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[09:04] <omega_away> y
[09:04] <omega_away> er, yo
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[09:04] <steveb> o
[09:04] <arik> yo
[09:04] <omega_> oooh, 1sec
[09:04] <omega_> getting better <g>
[09:04] <arik> omega_: i'm gonna need cvs access at some point ;-P
[09:04] <omega_> yup
[09:05] <omega_> you getting familiar with the structure of libgstplay?
[09:05] <arik> yep
[09:05] <arik> oh an apparently i'm the maintainer noww
[09:06] <omega_> good, do you have any comments on the autoplugger?
[09:06] <omega_> yup <g>
[09:07] <arik> heh
[09:07] <arik> not yet
[09:08] <steveb> omega_: I've got the beginnings of real-time dynparms working
[09:08] <omega_> cool
[09:10] <steveb> when a bit more of the api is in place i will show you what i have changed in core before committing it
[09:10] <omega_> ok
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[09:25] <arik> do you know anything about dv cameras and webcams?
[09:28] <omega_> you could say that
[09:28] <arik> really?
[09:28] <omega_> libdv.sourceforge.net
[09:28] <arik> oh
[09:28] <omega_> see list of authors
[09:28] <arik> well
[09:28] <arik> i have a friend who is trying to use her dv as a webcam
[09:28] <arik> in windows
[09:28] <omega_> hrm
[09:28] <arik> and it's not working ;-)
[09:28] <omega_> good luck <g>
[09:29] <arik> thanks so much ;-P
[09:29] <omega_> what problems, specifically?
[09:29] <omega_> besides bsod's?
[09:29] <omega_> hehehe: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=http://www.barrapunto.com/articles/01/02/26/1231208.shtml&prev=/search%3Fq%3DErik%2BWalthinsen%26start%3D30%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26safe%3Doff%26sa%3DN
[09:29] <arik> well
[09:29] <arik> she is using generic webcam software
[09:29] <arik> but it doesn't seem to be noticing the camera afaict
[09:29] <omega_> with a dv camcorder?
[09:29] <arik> yep
[09:30] <omega_> wow, that's one expensive webcam
[09:30] <arik> yep
[09:30] Action: omega_ is doing an ego-search on google <g>
[09:30] <arik> neet webpage
[09:30] <arik> ;-)
[09:30] <arik> heh
[09:30] <arik> omega_: i don't know how the camera is connected
[09:31] <omega_> priceless xlation <g>
[09:31] <arik> prob either firwwire or serial
[09:31] <omega_> if it's a full dv camcorder, it's firewire
[09:31] <omega_> problem is that dv is a very high-bandwidth codec
[09:31] <omega_> 25Mbps
[09:31] <arik> ok
[09:31] <arik> she has it set on still images
[09:31] <omega_> hrm, um
[09:32] <omega_> is it like that recent JVC that has a 1.9megapixel ccd in it?
[09:32] <arik> i think so
[09:32] <arik> gr dvm70
[09:33] <omega_> hrm, just found ppc gstreamer libs <g>
[09:33] <omega_> er, rpms
[09:33] <arik> heh
[09:34] <omega_> man, I had no idea I worked on so many things in the past
[09:34] <omega_> <g>
[09:34] <arik> he
[09:34] <arik> er heh
[09:34] <arik> i wonder if it is just windows?
[09:34] <arik> or if she hasn't connected it properly?
[09:35] <omega_> I would say that unless there is software explicitly designed to do what she's trying, it ain't gonna work
[09:35] <arik> yeah that's what i though
[09:35] <arik> cause it's not a generic webcam
[09:35] <omega_> unless the machine can run Linux, and the still image spec for that camera can be figured out (shouldn't be too hard, it should be a JPEG image, I'd think)
[09:36] <omega_> no, it's a $1700 webcam....
[09:36] <arik> i doubt she has a $1700 camera
[09:36] <omega_> if it's the jvc with a 1.9megapixel ccd, it is
[09:37] <arik> hmm
[09:37] <arik> maybe it's not that one
[09:37] <arik> one sec
[09:37] <omega_> eesh: http://www.linuxbase.org/aboutmore.html
[09:38] <omega_> and http://www.docshow.net/hacking.htm
[09:38] <arik> it's a $929 camera
[09:38] <arik> the one she has
[09:38] <omega_> and somehow I'm in the authors list for the Encryption howto, and libglade(!)
[09:39] <omega_> ok
[09:39] <omega_> http://slencyclopedia.berlios.de/people.html
[09:39] <omega_> whoah
[09:39] <omega_> I had no idea...
[09:40] <omega_> and the cvs changelog for reporting a code bug
[09:40] <omega_> (am I boring you?)
[09:41] <arik> hehe
[09:41] <arik> a bit ;-)
[09:41] <omega_> this is better than last time I did this <g>
[09:41] <omega_> heh, 386 hits <g>
[09:41] <arik> ok
[09:42] <arik> i don't think you can use that camera as a webcam
[09:42] <arik> i think you're right
[09:42] <omega_> what model?
[09:42] <arik> gr-dvm70
[09:42] <omega_> brand?
[09:42] <omega_> jvc?
[09:42] <arik> jvc
[09:42] <arik> sorry bout that ;-)
[09:43] <omega_> ooh, is's a "Digital Cybercam"!
[09:43] <arik> heh i guess
[09:43] <arik> yes it is
[09:43] <arik> why would that not work then?
[09:43] <omega_> msrp $1700 ;-)
[09:43] <arik> that is false advertising
[09:43] <omega_> +- $.05
[09:44] <arik> ok fine
[09:44] <omega_> I told you <g>
[09:44] <arik> whatever
[09:44] <omega_> hehehehe
[09:44] <arik> the page i am looking at says 900
[09:44] <arik> http://www.unbeatable.com/products/camcorders/JVC/CyberCam/gr-dvm70.asp
[09:44] <arik> ;-)
[09:44] Action: omega_ looks at jvc.com
[09:44] <arik> ok
[09:44] <arik> but help with the webcam issuse ;-P
[09:45] <omega_> looks like it's serial, kinda
[09:45] <omega_> yup
[09:45] <arik> yep
[09:45] <omega_> it should work then, if there's software for it
[09:45] <arik> ok
[09:45] <omega_> but probably not, since there are no standards <g>
[09:45] <arik> heh
[09:45] <arik> but you need specific software right?
[09:46] <omega_> if the software does webcam stuff, it should work (else take it back!)
[09:46] <arik> generic software won't work?
[09:46] <arik> weird
[09:46] <omega_> no, because there's no such thing as v4l
[09:46] <omega_> there was a standard for capture once upon a time, but the windoze world blew that away (like everything else)
[09:46] <arik> ok
[09:46] <arik> so you need software specifically then?
[09:47] <omega_> yeah, or see if gphoto has a driver for that protocol
[09:47] <arik> she uses windows ;-
[09:47] <arik> ;-P
[09:47] <omega_> well, that's the bug right there
[09:48] <arik> hah
[09:48] <omega_> hrm, I had no idea that I created the first .spec.in file for bonobo
[09:48] <arik> interesting
[09:49] <omega_> I did hold (until recently) the absolute fastest non-linux bogomips record
[09:49] <arik> um...
[09:50] <omega_> only beat by a 144x myrinet cluster <g>
[09:50] <arik> ok
[09:50] <omega_> but 144 vs. 32 procs isn't fair <g>
[09:52] <omega_> heh.  remember the ping-o-death?
[09:52] <arik> yes
[09:52] <arik> ;-)
[09:52] <omega_> I'm listed as one of the people doing testing when P-o-D v1 was discovered
[09:53] <arik> neet
[09:55] <omega_> I'm even in Phrack <g>
[09:55] <arik> heh
[09:55] <omega_> listed as co-author of a paper on StackGuard
[09:55] <omega_> I was the first person outside RedHat (afaict) to successfully rebuild all of redhat
[09:57] <arik> wow
[09:57] <arik> i should do one of those searches
[09:57] <omega_> they're fun <g>
[09:58] <arik> heh
[09:58] <arik> i think i remember everything i've done though
[09:58] <omega_> you might be surprised <g>
[09:58] <arik> heh
[09:59] <omega_> ok, that's a new one
[09:59] <omega_> my Dad shows up in a guestbook from Norway
[09:59] <arik> weird
[10:00] <omega_> in 97, which is odd, maybe it's just an online guestbook
[10:00] <arik> hopefully
[10:00] <omega_> we were there in 96, and my parents went in '00
[10:01] <omega_> but this is way way up north in the islands: 'Lofoten'
[10:02] <omega_> ok, ran out of hits
[10:02] <arik> heh
[10:02] <arik> i just started mine
[10:02] <omega_> uh oh <g>
[10:02] <arik> hehe
[10:03] <omega_> 'Criminal Mastermind', eh?
[10:04] <arik> eh?
[10:04] <omega_> and if you're the author of gnome-ihop, shouldn't eog have been called 'ego' ?
[10:04] <arik> hah
[10:04] <arik> lets see
[10:04] <arik> i made the first packages of helix gnome for debian
[10:05] <arik> made the first abiword packages
[10:05] <arik> *shudder*
[10:05] <omega_> heh
[10:05] <arik> designed both the file system stuff and the ui stuff for alliance
[10:05] <omega_> what's that?
[10:06] <arik> an interesting attempt at an operating sytem
[10:06] <omega_> uh oh <g>
[10:06] <arik> an interesting attempt at an operating syte
[10:06] <arik> er heh
[10:06] <arik> aparently i'm a villain
[10:06] <arik> i didn't know that
[10:07] <arik> i find it interesting that people think i'm a mastermind
[10:07] <omega_> google has you listed as a criminal mastermind
[10:07] <arik> not sure what to make of that ;-)
[10:07] <arik> hmm
[10:07] <omega_> hehehe
[10:08] <arik> i'm a maintainer of gnome-utils
[10:08] <arik> i used to do various gnustep stuff
[10:09] <omega_> yup
[10:09] <arik> i closed many bugs against helix code
[10:09] <arik> and got flamed by people even though they were bogus bugs
[10:09] <arik> i worked on nautilus
[10:09] <arik> i'm a co-author of eog
[10:10] <arik> i wrote gnome-ihop
[10:11] <omega_> what is that?
[10:11] <arik> hah
[10:11] <arik> exactly what it sound like
[10:12] <omega_> it's what's for breakfast
[10:12] <omega_> (or at least where...)
[10:12] <arik> yep
[10:12] <omega_> erm, that didn't help
[10:12] <arik> you give it a zip code
[10:12] <omega_> oh no
[10:12] <arik> and it tells you the nearest ihops
[10:12] <arik> with maps and stuff
[10:12] <arik> oh yes
[10:12] <omega_> couldn't you have used mapquest??
[10:12] <arik> heh, maybe
[10:12] <omega_> good, at least it's not in gnome cvs <g>
[10:12] <omega_> that would scare me
[10:12] <arik> hey!
[10:12] <omega_> hehehe
[10:12] <arik> that program got me my job at helix code ;-)
[10:13] <omega_> hmm, ok <g>
[10:13] <arik> i'm a registered member of the gnome foundation
[10:13] <arik> i work at netscape on mozilla till the end of june
[10:13] <omega_> then what?
[10:13] <arik> art school in san francisco for a few months
[10:14] <omega_> eek, art school ;-)
[10:14] <arik> i go to school in ohio at antioch college
[10:14] <arik> i wrote (or was writing) an installer.app for gnustep
[10:14] <arik> i forgot about that
[10:14] <omega_> I ran across a couple things that I apparently volunteered to do a long time ago
[10:14] <omega_> a long time ago
[10:15] <arik> hehe
[10:15] <omega_> like write a postgresql backend for Trove
[10:15] <arik> lets see
[10:15] <omega_> back when Trove wasn't what it is now
[10:15] <arik> heh
[10:15] <arik> and then there is stuff google didn't fine
[10:15] <omega_> hrm, that reminds me, I never did join the Eri[ck] Conpiracy
[10:15] <arik> er find
[10:15] <omega_> I wonder if they'd let you in? <g>
[10:16] <arik> don't know what taht is
[10:16] <omega_> you haven't heard of the Eric Conspiracy?
