08] <wtay> not all plugins work 100% though...
[01:08] Action: omega_ doesn't have that xmms plugin
[01:08] <omega_> and it ERROR'd because of it
[01:09] <taaz> gotta make that -launch thing output to a couple viz plugins too... 
[01:09] <omega_> I'm still trying to figure out the best way for -launch to handle video output automatically, I have some ideas
[01:09] <omega_> maybe I'll get that working tonight too
[01:09] Action: wtay notes that files.cgi is a very lame 'Europe' mp3
[01:09] <omega_> heh
[01:10] <hadess> lol
[01:10] <hadess> Couldn't create a 'XMMS_INPUT_mpeg_layer_1/2/3_player_1.2.4', no such element or need to run gstraemer-register?
[01:11] <hadess> am i missing something ?
[01:11] <omega_> hrm, we still need to fix that spelling problem <g>
[01:11] Action: hadess notices the typo in the user visible output
[01:11] <hadess> heh
[01:12] <omega_> fixed, in HEAD
[01:12] <hadess> that's l33t
[01:12] <omega_> ?
[01:13] <hadess> "- you geeks, there's a typo in the output of gstreamer. - pff, use cvs HEAD, luser"
[01:13] <omega_> hehehe
[01:13] <wtay> hadess: run -inspect xmms to get a list of plugins
[01:13] <omega_> wtay: no long name for xmms plugin?
[01:14] <wtay> xmms is the plugin
[01:14] <hadess> ./gstreamer-inspect xmms ?
[01:14] <wtay> they're autogenerated so their names suck a bit...
[01:14] <wtay> hadess: yup
[01:14] <hadess> no workie...
[01:15] <wtay> hadess: ?
[01:15] <hadess> no such element or plugin 'xmms'
[01:15] <wtay> hadess: go to plugins/xmms and rebuild
[01:15] <hadess> i have xmms-devel files installed
[01:16] <hadess> wtay: why isn't it built ?
[01:16] <wtay> hadess: no idea...
[01:16] <omega_> configure is not liking <g>
[01:16] <wtay> check out configure.log
[01:16] <wtay> xmms people are not liking either <g>
[01:17] <wtay> btw, I have to sleep now
[01:17] <hadess> wtay: why ?
[01:17] <hadess> doesn't work, just doesn't play anything...
[01:17] <taaz> i have an autoplug question: would it be possible to create an autoplug _element_ that you hook source and sink to and as soon as it gets data it figures out how to autoplug to whatever has been hooked to it?  so you could ./gst-launch disksrc loc=... ! autoplug ! (osssink, xvideosink)   (excuse the broken syntax) and have it just work?
[01:17] <omega_> taaz: read -devel
[01:18] <wtay> taaz: soon....
[01:18] <wtay> gotta go now, cya all
[01:18] <omega_> that's what dynamic autoplugging is all about
[01:18] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-sleeping
[01:18] <omega_> wtay: ok, l8r
[01:18] Action: hadess is on a stupidity spree
[01:18] <hadess> wtay-sleeping: cya
[01:18] <taaz> yeah, but its done with an autoplug element yet is it?  is that the plan?
[01:18] <taaz> err   not done with
[01:18] <omega_> dynamic doesn't exist yet
[01:19] <hadess> omega_: hmm, how will the apps do to get the lists of, let's say, mp3 sinks available ?
[01:20] <omega_> autoplug should do that work, and merit needs to be set up to make that easier
[01:20] <hadess> omega_: is that an answer for me ?
[01:21] <omega_> sorta <g>
[01:21] arik (arik at adsl-64-174-42-2.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net) joined #gstreamer.
[01:21] <arik> anyone around?
[01:21] <omega_> autoplug should do that for you, by caps
[01:21] <omega_> yo arik
[01:21] <arik> hey
[01:21] <arik> i have a question ;-)
[01:21] <omega_> shoot
[01:21] <arik> how can i get the width/height of a video source?
