[gst-devel] Submission guidelines for patches

Thomas Nyberg thomas at codefactory.se
Thu May 17 15:32:03 CEST 2001


I was wondering if there exists some kind of policy when it comes
to submitting patches. Some people(including me) send them to
the gstreamer-devel-lists. Since there is always some latency 
until a patch is including into the general sourcetree, it is
hard to now when a patch is accepted, rejected or pending.

Does a system for this exist already? If not, I suggest that
one person takes this upon himself, to handle all submitted
patches and suggestions, coordinating them and keeping them
in a central archive for easy browsing. It would be nice if
one could easily see what is happening to a patch.
If it was accepted, or if it was rejected - why it was rejected.

As it is now, it is hard to know anything - and since patches
are posted to this list, it is easy for developers with cvs-access
to think "I'll let someone else check it out and apply it".
If there exists people that has this responsibility, it would
be a "smoother ride" for a patch.

On the gstreamer-homepage there aren't very clear guidelines,
although it says they should be mailed to the developers 
but...(read above).

/Thomas <thomas at codefactory.se>

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