[10:16] <omega_> search for it
[10:16] <arik> ok
[10:16] <arik> ah i see
[10:16] <omega_> http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/ecsl/
[10:17] <arik> i don't want to join anythign associcated with esr
[10:17] <omega_> heh
[10:17] <arik> lets see
[10:17] <omega_> good point
[10:17] <arik> i was project manager for a game called magick at an amiga game company called pagan games
[10:18] <arik> as an original developer on a program called litestep i helped create the windows alternative shell scene
[10:18] <arik> as well as a shell that has more modules for it then all unix wm's combined
[10:26] <omega_> hrm, ok, there's an 'Arak' in the ecsl, so I think you'd count <g>
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[10:31] <omega_> I still haven't figured out why irc servers don't have redundant connections
[10:31] <arik> heh
[10:31] <arik> anyone
[10:31] <arik> er anyway
[10:31] <arik> litestep
[10:31] <arik> that was a long time ago
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[10:32] <omega_> yo
[10:34] steveb (steveb at node1ee0a.a2000.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[10:34] <omega_> yo
[10:34] <steveb> yo
[10:35] Action: omega_ hacks gdb macros
[10:35] <steveb> just had to pop into windoze to netmeeting with relatives
[10:35] <omega_> ouch
[10:35] <omega_> openh323?
[10:35] <steveb> for linux?
[10:36] <omega_> yeah, I think that might talk to netmeeting
[10:36] <steveb> briefly tried cu-seeme but no joy
[10:36] <omega_> don't think that's h323
[10:37] <steveb> no. cool, i will check it out
[10:37] <omega_> they're talking about moving to gstreamer too <g>
[10:37] <steveb> heh
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[10:48] <arik> wb
[10:51] <arik> i liked uraeus's proposal
[10:51] <omega_> yup, though it was debated hotly on #gnome
[10:51] <arik> oh?
[10:52] <arik> i haven't been around there lately
[10:52] <omega_> what was your addr again?
[10:52] <arik> arik at gnome.org
[10:52] <omega_> sent
[10:52] <arik> sent what?
[10:53] <omega_> logs
[10:55] <arik> ugh
[10:55] <arik> ok
[10:55] <arik> now i have to remember how to get it out of gnus ;-)
[10:55] <omega_> heh
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[10:59] <steveb> so what were the attitudes on #gnome?
[11:00] <omega_> seemed reasonably positive, though they don't really like the idea of making every gnome app require gstreamer
[11:00] <omega_> and neither do I, really
[11:00] <arik> they all require esd now
[11:00] <omega_> same reasoning behind CSL as opposed to arts
[11:00] <arik> or at least
[11:01] <omega_> remember, esd is not a full media framework
[11:01] <arik> those are the apps that should have to require gstreamer
[11:01] <omega_> I'm leaning towards a simple, X-like network protocol with local-machine transport that is capable of dealing with the simple cases, and extensions or alternate methods (gstreamer over corba, say) to handle harder cases
[11:02] <arik> hmm
[11:02] <arik> i was gonna write the gnome_play_sound and esd wrappers this weekend
[11:04] <steveb> any comments on the amount of work needed and the gnome2.0 timeline?
[11:04] <omega_> it depends on what apps there are using it
[11:04] <omega_> if the target would be to get gstplay, bonobo-media, and the moz plugin working, then we're close enough
[11:05] <arik> heh
[11:05] <steveb> and xmms :)
[11:05] <omega_> why? gstplay can replace xmms <g>
[11:05] <arik> hehe
[11:05] <arik> not yet it can't
[11:05] <omega_> xmms is rewriting their entire media-handling core, again.
[11:06] <arik> good lord
[11:06] <omega_> and isn't interested in using anyone elses code
[11:06] <steveb> with gstreamer this time?
[11:06] <omega_> nope
[11:06] <arik> heh
[11:06] <omega_> if you see 'Crocodile' in here, smack him around a little <g>
[11:06] <steveb> gstplay will need skins to keep the teens happy
[11:06] <omega_> yeah
[11:06] <arik> no sknis
[11:06] <arik> i don't want skins
[11:07] <arik> at least i don't think so
[11:07] Action: omega_ has a fundamental problem with the way skins are done now
[11:07] <omega_> of course, it took RMS yelling it out at GUADEC for anyone to think about it
[11:08] <arik> heh
[11:08] <omega_> hint: don't give RMS the floor unless you're prepared to lose it forever, or are willing to offend him to get it back <g>
[11:08] <arik> hehe
[11:10] <arik> what did he say?
[11:10] <omega_> just that KDE and GNOME should add theming integration to the list
[11:11] <arik> i was working on that at eazel at one point
[11:11] <omega_> I think theming needs to be refactored first
[11:11] <arik> the current gnome theme stuff bites
[11:11] <arik> raster is an idiot
[11:12] <omega_> a fast idiot <g>
[11:12] <arik> true ;-)
[11:12] <arik> an idiot who can't spell
[11:12] <omega_> speel?
[11:12] <arik> and idiot who used a giant linked list in the theme stuff cause he didn't know what a hash table was
[11:12] <arik> god damn
[11:13] <omega_> oops
[11:13] <arik> hehe
[11:13] <omega_> also, his themes... every single symbol has a __ in front of it
[11:13] <arik> yep
[11:13] <omega_> you'd think that at some point he'd figure that out and do a sed 's/__//g'
[11:13] <arik> to "prevent namespace polution"
[11:13] <arik> whatever he thinks that means
[11:13] <omega_> with WHAT??
[11:13] <omega_> there is no overlapping namespace in his theme files
[11:13] <arik> i have no idea
[11:14] <arik> ;-)
[11:14] <arik> i have wondered that
[11:14] <omega_> anyway, themes need to be rethought, and attacked from a project-indepent direction
[11:14] <omega_> figure out what forms the basis for a visual theme (colors, textures) and work from that up, instead of drawing an xmms theme and building all kinds of specific pixmaps
[11:15] gilles (nobody at ca-ol-marseille-32-61.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #gstreamer.
[11:15] <arik> heh
[11:15] <gilles> hi 
[11:15] <omega_> have fallbacks for widgets that need extra support, and just draw them lame if you have to
[11:15] <omega_> yo
[11:15] <omega_> then as the theme gets better, it fills in those specific widgets with hints/pixmaps as necessary
[11:15] <arik> right
[11:15] <arik> ye
[11:15] <arik> er yep
[11:15] <omega_> not all that hard....
[11:16] <gilles> i've downloaded gstreamer but what can i play with it and how ?
[11:16] <omega_> which version?
[11:16] <arik> gilles: you can use gstmediaplay ;-)
[11:17] <gilles> ark i don(t have this file 
[11:17] <gilles> where can i find this one
[11:17] <gilles> ?
[11:17] <omega_> in gstplay/
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[11:30] Action: omega_ must sleep
[11:31] <arik> night
[11:31] <omega_> l8r
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[12:14] <arik> later all
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[13:06] <Uraeus> hi
[13:07] <steveb> yo
[13:07] <steveb> have you sent the proposal?
[13:07] <Uraeus> yes
[13:07] <steveb> where? i'll check the thread
[13:08] <Uraeus> not a big thread yet, just Alan Cox replying
[13:08] <Uraeus> but we had a big discussion on IRC last night
[13:08] <Uraeus> I am writing a summary now
[13:08] <Uraeus> mail.gnome.org has a archive on gnome-hackers
[13:08] <Uraeus> I sent the mail to gnome-hackers
[13:14] <steveb> ok, reading
[13:21] Nick change: steveb -> steveb-away
[13:24] <steveb-away> esd glue wrappers are a good idea
[13:31] <Uraeus> steveb-away: elliot did not agree, he felt it was overkill to use gstreamer
[13:46] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) joined #gstreamer.
[13:47] sienap (synap at ipc379c14f.dial.wxs.nl) joined #gstreamer.
[13:47] <sienap> just got my self an haircut "pretty long" -> "less long" :)
[13:47] <sienap> btw hi
[13:47] <sienap> :)
[13:48] <Uraeus> hi sienap
[13:48] <Uraeus> hi greg_
[13:48] <Uraeus> sienap: seen my latest mail on the GNOME & Gstreamer issue?
[13:49] <Uraeus> hmm, there is something very fishy about the gstreamer mailinglist
[13:50] <Uraeus> all messages sent also to another list gets duplicated
[13:52] <sienap> uraeus nope
[13:52] <sienap> uraeus huh..
[13:52] <sienap> uraeus do you have an url ?
[13:52] <greg_> Hi Uraeus ! Hi All !
[13:54] <Uraeus> sienap: are you on gstreamer-devel?
[13:55] <sienap> yap
[13:55] <sienap> but i skipped some mail lately
[13:56] <sienap> dou too much mail
[13:56] <sienap> so if you can give me an url... it would be really nice
[13:57] <Uraeus> original mail: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-hackers-readonly/2001-May/msg00240.html
[13:57] <Uraeus> new mail: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-hackers-readonly/2001-May/msg00244.html
[14:00] <sienap> great stuff uraeus
[14:01] <sienap> it would be so cool if this keeps going on
[14:01] <sienap> you are a media / communication guru if you ask me!
[14:01] <sienap> keep it up
[14:02] <sienap> so what is the difference between pthreads and cothreads :)
[14:08] Nick change: wtay-ZzZ -> wtay
[14:08] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) left irc: Ping timeout for greg_[home.sente.pl]
[14:08] <wtay> hello
[14:08] <Uraeus> sienap: cothreads is out own asm coded stuff
[14:08] <Uraeus> hi wtay
[14:08] <sienap> he
[14:08] <Uraeus> s/out/our/
[14:08] <sienap> wtay a question:
[14:08] <Uraeus> pthreads is the OS version
[14:08] <wtay> cothreads are user space threads, pthreads are kernel space
[14:09] <sienap> wtay so i assume that kernel land threads are faster ?
[14:09] <sienap> they have first piority..
[14:09] <wtay> sienap: not at all
[14:09] <sienap> explain
[14:09] <wtay> user space threads are 10x faster
[14:10] <Uraeus> wtay: not according to Sander :)
[14:10] <wtay> you can decide yourself when you want to switch to another thread
[14:10] <wtay> Uraeus: then he didn't measure it
[14:10] <Uraeus> I know 
[14:10] <Uraeus> wtay: have you ready my IRC summary?
[14:10] <Uraeus> s/ready/read/
[14:11] <sienap> wtay aah.. that sounds strange for me
[14:11] <wtay> yup, looks good
[14:11] <sienap> why would userland stuff be faster then kernelland ?
[14:11] <sienap> however i just believe you :)
[14:11] <sienap> ehm some other stuff
[14:11] <wtay> sienap: because in kernel land you are at the mercy of the kernel
[14:11] <sienap> aaah ic
[14:12] <sienap> but ehm i was thinking of being able to read vid / audio data from a socket (if there already is an pipeline running)
[14:12] <wtay> if gstreamer would live inside the kernel on the other hand... <g>
[14:12] <sienap> so external visual program can just act on the data from the socket
[14:12] <sienap> if you understand what i mean
[14:12] <wtay> sienap: for audio this is no problem, for video it's not that easy
[14:12] <sienap> let's say for audio then..
[14:12] <wtay> no app sends video to a socket AFAIK
[14:13] <Uraeus> I am a bit disapointed however in the lack of response on gnome-hackers, but that is always the case with multimedia discussions, think besides Elliot and Alan there isn't that many there who feels confident in the field
[14:13] <sienap> if an vis app could read the audio data from an socket
[14:13] <wtay> sienap: you can use the gstoss plugin to hijack /dev/dsp and get the audio into gstreamer
[14:13] <sienap> we don't need it in the pipeline anyway..