[01:22] <omega_> gst_util_gst_int_arg(xvideosink,"width");
[01:22] <arik> ah ok
[01:22] <omega_> width = ....
[01:22] <arik> right
[01:22] <omega_> it's just a gtk arg
[01:22] <hadess> omega_: the pb is that you would want that user selectable, because, for example, one sounds better than the other, or whatever
[01:22] <arik> i figured that, just wasn't sure which one ;-)
[01:22] <hadess> omega_: /me reads "video source"
[01:22] <omega_> there's also a have_size signal that gives the width,height when it's found out
[01:22] <arik> right
[01:22] <omega_> um, hmm
[01:22] <omega_> well, you'd *set* the width,height of the source <G>
[01:23] <hadess> heh
[01:23] <omega_> hadess: right, you should be able to ask the autoplugger for a list of elements that convert from mp3 to raw, and provide that list to the user
[01:23] <omega_> that func doesn't exist yet though, tell wtay to write it <g>
[01:24] <omega_> actually, write it up to -devel
[01:24] <hadess> lol
[01:24] <omega_> arik: what're you working on?
[01:24] <hadess> i'm not in the need of it right now...
[01:24] <omega_> oh, and how's that gnomevfssrc? <g>
[01:24] <hadess> omega_: you write an awful lot of emails !
[01:25] <hadess> omega_: my gstreamer was fixed tonight, so i can resume work this WE
[01:25] <arik> omega_: just a media player
[01:25] Action: hadess thinks he just removed all his previous work on the gnomevfssrc...
[01:26] <omega_> arik: generic media player?
[01:26] <hadess> doh!
[01:27] <arik> omega_: yep
[01:27] <hadess> omega_: nahm a pr0n one especially designed for gnome developers <g>
[01:27] <arik> hadess: ;-)
[01:27] <hadess> "foot fetishism.mpeg"
[01:27] <omega_> hadess: well, as opposed to one that just does audio, like yours <g>
[01:27] <arik> heh
[01:28] <arik> yeah mine is generic
[01:28] <omega_> from scratch or converting an existing one?
[01:28] Action: hadess likes the sound of *unF* and *wink*wink*
[01:28] <arik> omega_: i actually started with the autoplug example and went from there
[01:28] <omega_> arik: the reason I ask is that we have a media player that needs work
[01:29] <hadess> arik: cool l33t GUI ?
[01:29] <omega_> I don't see much benefit (yet) in having several media players, when we have problems still with the main one
[01:29] <hadess> true
[01:29] <arik> omega_: yeah i know, i looked at that but i didn't like the codebase, i will prob submit this as a replacement at some point
[01:29] <arik> hadess: heh, eventually ;-)
[01:30] <omega_> the key is that we have a library with a thin media player GUI on top
[01:30] <arik> omega_: when learning a new api i like to have my own codebase or i get confused
[01:30] <arik> right
[01:30] <arik> well, depends by what you mean by thin
[01:30] <omega_> I want to get the media player library fully functional, and then any number of GUIs can be built on top of that
[01:30] <hadess> that would be pretty cool actually that you use the same kind of gui as i do, arik
[01:30] <arik> hadess: hmm?
[01:31] <hadess> arik: http://www.hadess.net/guadec/soundbox-cddb-enabled.jpeg <- reminds you of something ?
[01:32] <arik> itunes?
[01:32] <hadess> yep
[01:32] <arik> ;-)
[01:32] <hadess> if you could do the same kind of ui as quicktime player (not the pro), that would be wicked !
