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Tim 'Tool-Man' Taylor tim at tool-man.org
Fri May 4 22:09:10 CEST 2001

Sorry for the late reply, and I'm too lazy to go check if the change was 
implemented, but the background coloring you are witnessing is a NS4.x 
CSS bug specifically with PRE.  It's possible to get it working in 
Netscape 4.x with some CSS workarounds.  By now, you should be having a 
feeling of deja vu :)

That said, it's probably easier to wrap it in a table.  A slightly more 
semantic solution would be to try wrapping the PRE in a DIV, i.e.:

<div class="code"><pre>...</pre></div>

Apply the background color CSS to the DIV.  I think that may work.  Then 
again, a table background color will definately work, but I'm one of 
those "tables aren't for layout" kinda guys so I had to point out the 
other solutions.  Also, as Internet Explorer assimilates the Windows 
front and Mozilla becomes increasingly stable I'm becoming of the mind 
that NS4.x should be lumped in with IE3 and have CSS hidden from it 
entirely.  But now, I'm getting offtopic :)

Erik Walthinsen wrote:

> Putting some of my older documents into wiki (actually codecs.org/wiki/,
> which I copied from gstreamer.net), I ran into a problem with {{{ }}}.  It
> colors the text blue, but if you have multiple lines of different lengths,
> it only colors them out that far.  I have to space-pad blocks on the right
> so the blue background lines up.
> Would it be possible to fix the wiki so it detects multi-line {{{ }}}'s
> and puts them into a <TABLE BGCOLOR="blue"> instead of whatever it does
> now?  Put the entire block into a single table cell with sufficient
> padding, and it would look really nice.
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