[14:13] <sienap> wtay i was thinking of getting the audio out of the gstreamer pipe
[14:13] <sienap> mainly for visual apps
[14:13] <sienap> like extasy
[14:13] <wtay> sienap: use fdsink
[14:13] <sienap> so they don't have to be in the pipeline
[14:14] <wtay> or osssink
[14:14] <sienap> hmm
[14:14] <sienap> forget what i siad
[14:14] <sienap> said a
[14:14] <wtay> :)
[14:14] <Uraeus> good think that omega came over last night to #gnome or I would have been beaten to pulp :)
[14:14] <sienap> so tell me wtay.. are codefactory people working on gstmediaplay ?
[14:14] <Uraeus> wtay: I saw you mpeg CVS commit, any changes to the roadmap?
[14:14] <sienap> uraeus hhaha lol :)
[14:14] <Uraeus> sienap: no ALSA and OSS plugings
[14:15] <sienap> aah
[14:15] <wtay> Uraeus: yup, soon mpegaudio can be coloured green too
[14:15] <sienap> then who is: Arik Devens
[14:15] <sienap> ?
[14:15] <wtay> Uraeus: I'll let you know when I'm confident about it
[14:15] <Uraeus> sienap: arik devens (who has worked for Ximian, Eazel and now Netscape) does gstmediaplay
[14:15] <sienap> aah great
[14:15] <sienap> already any progress seen here and there ?
[14:16] <sienap> or some plans
[14:16] <sienap> what he is up too and stuff
[14:16] <Uraeus> fullscreen support and coredump aversion
[14:16] <sienap> and what about OMS ?
[14:16] <sienap> is this going fast..
[14:16] <sienap> uraeus aah full 31337 screen support is cool
[14:16] <sienap> :)
[14:16] <sienap> wtay so when will QoS work ?
[14:16] <Uraeus> sienap: not fast for OMS I think taaz is taking it slowly
[14:16] <sienap> so the video doesn't get delayed if the system can't render it fast anough
[14:17] <sienap> uraeus aah.. shit happens
[14:17] <Uraeus> sienap: arik seems to be working quite a lot on gstmediaplay however
[14:17] <wtay> sienap: when we implement an event system :)
[14:17] <sienap> wtay and when will that be done ? :)
[14:18] <sienap> uraeus great stuff
[14:18] <sienap> i hope we'll have an confident player with 0.2.0
[14:18] <wtay> sienap: no idea
[14:18] <sienap> wtay before or after 0.2.0 ?
[14:18] <Uraeus> wtay: should I move the SDL plugin from incomming to ready?
[14:18] <sienap> ronald fixed the plugin ?
[14:18] <wtay> Uraeus: yes
[14:18] <sienap> the sdl plugin is just an video sink
[14:18] <wtay> sienap: the plugin is fine
[14:19] <sienap> or does it work with xvideosink
[14:19] <sienap> ?
[14:19] <wtay> sienap: capsnego sucks
[14:19] hadess (hadess at pc2-guil2-0-cust150.gui.cable.ntl.com) joined #gstreamer.
[14:19] <wtay> yo
[14:19] <Uraeus> hi hadess
[14:19] <sienap> wtay hehe
[14:19] <hadess> hey guys
[14:20] <hadess> sent reply to omega_ about the autoplugger
[14:20] <sienap> brb
[14:20] <Uraeus> so do you have any ideas for a midi project we can try talking into moving to gstreamer (and make Alan Cox happy)?
[14:21] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) joined #gstreamer.
[14:21] <Uraeus> wb
[14:21] <wtay> yo
[14:21] <hadess> Uraeus: timidity ?
[14:22] <Uraeus> hadess: i was hoping you suggest someone else :)
[14:22] <hadess> well, i don't know of anyone else...
[14:22] <hadess> what do you mean "moving into gstreamer" ?
[14:22] <Uraeus> yes
[14:22] <Uraeus> err
[14:23] <Uraeus> I mean willing to rewrite their stuff as a Gstreamer plugin
[14:23] <hadess> hmmm...
[14:23] <Uraeus> problem with timitidy is that I think they will be a very hard sell
[14:23] <wtay> why?
[14:23] <hadess> maybe some sf.net scouring could give some results
[14:23] <Uraeus> to old and set in their ways
[14:23] <sienap> alan cox wants midi support ?
[14:23] <sienap> wait i go kick mrrazz :)
[14:23] <Uraeus> sienap: yes
[14:23] <sienap> aah not online :(
[14:24] <Uraeus> sienap: he replied on gnome-hackers to my mail kinda asking for it
[14:24] <sienap> mrrazz needs to stop with his z80 emulator and start coding on gstreamer again
[14:24] <Uraeus> yup
[14:24] <hadess> the timidity is basically dead...
[14:25] <wtay> alternatives?
[14:25] <hadess> dunno yet
[14:25] <hadess> bbiab, having lunch
[14:25] <sienap> have fun lunching
[14:26] <Uraeus> arts is very midi oriented, could be something there for grabbing
[14:26] <hadess> i thought of something
[14:26] <sienap> anyone knows the url of libxml2 ?
[14:27] <hadess> the playmidi of keith packard
[14:27] <sienap> as long it is GOOD :)
[14:27] <hadess> it relies on NAS right now, it could move to gst quite easily i guess
[14:27] <Uraeus> http://www.bright.net/~dlphilp/linuxsound/midi.html
[14:28] <Uraeus> hadess: so can you talk Keith into porting it :)
[14:28] <Uraeus> http://perso.wanadoo.es/antlarr/libkmid.html
[14:29] <hadess> www.xfree86.org/~keithp iirc
[14:29] <Uraeus> libkmid looks interesting, KDE oriented unfortunatly, but who now maybe the author could be convinced
[14:30] <Uraeus> hmm last update 29, jan 2000
[14:31] <Uraeus> http://www.ctrl-alt-del.com/keithp/linux/midiplay.html
[14:32] warre (ward at D5E00465.kabel.telenet.be) joined #gstreamer.
[14:33] <sienap> warre!
[14:33] <sienap> man guys help me where can i find libxml2 :) 
[14:34] <Uraeus> http://www.xmlsoft.org/
[14:35] <hadess> libkmid... what did you expect...
[14:37] warre (ward at D5E00465.kabel.telenet.be) left #gstreamer (Client Exiting).
[14:38] <sienap> he
[14:38] <Uraeus> hadess: to much? :)
[14:38] <sienap> rare maloot
[14:38] <sienap> :)
[14:39] <ajmitch> hi pplz, i'm back ;)
[14:39] <Uraeus> wtay: before I start a mailing campaing, what are our demands of a midi system?
[14:39] <Uraeus> hi ajmitch
[14:39] <wtay> Uraeus: no idea...
[14:39] <wtay> Uraeus: playback?
[14:39] <Uraeus> ajmitch: midi is your homefield right?
[14:39] <Uraeus> wtay: heh, ok that should be easy
[14:40] <Uraeus> do we need a midi sequencer?
[14:40] <Uraeus> or what exactly is a midi sequencer?
[14:40] <ajmitch> Uraeus: never used midi ;)
[14:41] Action: ajmitch suspects Uraeus is trying to volunteer people again...
[14:41] <Uraeus> me? never...
[14:41] <sienap> lol
[14:41] <wtay> I know nothing about midi
[14:41] <wtay> exept that it sounds horrible
[14:42] <ajmitch> wtay: only if done wrong ;)
[14:42] <wtay> right :)
[14:42] <sienap> there are some duke3d midi's that sounds cool :)
[14:42] <hadess> wtay: apt-get install timidity and install the xmms-midi plugin... it sounds great
[14:43] <ajmitch> hadess: depends on sound card, doesn't it?
[14:43] <hadess> ajmitch: no, timidity transforms the midi to proper audio using a bank of samples
[14:43] <hadess> ajmitch: like old Gravis soundcards used to do
[14:44] <ajmitch> ah, ok
[14:45] <sienap> libhistory.so.4   is needed by libxml2-2.3.8-3
[14:45] <sienap> libreadline.so.4   is needed by libxml2-2.3.8-3
[14:45] <sienap> ureaus any clue ?
[14:45] <Uraeus> hmm, there is quite a few GNOME based midi sequencers out there
[14:45] <hadess> there's no midi hardware on my machine, and it sounds damn good
[14:45] <ajmitch> i know that if you have a cheap sound card with midi hardware, then playing them using that hardware can sound crap
[14:45] <Uraeus> sienap: not really, try rpmfind.net
[14:46] <sienap> he will do
[14:46] <hadess> ajmitch: like the horrible sb16 :)
[14:46] <ajmitch> sienap: what distro do you run?
[14:46] <ajmitch> hadess: exactly like what i have ;)
[14:46] <hadess> ajmitch: you run debian ?
[14:47] <ajmitch> hadess: doesn't everyone?
[14:47] <sienap> ajmitch rh7
[14:47] <sienap> brb
[14:47] <hadess> ajmitch: seems not :P
[14:47] <ajmitch> lol
[14:47] <sienap> i am trying some xmms plugin that looks great :)
[14:47] <ajmitch> still haven't convinced poor Uraeus, either
[14:47] <hadess> ajmitch: apt-get install timidity if you have some bandwidth, and install the xmms-midi plugin, i have some midis on my website
[14:48] <sienap> http://paranormal.sourceforge.net/
[14:48] <ajmitch> hadess: just a min, am waiting for update to finish ;)
[14:48] <hadess> w00t !
[14:48] <hadess> looks like i want this plugin to replace g-force
[14:49] <sienap> hehehe
[14:49] <sienap> talk to the author
[14:49] <sienap> it has some great idea's
[14:49] <sienap> :)
[14:49] <sienap> we need an visual division :)
[14:50] <hadess> yep
[14:50] Action: Uraeus start making a shortlist of developers to try to recruit to the GStreamer midi-team
[14:52] <ajmitch> hmm, looks like some of the windows media player plugins
[14:52] Nick change: Uraeus -> Ura_shower
[14:52] <ajmitch> but better ;)]
[14:55] <hadess> looks like g-force
[14:55] <hadess> but it's written in a proper language: C
[14:57] <ajmitch> hadess: would you consider VB to be a proper language? ;)
[15:00] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) left irc: Read error to greg_[home.sente.pl]: EOF from client
[15:01] <steveb-away> Alan doesn't really say he wants midi support "They need to hurry - hardware vendors are busy dumping midi hardware support 8)
[15:01] <steveb-away> "
[15:01] Nick change: steveb-away -> steveb
[15:01] <hadess> ajmitch: _not_
[15:02] Action: ajmitch sees Uraeus has been spamming gnome-hackers again...
[15:02] <hadess> email sent to the developer, cc'ed gst-devel
[15:02] <hadess> dammit, it looks goddam good
[15:03] Action: hadess goes back to libglade
[15:03] <ajmitch> hehe ;)
[15:03] <wtay> anyone know how to query where an installed .deb packages came from?
[15:03] <hadess> what do you mean, where ?
[15:04] <wtay> hadess: I have a package installed (gtk-themes) but on my other debian I don't have it
[15:04] <wtay> s/debian/machine
[15:04] <wtay> now I wanted to see where I got the package from so I can install the same one on my other machine
[15:05] <hadess> wtay: look for it in you apt-get cache under /var/cache/apt
[15:05] <wtay> hadess: hehe, that one is cleaned allready :)
[15:06] <hadess> wtay: otherwise you can install gtk-engines-*
[15:06] <wtay> oh
[15:06] <hadess> wtay: gtk-engines probably comes from ximian
[15:06] <hadess> apt-cache search gtk | grep engine
[15:06] <hadess> yep, ximian
[15:06] <hadess> gtk-themes come from ximian even
[15:07] <wtay> ii  gtk-themes                 0.1a-helix1                A collection of GTK+ themes from gtk.themes.org
[15:07] <sienap> hmmmmmmmmm njUMMIEee ice cream :)
[15:07] <wtay> dpkg -l \*themes\*
[15:07] <ajmitch> sienap: hehe, i just finished off some icecream ;)
[15:07] <wtay> on the other machine: ii  gtk-themes                0.1-ximian.2              A collection of GTK+ themes from gtk.themes.org
[15:07] <sienap> hadess you go talking with this paranormal dude ?
