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Mitch Allmond gte203h at prism.gatech.edu
Wed May 16 05:14:30 CEST 2001

You've got a point, but I think I've got a better point.   Competition is good
amonst capitalist situations but in most cases,  opensource (GPL) projects are
just forks of others and lead nowhere. It's time to end this redundant circle.
I think current situations and past is enough proof that the opensource community
needs to unite a bit more. Anyway, you may not agree but I'm sure most do. Take
government for instance. It could be considered like opensource. The government
puts its resources into something but never gives it competition. Why? Cause it's
competition against itself and is redundant. We are the same way. If anything, we
need to get together, compromise, then implement. That's my six cents.

Samuel Hocevar wrote:

> On Tue, May 15, 2001, Mitch Allmond wrote:
> > Instead of everyone working on the same type of project under
> > different names, it would be better for everyone to adopt one and focus all
> > efforts on it. GStreamer has support for plugins and has already had quite a
> > few written for it. It would be in everyone's interest to have GStreamer be
> > the backbone of all media playback regardless if it's mpeg, avi, dvd, etc...
>    Hehe, not everyone likes GStreamer's design or implementation, you
> know :-) And most other players have plugin support as well. Besides,
> competition is extremely motivating, it's actually my main motivation
> when writing code.
> Sam.
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