[01:32] <omega_> um
[01:33] <hadess> omega_: same kind i said <g>
[01:33] <arik> i was looking at more of a windows media player type thing but i am still very early on right now
[01:33] <omega_> http://www.iarchitect.com/qtime.htm
[01:33] <arik> right 
[01:33] <omega_> anyone developing a media-related GUI must read that page
[01:33] <hadess> omega_: i KNOW, you showed me
[01:33] <arik> although the new one is better
[01:33] <arik> 5.0
[01:33] <arik> that one is horrid
[01:33] <arik> but i am no where near that point yet
[01:34] <hadess> arik: i meant by using the same icons and such, so that they feel like a "suite"
[01:34] <hadess> like the apple multimedia tools
[01:34] <omega_> anyway, what I'm saying is that there is still enough flex in the gstreamer API that I see many problems in trying to build several media players at once, esp when my goal is to have a media-player library with which players can be built
[01:35] <hadess> next stop is iMovie-clone <g>
[01:35] <omega_> I've read that iMovie is a joke
[01:35] <arik> hadess: ah
[01:35] <hadess> omega_: does the job for basic editing
[01:35] <omega_> um
[01:35] <arik> omega_: i can see your point, i just wanted a cleaner codebase
[01:36] <omega_> maybe, but I would seriously research that
[01:36] <omega_> arik: then help us fix ours <g>
[01:36] <arik> omega_: ;-)
[01:36] <hadess> i need to retry it now that the videosink has been replaced
[01:36] <omega_> propose a new structure and we can discuss it, work the flaws out, then either fix the existing one or ditch it
[01:37] <omega_> I agree that there are some structural issues with libgstplay.la, though I haven't researched it much
[01:37] <hadess> No accelerated IDCT transform found
[01:37] <hadess> No accelerated motion compensation found
[01:37] <arik> omega_: well that is sort of what i am doing, once my app is at the level of the current gstmediaplay i will submit it
[01:37] <omega_> and in fact libgstplay.la is one of the biggest reasons RidgeRun hired me.....
[01:37] <hadess> but i could play a whole VOB file, whoohoo !
[01:37] <omega_> arik: be very wary of doing anything like that in a vacuum
[01:38] <arik> omega_: hmm
[01:38] <arik> well i'm not completeley in a vacum, i'm here after all ;-
[01:38] <arik> )
[01:38] <omega_> the biggest reason is that you're going to miss out on the developments in the core, and changes that might impact the way you build it
[01:39] <omega_> this is why we try to put stuff in CVS ASAP, so other people can look at it and try to make it better
[01:39] <arik> omega_: right
[01:39] <arik> well i am willing to put my app in cvs if you want, course it would be in gnome cvs cause i don't have access to gst cvs
[01:39] <arik> cool! double sizing works
[01:39] <omega_> basically, I've had enough experience trying to develop something on my own, esp on a moving target, that I much prefer to keep in contact with as many people as possible, ideally gettig their help
[01:40] <arik> totally
[01:40] <omega_> arik: sounds good
[01:40] <arik> i was gonna joint the mailing lists
[01:40] <arik> as well
[01:40] <omega_> good
[01:40] Nick change: ajmitch -> aj_uni
[01:40] <omega_> we can give you gst cvs access easily enough
[01:40] <arik> heh
[01:40] <omega_> if it's a gst-centric project
[01:40] <arik> it is indeed
[01:40] <omega_> if you have a sourceforge userid
[01:40] <arik> i do
[01:40] <arik> i should get a new one though
[01:40] <omega_> heh
[01:41] <omega_> why?
[01:41] <arik> oh i used to go by a nick, i just don't like it much anymore ;-)
[01:41] <omega_> ah
[01:42] <arik> damnit someone else got arik
[01:42] <omega_> doh
[01:42] <arik> that is weird
[01:42] <hadess> omega_: mp3mad doesn't work :/
[01:42] <arik> ah well
[01:42] <omega_> mp3mad doesn't exist, mad does
[01:42] Action: hadess slaps omega_ with a stick
[01:43] <omega_> hadess: huh?
[01:43] <hadess> the mp3mad in test/
[01:43] <omega_> oh
[01:43] <omega_> HEAD?
[01:43] <hadess> yep
[01:43] <hadess> WARNING **: pad decode:src tried to set caps incompatible with its padtemplate
[01:43] <hadess> that could be the pb <g>
[01:43] <omega_> works for me
[01:45] <hadess> ok, so i have the xmms plugin working so i can actually try that this week-end
[01:46] <omega_> arik: so do you want to put stuff into gstreamer cvs?