[15:07] <sienap> go talk even
[15:08] <hadess> sienap: i already sent an email
[15:08] <sienap> what did you write ?
[15:08] <hadess> i cc'ed gst-devel
[15:09] <sienap> okie
[15:15] Nick change: Ura_shower -> Uraeus
[15:16] <sienap> aah blergh netscape mail is buging again
[15:16] <sienap> he shit happens
[15:17] <sienap> TOOOOOOO DEAD FOR MEEEEEEE too dead for ME!
[15:17] <steveb> Uraeus: still talking midi?
[15:18] <sienap> jep
[15:18] <sienap> alan cox wish is our command
[15:18] <sienap> or something
[15:18] <sienap> :)
[15:19] <hadess> good shit, gal is already using libglade
[15:20] <Uraeus> wtay: sander is giving me a hard time, I need a X plugin that doesn't need Xfree :)
[15:20] <wtay> doh, mad is *stupid*
[15:20] <wtay> Uraeus: ok, I'll look into it today
[15:20] <wtay> Uraeus: but I need help to test it
[15:20] <Uraeus> ok
[15:21] <sienap> uraeus sander ? 
[15:21] <steveb> well, these are the midi elements which would be nice midisrc (hardware), midiparse, midi2ctrl, ctrl2midi, midihardwaresink, midisoftsink
[15:21] <ajmitch> Uraeus: sounds like we have a volunteer...
[15:21] <sienap> steveb have fun hacking it :)
[15:21] <Uraeus> steveb: ok, I will make a 'wishlist' table for the roadmap and put those in
[15:22] <steveb> ahem, do you want dynamic params this century or what :p
[15:22] <ajmitch> hehe
[15:23] <sienap> btw wtay mrrazz had an working framebuffer plugin
[15:23] <sienap> but i need to get him back on track
[15:23] <sienap> :)
[15:24] <sienap> but he thinks working at their z80 emu is cool
[15:24] <sienap> need to talk that out of his head
[15:24] <sienap> *G*
[15:24] <ajmitch> sienap: what are you working on?
[15:24] Action: steveb is pillaging MS docs for ideas
[15:24] <steveb> http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?PP=/library/toc/psdk/graphics/graphics0-2-6-9-0.xml&tocPath=graphics0-2-6-9-0&URL=/library/psdk/directx/dx8_c/ds/MediaParams/ref_intro.htm
[15:24] <sienap> ajmitch doing really mothafucking nothing :)
[15:24] <sienap> kenneth asked me to do some stuff for nautilus-console view
[15:25] <sienap> i am busy getting the tests to compile
[15:25] <ajmitch> sienap: you gonna so a little bit of gstreamer hacking?
[15:25] <sienap> but i am having tests soon
[15:25] <ajmitch> s/so/do
[15:25] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) joined #gstreamer.
[15:25] <sienap> ajmitch in my BIG BIG BIG vacation maybe
[15:25] <sienap> :)
[15:25] <ajmitch> sienap: hehe, i got exams in a few weeks as well ;)
[15:25] <sienap> first 
[15:25] <ajmitch> sienap: how big?
[15:25] <sienap> hmm. . 2.5 months ? :)
[15:26] <ajmitch> sienap: not bad, i get 3 months at the end of the year, and 3.5 weeks after these exams coming up
[15:27] <ajmitch> actually looking at calendar i get between 3.5-4 months at the end of the year ;)
[15:27] <sienap> ha nice
[15:27] <sienap> aah blergh
[15:27] <sienap> :)
[15:27] <sienap> so what are u doing atm ?
[15:27] <sienap> *getting more ice brb*
[15:27] <ajmitch> at the moment, i am about to go to sleep...
[15:28] <hadess> hey steveb
[15:28] <ajmitch> but for gstreamer, i have be coerced by persons unnamed into working on some plugins that need a bit of TLC ;)
[15:28] <steveb> hadess: yo
[15:29] Nick change: hadess -> hds-shwer
[15:31] <Uraeus> wtay: think they need yout input on #gnome
[15:31] <wtay> Uraeus: what about?
[15:31] <Uraeus> cothreads
[15:32] <wtay> ok
[15:32] <ajmitch> Uraeus: want me to show my lack of knowledge on the subject? ;)
[15:32] <Uraeus> sure :)
[15:33] <ajmitch> Uraeus: only problem is that it's hard to show a lack of knowledge, cos i don't have anywhere to start spouting BS from ;)
[15:33] <Uraeus> hehe
[15:34] <Uraeus> that is why I stay out of the debate and leave it to omega and wtay
[15:34] <ajmitch> yeah
[15:34] <ajmitch> that's why i stay out of most debates
[15:35] <ajmitch> oh, and also to avoid being volunteered ;)
[15:35] <Uraeus> ajmitch: you should now me so well by now that you realise keeping silent will not save you from being volunteered :)
[15:36] Action: ajmitch keeps silent
[15:36] <ajmitch> yes, i recall yesterday you tried to volunteer me for something merely becasue i didn't reply ;)
[15:36] <Uraeus> hehe, license debate on top of it all in #gnome :)
[15:37] <Uraeus> ajmitch: of course, keeping silent is the same as agreeing; that people didn't realise that is what caused so much of the WW2 tragedy
[15:40] <ajmitch> Uraeus: i suppose you take people's silence when they are asleep/away as agreement too? ;)
[15:43] <Uraeus> ajmitch: the is no excuse for the lack of vigilance
[15:44] <Uraeus> wtay: seems we have an ally in DV
[15:44] Nick change: hds-shwer -> hadess
[15:44] <wtay> now, we need to wait for the pthreads library to be fixed...
[15:45] <sienap> they really want to have gstreamer and pthreated fallback
[15:45] <Uraeus> <g>
[15:45] <sienap> why ?
[15:47] <sienap> wtay ?
[15:47] <wtay> yes?
[15:47] Action: ajmitch sleeps now
[15:48] <ajmitch> Uraeus: sienap has been appointed the person to volunteer for work
[15:48] <wtay> sienap: 'cause they don't think cothreads work on all libc/arch/OS flavours
[15:48] <sienap>   and is that true ?
[15:48] <sienap> btw cothreads is the thingy erik made himself huh ?
[15:49] <Uraeus> sienap: welcome to the GStreamer midi team !
[15:49] <sienap> ehm
[15:49] <sienap> ?
[15:49] <sienap> :)
[15:49] <sienap> i know shit about midi
[15:49] <sienap> and it isn't the most easy format to implent using gstreamer..
[15:49] <sienap> you bASTARDS!
[15:50] <Uraeus> siejnap: what a great learning experience then :)
[15:50] <sienap> hehe
[15:50] Nick change: ajmitch -> ajzzzz
[15:50] <sienap> wtay
[15:50] <wtay> sienap: possibly true, although I think we need a more pragmatic aproach until a 'real' implementation is finished
[15:50] <ajzzzz> sienap: have fun ;)
[15:50] <sienap> wtay say something!
[15:50] <sienap> they are bulling meeeeeeeeeeeee *Sniff sniff* :)
[15:50] <wtay> ajzzzz: cya
[15:50] <sienap> bye ajzzzzzz
[15:50] <ajzzzz> don't worry, i'll be back in a few hours ;)
[15:50] Action: ajzzzz sleeps
[15:51] <wtay> sienap: I'm glad we finally have a volunteer for midi :)
[15:51] <sienap> aaah :)
[15:51] Action: sienap searches an working midi player
[15:51] <sienap> anyone a suggestion
[15:51] <sienap> ?
[15:52] <Uraeus> http://www.ctrl-alt-del.com/keithp/linux/midiplay.html
[15:52] <Uraeus> sienap: think that one should be usable
[15:53] <sienap> ureaus plays good as well ?
[15:53] <Uraeus> don't know, but Keith usually makes good stuff
[15:53] <sienap> ahaha
[15:53] <sienap> 19mb
[15:53] <sienap> ok have some other player as well ?
[15:53] <sienap> :)
[15:54] <Uraeus>  http://www.bright.net/~dlphilp/linuxsound/midi.html
[15:55] <sienap> hej uraeus i just need 1
[15:55] <sienap> not 200
[15:55] <sienap> i real simple but good quality player
[15:55] <sienap> is all i need
[15:55] <sienap> :)
[15:55] <Uraeus> sienap: you are probably better than I at discerning which of those is good and which is crud
[15:56] <sienap> he
[15:57] <Uraeus> hey, more mail from Alan on GStreamer :)
[15:57] <sienap> tell tell
[15:58] <Uraeus> he want a security audit
[15:58] <Uraeus> and he think pthreads suck
[15:58] <sienap> he
[15:58] <sienap> nice
[15:58] <sienap> the last thing that is
[15:59] <Uraeus> ugh, is a audit like that a big job?
[15:59] <Uraeus> wtay?
[16:02] <Uraeus> steveb?
[16:02] <sienap> wtay i need some help fro myou
[16:02] <wtay> ?
[16:02] <sienap> wtay ehm the audio from the midi player
[16:02] <steveb> Uraeus: ja?
[16:02] <sienap> where it goes too ? just the opl3 hardware i guess huh ?
[16:03] <wtay> sienap: depends
[16:03] <Uraeus> steveb: how hard is it to do a security audit like Alan asks for?
[16:03] <sienap> wtay on what ?
[16:03] <wtay> sienap: if you use HW midi or SW rendereing
[16:03] <sienap> hmm
[16:03] <sienap> blergh
[16:03] <sienap> :)
[16:03] <wtay> gstreamer needs both
[16:03] <sienap> yeah i already guessed that
[16:03] <sienap> i think i can do the HW midi part
[16:03] <wtay> I looked at timidity once and decided it sucks
[16:03] <steveb> Uraeus: dunno, wouldn't be hard - just boring
[16:04] <sienap> i now use the standard playmidi thingy
[16:04] <sienap> [root at Oegaah midi]# playmidi 233c.mid 
[16:04] <sienap> Playmidi 2.4 Copyright (C) 1994-1997 Nathan I. Laredo, AWE32 by Takashi Iwai
[16:04] <sienap> This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
[16:04] <sienap> For details please see the file COPYING.
[16:04] <sienap> i think it is good anough
[16:04] <hadess> does it use the midi hardware or sound banks ?
[16:04] <steveb> shouldn't we be looking for a good midi parsing library which works on data instead of file names/handles?
[16:05] <sienap> hadess not sure ..
[16:05] <sienap> Playmidi is a midi file player that will playback to FM, GUS,
[16:05] <sienap> and external MIDI.  It also supports Creative Music Files (CMF) and
[16:05] <sienap> Microsoft RIFF (RMI) files and large midi archives from games such
[16:05] <sienap> as Ultima 7.
[16:05] <wtay> getting gstreamer ply midi is not good enough IMO
[16:05] <hadess> hmm does both
[16:06] <sienap> hej wtay you knew you weren't going to expect that much from me
[16:06] <steveb> wtay: good enough for GNOME2.0 though
[16:06] <wtay> you need to intergrate with gstreamer...
[16:06] <wtay> like a midisink etc...
[16:06] <wtay> not sure how that goes
[16:06] <sienap> steveb why you don't start making an midi thing..
[16:06] <sienap> i can't :)
[16:06] <sienap> i can make a simple one
[16:06] <sienap> but wtay wants to muchhhhh! :)
[16:07] <steveb> bare minimum elements would be midiparse and midisink (to whatever crud hardware user has)
[16:07] <wtay> I want to do -launch disksrc location=some.mid ! mididecoder ! lame ! disksink...
[16:07] <sienap> steveb start hacking on it! 
[16:07] <Uraeus> steveb: what is midi2ctrl
[16:07] <Uraeus> ?
[16:08] <steveb> ctrl would be gstreamer's internal control stream type (which doesn't exist yet)
[16:08] <steveb> the control streams will be able to feed into the dynparms api
[16:10] <steveb> wtay: how about -launch disksrc ! midiparse ! midirender ! audiofoo ! lame ! disksink
[16:11] <wtay> steveb: ok for me too :)
[16:11] <steveb> wtay: but most common usage would probably be -launch disksrc ! midiparse ! midisink
[16:11] <wtay> ok
[16:11] <wtay> what's audiofoo?
[16:11] <wtay> some filter?
[16:11] <steveb> whatever you want it to be :)
[16:12] <wtay> midirender does midi->audio/raw?
[16:12] <steveb> yes
[16:12] <wtay> cool
[16:12] <wtay> perfect
[16:12] <wtay> midisink is oss based?
[16:12] <steveb> so we need to break this down.  a good lib for midi parsing, a lib for midi soft synth and a lib for midi output
[16:12] <wtay> what does a midi parser do?
[16:13] <Uraeus> ok, steveb midi suggestions are now added to the roadmap
[16:13] <steveb> bytestream -> midi type
[16:13] <wtay> but that's just another bytestream then?
[16:13] <Uraeus> there is a new field at the bottom which you will see called wishlist plugins
[16:13] <steveb> Uraeus: you better not have put me as the maintainer
[16:14] Action: steveb points threateningly
[16:14] <Uraeus> steveb: currently no mainteiner that is why they are called wishlist not incomming, but if you are sienap claims it I would be a happy camper
[16:14] <Uraeus> s/you are sienap/you or sienap/
[16:14] <Uraeus> http://www.linuxrising.com/files/gstreroadmap2.html
[16:15] <steveb> wtay: what does mpeg1parse do?
[16:16] <wtay> steveb: split the mpeg stream into audio and video
[16:16] <sienap> Uraeus i don't understand shit of this kind of stuff
[16:16] <sienap> ain't going to work for sure
[16:16] <steveb> wtay: ah
[16:16] <Uraeus> sienap; ok, I assign you just to the two midisinks and sources then not the controler stuff
[16:16] <Uraeus> err converter stuff
[16:17] <steveb> wtay: does it make sense to have a buffer full of midi data structs?
[16:17] <wtay> steveb: eek
[16:18] <sienap> uraues man fuck off!
[16:18] <steveb> i'll take that as a no
[16:18] Action: sienap kicks uraeus in the nuts
[16:18] Action: Uraeus crawls out the door
[16:18] <wtay> steveb: midi data structs?
[16:19] <wtay> Uraeus: you can colour mpegaudio green
[16:19] <sienap> hej there is one plugin gone from the incuming list
[16:19] <sienap> just don't know which one
[16:19] <sienap> :)
[16:19] <steveb> yeah, a stream that doesn't need to be parsed by each element and can be manipulated directly
[16:19] <Uraeus> sienap: SDL
[16:19] <sienap> i am sure that there were 3 items there
[16:19] <sienap> aah ic
[16:19] <sienap> SDL is in
[16:20] <sienap> and about the 3ivx thingies..
[16:21] <sienap> they are doing gstreamer stuff since when ?
[16:21] <Uraeus> since around a month ago I think
[16:22] <sienap> details: ?
[16:22] <sienap> what is their url ?
[16:23] <Uraeus> sienap: well one of their developers came here and said he was making some stuff for us
[16:23] <wtay> Uraeus: hmm, xvideosink has all offending XFree code commented out...
[16:23] <sienap> ureaus aah..
[16:23] <sienap> any contact with thim ?
[16:23] <sienap> them ?
[16:24] <Uraeus> wtay: isn't it better to have two sinks then, 1 XFree and one plain X?
[16:24] <Uraeus> sienap: http://www.3ivx.com/
[16:24] <wtay> Uraeus: this *is* plain X!
[16:24] <steveb> wtay: or we could just create a control type which is a superset of midi - it would contain timed discrete events and continious data
[16:24] <Uraeus> wtay: yes, but wasn't there reason for the XFree stuff performance gains compared to plain X?
[16:25] <wtay> Uraeus: all XFree specific code is ifdefed out
[16:25] <Uraeus> sienap: think omega is the one who has talked the most to them when here (in #gstreamer)
[16:25] <Uraeus> wtay: thanks
[16:25] <sienap> hmm aah
[16:26] <wtay> Uraeus: any idea why it didn't work then?
[16:26] <sienap> btw isn't it bad that a LOT of plugins depend on other stuff ?
[16:26] <Uraeus> wtay: what didn't work?
[16:26] <wtay> Uraeus: xvideosink on sparc?
[16:26] <Uraeus> wtay: sorry now I a getting confused
[16:26] <Uraeus> wtay: you mean there never was XFree specific stuff in the X sink?
[16:26] <wtay> yes
[16:27] <Uraeus> no don't remember the specific, errors but I will get gman to mail them to us on monday
[16:27] Nick change: steveb -> steveb-brb
[16:27] <wtay> Uraeus: ok
[16:28] <Uraeus> wtay: think the reason we thought it was XFree was because it asked for something we thought was Xfree specific
[16:28] <wtay> Uraeus: If he can give a bit more specific info about what goes wrong
[16:29] <Uraeus> ok
[16:30] <sienap> btw will they also do an 3ivx plugin for gstreamer ?
[16:31] <wtay> yes
[16:32] <sienap> i hope with less as possible depencies
[16:32] <sienap> because a lot of deps SUCK
[16:32] <sienap> :)
[16:33] <Uraeus> sienap: http://www.go4host.com/htdocs/dcforum/DCForumID10/2.html#1
[16:35] <wtay> sienap: no it doesn't, it means we don't reinvent a lot of stuff
[16:36] <Uraeus> wtay: true but the best solution is when the lib authors move their code fully to GStreamer plugins :)
[16:36] <sienap> btw what the heck is this sucky sorensor format?
[16:36] <sienap> wtay good point
[16:36] <sienap> but having it all working out of the box would be nice as well
[16:36] <Uraeus> sienap: it is a codec which Sorenson owns and Apple license, which allmost all Quicktime movies use
[16:36] <wtay> Uraeus: even then, we can't expect gstreamer to be the only media framework in the world
[16:37] <Uraeus> huh?
[16:37] <Uraeus> <g>
[16:37] <sienap> uraeus it is ugle! :)
[16:37] <sienap> ugly that is
[16:37] <Uraeus> wtay: you mean there will be a distant number two also :)
[16:38] <wtay> Uraeus: like a colorspace converter...
[16:38] <wtay> there is a need for that outside gstreamer too
[16:38] <wtay> so a library makes sense
[16:38] Action: Uraeus nods
[16:39] <wtay> and as long as xmms is around I prefer vorbis as a library
[16:39] Action: wtay tries to fix the vorbis encoder
[16:40] Action: Uraeus wished the XMMS guys decided to make XMMS a GStreamer frontend
[16:41] <wtay> and OMS and xine and vlc and... and...
[16:41] <Uraeus> hey, we already have OMS :)
[16:41] <wtay> still uses it own core on my machine.. <g>
[16:41] <Uraeus> but XMMS is much more important since they are the most used app
[16:41] <wtay> yes
[16:42] <Uraeus> wtay: that is taaz's fault not mine :)
[16:42] <wtay> and the xmms guys do NOT want to hear about gstreamer
[16:42] <Uraeus> wtay: what about crocodille, he was in here 
[16:43] <wtay> hit him with a cluestick when you see him..
[16:44] <wtay> and njaard too
[16:45] <wtay> we just need to prove we are better, and I intend to do just that. not with words but with deeds
[16:45] <sienap> aah now i remember something..
[16:45] <sienap> mrrazz promised to make an spectrum anilisator for me so i can port my xmms plugins
[16:45] <sienap> :)
[16:47] <Uraeus> wtay: don't think there exists a cluestick big enough in this world to have any impact on njaard :)
[16:47] <wtay> I would suggest a baseball bat :)
[16:47] <sienap> he maybe we can try to cluefy the moon 
[16:47] <wtay> carefully aim at the head...
[16:48] <sienap> i really think we should try the moon
[16:48] <sienap> :)
[16:48] <sienap> and make it fall on hem
[16:48] <Uraeus> <g>
[16:48] <sienap> with some kind of MOON COME TO EARTH device
[16:48] <sienap> then we can cluefy half a continent at once!!
[16:48] <sienap> but uraeus why ?
[16:48] Nick change: steveb-brb -> steveb
[16:49] <Uraeus> sienap: here is why your moon theory will not work :http://cgi.dnai.com/~fillmore/cgi-bin/sviewer.pl?selectdate=5/13/01
[16:51] <sienap> aah man they are wrong
[16:51] <sienap> it WILL work :)
[16:52] <sienap> btw before i am mistaken njaard is one of the xmms dogs huh ? :)
[16:52] <Uraeus> sienap: no he is a KDE dude
[16:52] <Uraeus> sienap: that fish is Njaard
[16:53] <Uraeus> sienap: he came here telling us how much gstreamer sucks and arts rule
[16:53] <sienap> ooh
[16:53] <sienap> now i remember
[16:53] <sienap> :)
[16:53] <hadess> oh, the kid that wants to take over the world ?
[16:53] <sienap> what were his arguments ?
[16:53] <sienap> *pinky and the brain*
[16:53] <Uraeus> sienap: everything starting with 'g' sucks
[16:54] <Uraeus> sienap: C sucks
[16:54] <Uraeus> sienap: we suck
[16:54] <sienap> aah the dirty  racist :) (gay) >:)
[16:54] <wtay> "you have no right to talk to me"
[16:54] <sienap> "all your mind are belong to me"
[16:55] <Uraeus> 2.
[16:55] <sienap> hmm uraeus that url.. is a good point.. but also an solution
[16:56] <sienap> :)
[16:56] <Uraeus> we should post it to the GStreamer homepage saying that this is why all GStreamer naysaysers where a helmet
[16:57] <sienap> wtay do xmms vis plugins work ?
[16:57] <Uraeus> s/where/wear/
[16:57] <Uraeus> sienap: I am listening to your kind of music now :)
[16:57] <sienap> uraeus see you'll learn =]
[16:57] <Uraeus> sienap: Daft punk
[16:58] <sienap> cob is not the only thing i listen btw
[16:58] <sienap> daft punk
[16:58] <sienap> wtf ? 
[16:58] <sienap> :)
[16:58] <Uraeus> sienap: I would think that Daft Punk was right down your alley
[16:58] <wtay> sienap: no idea xmms vis plugins work, I think so...
[16:58] <sienap> hej wtay do you emulate that data[0or1][i] array from xmms to read the audio stuff ?
[16:58] <wtay> no, ceratianly not
[16:59] <sienap> uraeus get a life..
[16:59] <sienap> wtay ok then vis plugins won't work :)
[16:59] <sienap> i need something like that so i can port some vis plugins of my own
[16:59] <wtay> I guess not :)
[16:59] <Uraeus> sienap: from where? :)
[16:59] <sienap> uraeus he.. but ehm that horse girl.. how is it going with you two ?
[16:59] <wtay> sienap: will try to add it soon
[16:59] <sienap> wtay also as an gstreamer plugin please
[16:59] <sienap> :)
[17:00] <sienap> razz promised me to make such an thing
[17:00] <sienap> but since he is busy with this sucky z80 thingy
[17:00] <wtay> sienap: input and effect plugins are supported for now
[17:00] <sienap> *he*
[17:00] <Uraeus> sienap: well not so good, but I am trying to get a date with a girl who is a friend of my little sister :)
[17:00] <sienap> uraeus and how little is this girl ?