[01:46] <hadess> time for bed now
[01:46] <hadess> cya guys
[01:46] <omega_> l8r
[01:46] <arik> one sec
[01:47] hadess (hadess at pc121-gui14.cable.ntl.com) left irc: mooooh!
[01:48] <arik> omega_: i do, but not just yet, for one thing i need to come up with a name for the module ;-P
[01:48] <arik> omega_: in a day or so though
[01:48] <omega_> hehehe
[01:49] <omega_> ok, keep us informed on -devel and/or in here ;-)
[01:49] <arik> will do ;-)
[01:49] <arik> are many people writing apps yet?
[01:49] Action: omega_ has been tasked to write up a list by his boss at RidgeRun, so a list will be around soon <g>
[01:50] <omega_> in the meantime, yeah, 5-10 projects maybe
[01:50] <arik> wow
[01:50] <omega_> 3ivx is working on quicktime plugins
[01:50] <arik> very coool
[01:50] <omega_> except I haven't heard much from them at all
[01:50] <omega_> which is why I don't want you to fall into the same trap <g>
[01:51] <omega_> all we know is that they're 'working on it', no idea what the ETA or current state is
[01:51] <omega_> and I'm afraid that they'll manage to misunderstand something and build it completely the wrong way
[01:51] <arik> heh
[01:51] <arik> i could be doing that right now
[01:51] <omega_> exactly
[01:54] <arik> gstreamer has corporate sponsership?
[02:01] <omega_> sorta.  I work for a company that has me doing gstreamer full-time
[02:01] <arik> cool
[02:07] Action: omega_ is going to go eat dinner and prepare to go the the local LUG meeting
[02:08] <arik> enjoy
[02:08] Action: omega_ is gonna try to get himself set up as the speaker next month <g>
[02:15] <arik> heh
[02:21] arik (arik at adsl-64-174-42-2.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net) left irc: Ping timeout for arik[adsl-64-174-42-2.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net]
[02:27] arik (arik at adsl-64-174-42-2.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net) joined #gstreamer.
[02:33] <taaz> pbd asking the tough questions on lad...
[02:34] <omega_> where?
[02:34] Action: omega_ doesn't have anything from pbd yet
[02:34] <taaz> went to lad and -devel
[02:34] <arik> bbl
[02:34] arik (arik at adsl-64-174-42-2.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net) left irc: leaving
[02:35] <omega_> got it
[02:35] <omega_> responding
[02:36] <taaz> we should whip up a simple latency test app
[02:37] <omega_> yeah, but it's a straw man regardless
[02:38] <taaz> well, it would be useful as a general pipeline tester.  just plug in some element (which could be a composite) and time data input to output.  would be useful when you do that cothread optimization stuff
[02:38] <omega_> yeah
[02:38] Action: omega_ volunteers taaz to write it
[02:40] <taaz> ok, i've got a dvd player, python bindings, and debian packages to do first.  then i'll do the automatic tests, object destruction fixes, and then the latency test. <g>
[02:40] <omega_> well, your ordering a a bit fragged
[03:04] omega_ (omega at omegacs.net) left irc: going to PLUG meeting
[03:11] Nick change: aj_uni -> ajmitch
[03:53] omega_ (omega at joined #gstreamer.
[03:53] <omega_> whee, I managed to hack into PSU's 802.11b network ;-)
[03:57] <ajmitch> PSU?
[03:57] <omega_> Portland State University, where the PLUG meeting occurs
[03:57] <omega_> meeting just started
[04:11] omega_ (omega at left irc: Ping timeout for omega_[]
[04:15] omega_ (omega at joined #gstreamer.
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[04:27] <omega_> bleagh, network flakiness
[04:28] <ajmitch> ;)
[04:32] omega_ (omega at left irc: [x]chat

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