[17:00] <sienap> compared to you
[17:00] <Uraeus> 20
[17:00] <Uraeus> I am 27
[17:00] <sienap> ohh bad uraeus :)
[17:00] <sienap> taking it from the younger site huh
[17:01] <Uraeus> hehe
[17:01] <sienap> when they are still nice and tight.. (ducks)
[17:01] <wtay> Uraeus: well, you are not old enough to be her father, which is good I suppose :)
[17:01] <sienap> Childeren of Bodom - Black Widow is cute :)
[17:01] <sienap> wtay he =]
[17:01] <Uraeus> wtay: ok, starting at 7 is kinda early I think :)
[17:02] <Uraeus> sienap: what a dirty mind you have 
[17:02] <wtay> somewhat, yes...
[17:02] <sienap> a friend of my gf is going with a guy that is 30 or something really sick
[17:02] <sienap> like in 15 and 30..
[17:02] <Uraeus> sienap: that is kinda extreme
[17:02] <sienap> uraues and you don't know even the half of me >:)
[17:02] <sienap> uraeus sick extreme
[17:03] Action: hadess forgot Uraeus was an old man
[17:03] <sienap> as far as i heard off she is always babbling about how that dude can hold his cum for 2.5 hours and stuff
[17:03] <sienap> however..
[17:03] Action: Uraeus kicks hadess hard
[17:03] <wtay> hadess: shut up, I'm even older
[17:03] <sienap> i think that is the only thing that hold them together :)
[17:03] <hadess> wtay: hehe
[17:03] <hadess> wtay: i know
[17:03] <wtay> hadess: :)
[17:03] <sienap> wtay old man!
[17:03] <sienap> wtay how old are u ?
[17:03] <wtay> 28
[17:04] <sienap> dude..
[17:04] <sienap> you are way old :)
[17:04] <wtay> getting 29 in a month
[17:04] <Uraeus> sienap: be silent we thy elders speak!
[17:04] <sienap> man 11 years older then i am
[17:04] <sienap> :)
[17:04] <sienap> so wtay already thinking about childeren and stuff ? <ducks>
[17:05] <wtay> sienap: yeah, we decided not to have any :)
[17:05] <hadess> wtay: not until gst hits 1.0 :P
[17:05] <sienap> hehe happily
[17:05] <sienap> wtay i could guess that anyway :)
[17:05] <sienap> as far as i know you
[17:06] <sienap> can't even stand adult.. how you can stand childeren then!
[17:06] <Uraeus> with you as an example of a child sienap can you blame him ? :)
[17:06] <sienap> he
[17:06] <sienap> *getting something to eat*
[17:07] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) left irc: [x]chat
[17:08] <hadess> "Don't you know I'm loco ?"
[17:09] <wtay> o/~ ?
[17:09] <hadess> Cypress Hill.. Insane in the Brain
[17:10] <hadess> i love to listen to this song when i code some mad stuff
[17:11] <wtay> hmm ogg123 doesn't play an ogg while gstreamer does....
[17:11] <hadess> header problem ?
[17:11] <wtay> no idea...
[17:11] <wtay>  ./gstreamer-launch cdparanoia ! vorbisenc ! disksink location=somefile.ogg
[17:11] <wtay> vorbisdec: Track encoded by GStreamer:vorbisenc
[17:11] <sienap> hadess what are u coding ?
[17:12] <hadess> sienap: rhythmbox
[17:12] <hadess> just moved it to libglade
[17:12] <hadess> wtay: and what else it says ?
[17:13] <sienap> hadess :)
[17:13] <sienap> libglade supports gal ?
[17:13] <hadess> wtay: outputting crap or not playing at all ?
[17:13] <hadess> sienap: gal uses libglade
[17:13] <wtay> not playing at all, non of my ogg files do with ogg123 :(
[17:14] <hadess> wtay: same version of the player, right libs ?
[17:14] <sienap> i am going to fly with sdl i think
[17:14] <sienap> :)
[17:15] <wtay> hadess: yup
[17:15] <wtay> strange
[17:16] <sienap> he sdl1.2.0 is out ?
[17:16] <sienap> backwards compatible with late 1.1 ?
[17:16] <hadess> about a month ago...
[17:17] <sienap> DAMN
[17:17] <sienap> :)
[17:18] <sienap> hmm
[17:18] <sienap> 7 empty botles..
[17:18] <sienap> maybe i have to clean up every 2 days..
[17:20] <Uraeus> cool, it seems there is a Mandrake hacker worker who plans on putting a lot of time into Nautilus
[17:20] <sienap> Yeah!
[17:20] <sienap> way to go
[17:20] <Uraeus> Yoann Vandoorselaere
[17:21] <Uraeus> is his name
[17:21] <sienap> nautilus is way cool stuff
[17:21] <hadess> Uraeus: yeah, aka shitowax
[17:21] <Uraeus> hadess: is he a good coder?
[17:21] <hadess> Uraeus: he's the oms guy that came here a couple of days ago
[17:22] Action: Uraeus remembers now
[17:22] <sienap> wonders why people like listening music
[17:23] <hadess> check the gst archives
[17:23] <sienap> hmm 9 bottles
[17:23] <sienap> i miscounted
[17:40] <Uraeus> wtay: does Alan's coroutine subsystem suggestion have any validity?
[17:41] <wtay> sure, they are way faster then pthreads
[17:42] <sienap> coroutine ? 
[17:42] <Uraeus> wtay: but slower than cothreads?
[17:42] <wtay> aka cothread
[17:42] <wtay> Uraeus: err?
[17:43] <sienap> hehe
[17:43] <Uraeus> so he says what we are doing is the right thing?
[17:43] <wtay> yes
[17:43] <Uraeus> cool
[17:43] <sienap> he cool stuff
[17:43] <wtay> he wanted to add some more comments to the clain that cothreads are faster
[17:43] <wtay> s/clain/claim
[17:45] <sienap> hmm how difficult is adding just an fallback ?
[17:45] <Uraeus> sienap: Sander didn't think a fallback was good enough
[17:45] <sienap> fallback on prutreads that is ?
[17:45] <sienap> uraeus why he did ?
[17:45] <sienap> i mean come an do we need to head shot the guy ?
[17:46] <Uraeus> sienap: he was only satisfied if pthreads was the main implementation and cothreads was the fallback
[17:46] <wtay> I don't like the pthreads fallback either
[17:46] <sienap> uraeus cothreads fallback ?
[17:46] <sienap> i mean if cothreads is the fallback then just remove it
[17:46] <sienap> since there will never be an senerio that you'll have to fall back on cothreads
[17:46] <wtay> cothreads should go in
[17:46] <sienap> indeed
[17:47] <sienap> to the hell with pthreads
[17:47] <wtay> if he finds an arch where it fails, we need to fix it, not fallback to something else
[17:47] <sienap> and if sander doesn't think so we just remove the guy :)
[17:47] <wtay> sienap: do you actually know what you are talking about?
[17:47] <sienap> wtay i like your spirit :)
[17:47] <sienap> wtay no :)
[17:47] <Uraeus> hey, I am not the enemy here I am just trying to repeat Sanders argument
[17:47] <sienap> uraeus i know :)
[17:48] <sienap> wtay is that wrong ? :)
[17:48] Action: sienap hides somewhere
[17:48] <wtay> sienap: we *need* pthreads!
[17:48] <wtay> *and* cothreads
[17:49] <sienap> ooh
[17:49] <sienap> :)
[17:49] <hadess> cothreads don't work right in a gui like it gtk
[17:49] <hadess> like in gtk even
[17:49] <Uraeus> I think that if we can get enough people to test it so we can produce statics showing this isn't a problem we will have 'won' the argument
[17:49] <wtay> hadess: uh?
[17:50] <sienap> uraeus i can test on sparc systems and hp 9000/832
[17:50] <sienap> but that is obsolete anyway
[17:50] <sienap> :)
[17:50] <wtay> I can test op SPARC too
[17:50] <sienap> op nogwel
[17:50] <sienap> :)
[17:50] <wtay> doh
[17:50] <Uraeus> sienap: I think what we should do is set up a separate mailinglist, and ask be to mail failures/successes with cothreads there
[17:51] <wtay> Uraeus: omega was going to make a little testsuite for it
[17:51] <Uraeus> wtay: can we make a testsuite to show that we compile and run on 
[17:51] <Uraeus> 'all'supported systems?
[17:51] <wtay> Uraeus: yes
[17:52] <wtay> Uraeus: the testsuite, that is. We'll have to wait for the results :)
[17:52] <Uraeus> aha :)
[17:52] <sienap> what systems won't support cothreads anyway ?
[17:53] <wtay> theoretically none
[17:53] <sienap> then what is his complainment
[17:53] <sienap> ?
[17:53] <wtay> sienap: he doesn't trust it, that's all
[17:54] <wtay> he needs proof that it runs
[17:54] <wtay> which is a good idea
[17:55] <Uraeus> sienap: what we now need is for you to do a audit of GStreamer for us
[17:56] <hadess> ooh, i just received an email from a walk500 user that says he enjoys it :)
[17:56] <Uraeus> hadess: all the others has said they hated it?
[17:56] <sienap> wtay is current cvs working well
[17:56] <sienap> i  think i can get mrrazz back at hacking right now
[17:56] <sienap> he is bored
[17:56] <sienap> :)
[17:57] <Uraeus> sienap: get him to do a security audit as well :)
[17:57] <wtay> sienap: Uraeus is talking about a formal security audit <g>
[17:58] <hadess> Uraeus: no, but it's nice receiving emails from ppl that use your software
[17:58] <Uraeus> hadess: I know, I love it when people mail me about my articles and interviews :)
[17:59] <sienap> wtay he
[18:00] <Uraeus> auditing GStreamer would be going through the code in a systematic way looking for possible security holes right?
[18:00] <Uraeus> is that something which follows some ISO guidelines or something?
[18:00] <hadess> we need an openbsd security nazi
[18:01] <sienap> haha
[18:01] <Uraeus> hehe, sander asked that we mail a openbsd list asking them to test GStreamer and cothreads, maybe we find one there :)
[18:01] <hadess> Uraeus: no, that's just a security audit...
[18:02] <wtay> Alan is just testing us...
[18:02] <sienap> hadess having openbsd people doing an security audit is the same as rewriting gstreamer to run in an sandbox
[18:04] <sienap> hmm wtay is the current cvs buggy Or N0t!?
[18:04] <wtay> sienap: depends on what you call buggy
[18:05] <wtay> some things work, others don't
[18:06] <Uraeus> sienap: look at the roadmap to see current situation :)
[18:07] <Uraeus> wtay: I think what sienap is asking is how easy it will be for mrazz to download gstreamer and fix the FLI plugin
[18:07] <sienap> he that bad
[18:07] <wtay> Uraeus: impossible
[18:07] <sienap> and the fb / xmp / midi plugin
[18:07] <sienap> he ok..
[18:07] <wtay> Uraeus: capsnego needs fixing, which is a core issue
[18:07] <sienap> wtay please do so
[18:07] <sienap> :)
[18:08] <sienap> when will capsnego be fixed
[18:08] <wtay> I can't, omega/matth need to help me
[18:08] <sienap> he
[18:08] <sienap> fucked
[18:08] <wtay> It's above my abilities, I'm sorry
[18:08] <steveb> wtay: where is capsnego failing?
[18:09] <steveb> which cases rather
[18:09] <wtay> steveb: in the proxy case, when a queue is between flxdec and videosink
[18:09] dobey (dobey at ip214.bedford2.ma.pub-ip.psi.net) joined #gstreamer.
[18:09] <sienap> wtay above your abilities ? i though they were endless..
[18:09] <sienap> dboey!
[18:10] <Uraeus> hi dobey
[18:10] <dobey> eek, my bx script sucks, because %- sucks
[18:10] <dobey> hey uraeus
[18:10] <steveb> wtay: i had a problem with proxying in intfloatconvert too.  was going to try again at some point to get it to work
[18:10] <Uraeus> dobey: I could need some supportive mails from you on gnome-hackers :)
[18:11] <wtay> steveb: in CVS?
[18:12] <steveb> wtay: I backed out the proxying - current caps triggering is a hack.
[18:12] <steveb> The case i want to proxy is when there is only 1 or 2 props to proxy - every other prop (even the type) is different
[18:13] <steveb> so in this case i am converting int to float and i want to proxy the sample rate property
[18:13] <wtay> hmm
[18:14] <steveb> seewhatimean?
[18:14] <wtay> yes, I see
[18:17] <dobey> holy shit, where did all my swap just go?
[18:18] <Uraeus> dobey: see the README 
[18:18] <Uraeus> dobey: you need to patch you system
[18:18] <dobey> Uraeus: this was for make maintainer-clean, not automake
[18:19] <Uraeus> ok, sorry
[18:19] Action: dobey smacks gstreamer's autoconf setup
[18:21] Action: sienap takes dobey raw in the arse
[18:21] <sienap> happy now ? *G*
[18:25] <sienap> ehm ? /usr/src/SDL-1.2.0/src/video/aalib
[18:26] <Uraeus> yes, there is aalib supprot in SDL too
[18:26] <dobey> sigh
[18:26] <sienap> supprot nogwel
[18:26] <sienap> verry cute :)
[18:29] <sienap> let's compile / play with it 
[18:29] <sienap> :)
[18:29] <sienap> hmm can you do pallette sets with sdl ?
[18:37] Action: wtay is going to take a bath
[18:39] <sienap> wtay alone
[18:39] <sienap> or.. with maYam?  :)
[18:40] <sienap> ok alone .. how boring
[18:43] Action: hadess is adding pthreads all over
[18:48] <sienap> hadess where ?
[18:48] <hadess> still the same
[18:49] <sienap> and where was that ?
[18:49] <hadess> scroll bacl
[18:49] <hadess> s/bacl/back/
[18:51] <Uraeus> hadess: I get some errors trying to compile paranormal: paranormal.c: In function `blit_to_screen':
[18:51] <sienap> hadess can't find however then you don't tell ok with me :)
[18:51] <Uraeus> hadess: any suggestions?
[18:51] <hadess> Uraeus: didn't try it
[18:51] <sienap> it works for me
[18:51] <sienap> can you paste the errors ur at eus ?
[18:52] <Uraeus> paranormal.c: In function `blit_to_screen':
[18:52] <Uraeus> paranormal.c:44: warning: implicit declaration of function `memcpy'
[18:52] <Uraeus> paranormal.c: In function `toggle_fullscreen':
[18:52] <Uraeus> paranormal.c:96: `SDL_DISABLE' undeclared (first use in this function
[18:52] <Uraeus> paranormal.c:96: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
[18:52] <Uraeus> paranormal.c:96: for each function it appears in.)
[18:53] <sienap> think you need a newer SDL
[18:54] <sienap> or older >:)
[18:54] <Uraeus> 1.1.7?
[18:57] <Uraeus> sienap: which version are you running?
[18:57] <sienap> 1.2.0
[18:57] <sienap> right now
[18:57] <sienap> but i compiled the plugin with 1.1.8
[18:58] <sienap> will try with 1.2.0 as well one min
[18:59] <sienap> aah cool i can set palletes with sdl
[19:00] Action: Uraeus is downloading 1.1.8.src.rpm
[19:02] <sienap> ehm
[19:02] <sienap> just  take 1.2.0 dude
[19:02] <sienap> jep it compiles against 1.2.0
[19:02] <sienap> it is a stable release as well
[19:05] Parapraxi (Spluzz at user-2ivedos.dialup.mindspring.com) joined #gstreamer.
[19:05] <sienap> hej parapraxi
[19:06] <Parapraxi> hi
[19:06] <hadess> hey Parapraxi
[19:06] <hadess> we were talking about your plugin :)
[19:06] <Parapraxi> ;)
[19:06] Action: hadess pokes wtay
[19:06] <Parapraxi> Well, I'd be glad to port it
[19:07] <sienap> ooh he is the paranormal dude
[19:07] <hadess> i'm poking the master es video this side of the desktop environment
[19:07] <sienap> parapraxi great stuff!
[19:07] <Parapraxi> why thank you :)
[19:07] <sienap> your plugin is great
[19:07] <sienap> however i have not managed to make such visuals as screenshotted on your site yet..
[19:08] <sienap> maybe add some default cool settings with it :)
[19:08] <Parapraxi> If anyone's interested in contributing effects, I'm writing a howto for it
[19:08] <hadess> Parapraxi: you know about g-force ?
[19:08] <Parapraxi> hadess: yup
[19:08] <sienap> parapraxi well i was just playing with sdl again so maybe i can come up with some simple stuff
[19:08] <sienap> *don't expect too much for me* but i think i can manage to make an plasma effect or something
[19:08] <sienap> that is pretty easy
[19:09] <hadess> Parapraxi: i was planning on using that for my iTunes clone, but the main problem is... it's written in C++, and not that free
[19:09] <Parapraxi> sienap: actually, you don't need to do anything w/ sdl
[19:09] <Parapraxi> hadess: what do you mean not that free?
[19:10] <Parapraxi> sienap: I'll put some preset files up on the site later ;)
[19:10] <sienap> parapraxi then what do i need to know ?
[19:10] <hadess> Parapraxi: the license of g-force is very fuzzy, i don't know if i could actually include it with GPL code
[19:10] <Parapraxi> hadess: ah, I thought you meant your iTunes clone
[19:11] <hadess> Parapraxi: no, the itunes clone is 100% GPL
[19:11] <hadess> and written in C :)
[19:11] <sienap> a propper language >:)
[19:11] <sienap> so parapraxi tell me 
[19:11] <sienap> how to make effects ?
[19:12] <Parapraxi> sienap: if you're interested you can go look at freq.c (that has the simplest actuator... the 1st one I made called 'freq_dots')
[19:12] <Parapraxi> sienap: and look in builtins.c, which just has a big list of the builtin effects basically
[19:12] <hadess> Parapraxi: do you understand the concept of gstreamer and how paranormal would fit in that ?
[19:13] <Parapraxi> hadess: I was just reading the site, but not completely
[19:13] <sienap> parapraxi i can do color settings and stuff with it as well ?
[19:13] <sienap> aah i take a look
[19:13] <sienap> think that is more easy :)
[19:14] <hadess> Parapraxi: in a nutshell, it is unix pipes applied to audio and video
[19:14] <Parapraxi> ok
[19:14] <Uraeus> Parapraxi: I am trying to compile paranormal, what SDL version do I need?  1.1.7 doesn't seem to work
[19:15] <sienap> uraeus just install 1.2.0
[19:15] <sienap> :)
[19:15] <Parapraxi> Uraeus: hmm... I really am not sure...  I have it as 1.0.0 right now & I figured ppl would complain if that didn't work ;)
[19:15] <wtay> yo Parapraxi
[19:15] <Parapraxi> Uraeus: I have 1.2.0, so I guess I'll just change the depend to that
[19:16] <Parapraxi> wtay: hi
[19:16] <hadess> Parapraxi: and paranormal would just be a plugin that is fed sound and spits out video (raw video not on screen)
[19:16] <hadess> wtay: can you explain a bit gst to Parapraxi ?
[19:16] <hadess> Parapraxi: wtay is one of the core developers
[19:16] <wtay> I'll try, what do you want to know? <g>
[19:17] <Parapraxi> ah, i see...
[19:17] <Parapraxi> (about what?) :)
[19:17] <wtay> gstreamer?
[19:17] <hadess> life ?
[19:17] <wtay> hadesses personal life? :-)
[19:18] <dobey> don't start
[19:18] <Parapraxi> heh, not much...  is it just a backend/
[19:18] <hadess> that's a hairy one ;)
[19:18] <wtay> Parapraxi: a typical gstreamer plugin gsts data in, does something with it and sends data out
[19:19] <wtay> the idea is to make the plugin as simple and as fast as possible
[19:19] <wtay> this means, no video output or color conversion and such
[19:19] <wtay> no disk read or anything
[19:19] <wtay> we then can hook the plugins together and make them do whatever we want
[19:20] <wtay> we can encode the effect output to mpeg1 oven or stream it over RTP, whatever
[19:20] <wtay> s/oven/even
[19:20] <Parapraxi> wtay: ok, what I have pn doing right now w/ xmms is that the video rendering is done in a different thread, so xmms spends almost 0 time in the calls to it
[19:20] <Parapraxi> wtay: but that rules out chaining it w/ other plugins
[19:21] <wtay> Parapraxi: in gstreamer you shouldn't care about threads
[19:21] <wtay> just take samples in, and send out video
[19:21] <wtay> the video output will be hooked to some other plugin that will do the rendering
[19:21] <wtay> like aalib :)
[19:22] <sienap> or sdl 
[19:22] <sienap> or xvideosink :)
[19:22] <sienap> or fbsink
[19:22] <sienap> (mrrazz is working on that one)
[19:22] <Parapraxi> wtay: yeah, that sounds like a pretty easy conversion (the threads part, as well as the sdl part is separate from all the effects)
[19:22] <wtay> Parapraxi: cool
[19:22] Action: Uraeus just got to test Paranormal, way cool )
[19:23] <wtay> Parapraxi: do you need a fixed number of input samples?
[19:23] <wtay> .. to draw one frame?
[19:24] <Parapraxi> wtay: what do you mean?
[19:24] <sienap> parapraxi almost looks like you coded with some design here and there :)
[19:24] <wtay> Parapraxi: hiw many audio samples do you need to draw one frame?
[19:24] <Parapraxi> sienap: I tried ;)
[19:25] <sienap> Parapraxi: looks nice allthough.. if i am not wrong "plugins" render to one grid and then that one grid gets drawen ?
[19:25] <Parapraxi> wtay: right now, it's just what xmms gives (it takes both the pcm data & freq)
[19:26] <wtay> Parapraxi: you need the freq too?
[19:26] <Parapraxi> wtay: but that could pretty easily be changed
[19:26] <wtay> ok
[19:26] <Parapraxi> wtay: some plugins use the freq data, but they could easily be omitted w/ an #ifdef
[19:27] <wtay> ok
[19:28] <sienap> parapraxi wtay is going to fake the data array thing for gstreamer as well
[19:28] <sienap> since we need it anyway
[19:28] <Parapraxi> sienap: yeah, there are 2 image buffers, most 'actuators' draw to the first one, but some need a second, so they draw to the 2nd and the swap them
[19:29] <Parapraxi> then after they have all been run, the first buffer is drawn to the screen
[19:30] <Parapraxi> wtay: does it matter that pn uses indexed color?
[19:30] <wtay> Parapraxi: somewhat yes, is that the fastest native format you have?
[19:31] <sienap> parapraxi nice done.. 
[19:31] <sienap> you can read from those buffers as well.. (for bluring and stuff) i asusme..
[19:32] <Parapraxi> sienap: yup, the blur & xform's read from the 1st buffer and write to the 2nd one
[19:32] <Parapraxi> wtay: what do you mean (what is faster than paletted colors?) :)
[19:32] <sienap> aah so they have a clean view to read from...
[19:32] <sienap> i understand the idea..
[19:32] <wtay> Parapraxi: true :)
[19:33] <sienap> pretty nice
[19:33] <wtay> Parapraxi: anyway palette to YUV is very easy
[19:33] <wtay> Parapraxi: do you also change the palette?
[19:33] <Parapraxi> wtay: yes
[19:34] <wtay> you currently use SDL?
[19:34] <Parapraxi> wtay: yup, but all the plugins access only an internal image buffer, which is then drawn to the screen w/ SDL
[19:34] <wtay> ok, we need format for paletted video too then
[19:35] <wtay> shouldn't be hard actually
[19:36] <sienap> parapraxi hmm about palette how can "plugins" act upon this ?
[19:36] <Parapraxi> wtay: since all the plugins are totally wrapped by the SDL (or whatever else I want to use) interface, I could do any color conversions internally, if you want
[19:37] <wtay> Parapraxi: I'd rather have that done by specialized plugins..
[19:37] <Parapraxi> sienap: I believe that's in paranormal.h (the pn_rc struct contains the image buffers, sound input buffers, and palette)
[19:37] <Parapraxi> wtay: yeah, that's probably better
[19:37] <sienap> i mean can plugins change the palette ?
[19:37] <sienap> he okie
[19:38] <sienap> i will look into it tomorrow
[19:38] <Parapraxi> sienap: yup
[19:38] <sienap> he cool stuff
[19:38] <Uraeus> can I get paranormal to display fullscreen?
[19:38] <Parapraxi> Uraeus: alt-enter
[19:39] <Uraeus> hmm, I get that weird black screen with small window effect then
[19:40] <hadess> Parapraxi: there will certainly be some modifications needed to integrate it right in gstreamer...
[19:40] <Parapraxi> Uraeus: that's how SDL fullscreen works, if you resize the window to a valid screen resolution, it will be fullscreen ;)
[19:40] <hadess> Uraeus: add some small resolutions to your XF86Config
[19:40] <Uraeus> ok
[19:40] <Parapraxi> Uraeus: I'm going to add a 'fullscreen size' option at some point 
[19:41] <Uraeus> Parapraxi: ok, but give GStreamer priority :)
[19:42] <Parapraxi> Uraeus: ;)
[19:43] <Parapraxi> hadess: yeah, but I think that pn is sufficiently modular, so that it won't be too hard to do w/out breaking compatibility w/ XMMS
[19:44] <sienap> parapraxi wtf :)
[19:44] <sienap> cool stuff
[19:45] <hadess> Parapraxi: if you think so, maybe having your build system build build an xmms and a gstreamer plugin, with some code specific to each of them
[19:45] <hadess> s/build\ build/build
[19:46] <hadess> i should stop irc'ing on beer and get myself some pepsi
[19:46] <Uraeus> or we could talk crocodile into making XMMS depend on GStreamer :)
[19:46] <hadess> Uraeus: heh, nice one :P
[19:46] <Parapraxi> wtay: the only thing that worries me is the speed... right now some of the actuators are pretty slow, and there's nothing keeping users from adding too many 'actuators'
[19:47] <wtay> Parapraxi: so?
[19:47] <Parapraxi> using a separate thread prevents XMMS from hanging, but if it's in the middle of a pipeline, there's nothing to stop that in gstreamer
[19:48] <wtay> Parapraxi: that all depends on how the pipelins is constructed
[19:48] <Parapraxi> wtay: okie, you worry about it then :)
[19:48] <wtay> you can put pn in a separate thread without any problems
[19:49] <Parapraxi> ok, cool
[19:49] <hadess> Parapraxi: but you're not the one to do it, the application developer is
[19:49] <wtay> yeah, it's a matter of constructing the pipeline, you get threads and realtime performance for free
[19:49] <Parapraxi> sounds good
[19:50] <wtay> we should make a queue though that throws away buffers when it's full
[19:50] <hadess> so that the display is somewhat in sync with the rest of the pipeline
[19:50] <Parapraxi> wtay: you mean skipping 'sound frames'?
[19:51] <Parapraxi> yeah, that's what pn does for xmms now
[19:51] <Parapraxi> but it should be part of gstreamer
[19:51] <wtay>                                   /-- queue -- pn -- videosink
[19:51] <wtay>     disksrc --  vorbisdec - tee --
[19:51] <wtay>                                   \-- audiosink
[19:51] Action: dobey ponders...
[19:51] <wtay> the pn/videosink pair should go into a thread
[19:52] <wtay> the queue has place for one frame and throws away new audio frames when it's filled
[19:52] <sienap> he cool stuff making war with an scriptkiddoh that 0wnZ 1000 broadcast ip's for dDoS attack
[19:52] <sienap> :)
[19:53] <Parapraxi> wtay: I have it throw out old frames, actually, but either would work
[19:53] <wtay> oh ok
[19:54] <wtay> Parapraxi: can you keep a 25 fps rate?
[19:54] <wtay> for example
[19:54] <Parapraxi> wtay: heh... that really depends
[19:54] <Parapraxi> wtay: images size, cpu speed, the actuators used, etc
[19:55] <wtay> assume I have a 100GHz PC
[19:55] <Parapraxi> wtay: I think anything could keep 25 fps on that ;)
[19:55] <hadess> wtay: where did you get it ? :)
[19:55] <wtay> do you try to limit the fps?
[19:55] <Parapraxi> wtay: oh, not now, but I am going to add it ;)
[19:55] <wtay> what I want is to make an mpeg1 out of the frames (non realtime)
[19:56] <wtay> Parapraxi: ok
[19:56] Nick change: taazzzz -> taaz
[19:56] <wtay> Parapraxi: like I send 1 sec of audio and you draw 25 frames of it
[19:56] <taaz> http://ffmpeg.sourceforge.net/
[19:56] <wtay> or 30 whatever
[19:56] <taaz> gpl ac3enc
[19:56] <hadess> hey taaz
[19:56] <wtay> taaz: yup, seen that one
[19:57] <Parapraxi> wtay: It will be in the 'parent-app' section, so it can be customized for gstreamer
[19:57] <wtay> Parapraxi: that would be cool IMO
[19:57] <taaz> wtay: you've seen it and not written a plugin? i'm shocked! ;)
[19:57] <wtay> have an mpeg with audio and nice pn video
[19:58] <Parapraxi> wtay: yeah
[19:58] <Parapraxi> well... I'm going to go get some coffe & lunch, and then I'll start reading the plugin docs :)
[19:58] <wtay> cool
[19:59] <hadess> Parapraxi: cool, thanks for your plugin
[20:00] <Uraeus> is there a virtual band app for linux which analyses the songs you play and tried to display a 3d animated band playing the songs?
[20:00] <dobey> Uraeus: gdancer for xmms?
[20:01] <Uraeus> dobey: that is the VERY simple version if I am not mistaken
[20:01] <Uraeus> :)
[20:01] <hadess> it's a one-man band, that's all :P
[20:01] <dobey> so hack it to use gl and quake 2/3 models
[20:01] <hadess> lol
[20:01] <Uraeus> rofl
[20:02] <dobey> see, that would be cool
[20:02] <dobey> i want a quake model of the alien from aliens dancing to men in black or something
[20:03] jerwin (jeremy at 66-44-64-87.s87.tnt6.lnhva.md.dialup.rcn.com) joined #gstreamer.
[20:03] <Uraeus> I was more thinking along the line of analysing the song to discover that drums, a piano and guitar was used and then display three characters playing that
[20:03] <wtay> yo
[20:03] <hadess> yo jerwin
[20:03] <hadess> Uraeus: sure, and you can run it on a cray...
[20:04] <Uraeus> hadess: think I saw something like that for windows once
[20:04] <hadess> Uraeus: for midi files maybe
[20:04] <dobey> Uraeus: hah, port the thing with the guy running around a maze to unix
[20:05] <jerwin> hello all-- I'm slogging through alsa
[20:08] <hadess> that doesn't seem to bring much comments...
[20:08] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) joined #gstreamer.
[20:09] <hadess> hey greg_
[20:09] <hadess> i think i'm gonna take a nap
[20:09] <dobey> i think i...
[20:09] <greg_> hello again hadess ! I must say I enjoy reading your discussions here ;-) as you can see
[20:10] <sienap> hej greg!
[20:11] <greg_> hello sienap ! Today's no. one was about integration with gnome. But let me say...
[20:11] <Uraeus> gdancer sucks imho
[20:12] <greg_> I have debian unstable/sid with freshnest gnome and kde env. and I switched back to gnome today - it really wasn't usable :-((
[20:12] <dobey> Uraeus: fix it
[20:12] <dobey> oh wait
[20:12] <dobey> that's not my line is it
[20:12] <dobey> that's what people say to me
[20:12] <Uraeus> ok, dobey fix it :)
[20:12] <dobey> fuck off
[20:12] <dobey> ;-)
[20:13] <Uraeus> hehe
[20:13] <sienap> greg how do you mean
[20:13] <sienap> gnoem isn't usable ?
[20:13] <sienap> wtf ;)
[20:13] <Uraeus> greg_: what did you feel was missing?
[20:14] <sienap> i can't use kde either anyway :)
[20:14] <dobey> greg_: you're using sid, and complain about gnome not being useable?
[20:14] <dobey> sigh
[20:14] <greg_> sienap: nautilus was sooo slow, hanging without reason, not responding for 20-40 seconds after some click.
[20:14] <sienap> he
[20:14] <sienap> that is sick
[20:14] <sienap> but nautilus has some issues
[20:14] <sienap> that will be fixed soon
[20:14] <Uraeus> greg_: which version of Nautilus?
[20:14] <dobey> dude it's sid
[20:14] <sienap> like the current cvs is around 3 times fast as 1.0.2
[20:15] <sienap> dobey shut up
[20:15] <dobey> it doesnn't matter what version it is, because they have shit before it gets announced anyway
[20:15] <sienap> dobey already got laid lately ?
[20:15] <greg_> dpkg says it is 1.0.3-2 nautilus
[20:15] <sienap> greg_ that version isn't that bad 
[20:17] <greg_> OK I got used to live with sid. Configuration and other issues are no problem. But belive or not... I used gnome 1.2 for over year, then switched to kde 2.X but dont want to loose concact with gnome, as I think it 
[20:17] <wtay> Uraeus: you can color vorbisenc green
[20:17] <Uraeus> wtay: great
[20:17] <wtay> Uraeus: it still has issues with mono 22050 Khz audio but so does ogg123
[20:18] <greg_> collects many interesting GNU technologies and is the way to go. But ATM it is just a lot easier to use KDE :-((
[20:18] <sienap> greg_ KDE is some easier yeah.. maybe that is why i hate it
[20:18] <greg_> wanna concretes ?
[20:18] <sienap> it feels like an sandbox
[20:18] <sienap> greg please
[20:19] <greg_> sienap: for ex. under gnome I need 5-10 consoles flying around. Have you seen kde console program ?
[20:20] <Uraeus> greg_: if you want tabable console use Powershell
[20:20] <hadess> greg_: there's the powershell for gnome that does that
[20:20] <greg_> sienap: just two windows is enough for a number of consoles. That is just an example. Nautilus vs. Konqueror is another one.
[20:21] <dobey> just use alt+num in bitchx
[20:21] <greg_> hadess: what is powershell ?
[20:21] <dobey> sigh
[20:21] <hadess> greg_: an app
[20:21] <greg_> hadess: ;-)) joker
[20:21] <Uraeus> greg_: http://powershell.sourceforge.net/
[20:21] <dobey> bah
[20:21] <hadess> powershell.sf.net or something
[20:22] <greg_> apt-get install powershell ATM 
[20:22] <greg_> OH yeah ! that's it !
[20:23] Nick change: hadess -> hds-nap
[20:23] <dobey> apt-get install version-of-gnome-that-doesnt-suck
[20:23] <dobey> apt-get install new-processor
[20:23] <dobey> blah
[20:23] <sienap> hej dobey you really think you are doing some good mirroring of the people that work at ximian atm ?
[20:24] <dobey> sienap: learn english before you talk to me moron
[20:24] <sienap> greg_ just ignore dobey he is just a plain packager at ximian without an sex life.. he uses to give this kind of reactions..
[20:24] <sienap> dobey first get laid before you talk to me moron
[20:24] <greg_> why isn't it the standard in gnome ? dobey - I dont uderstand what you want to say about "apt-get" ?
[20:24] <dobey> sienap: i will personally fly to netherlands to rip your tiny testicles that you obviously don't have off, and feed them to you by force
[20:25] <greg_> ;-)) everyone has own sense of humor IMHO ;-))
[20:25] <dobey> if you don't shut the FUCK UP
[20:25] <sienap> dobey he that came out pretty funny :)
[20:25] <dobey> sienap: it would since you don't know english
[20:25] <Uraeus> greg_: it isn't standard cause the maintainer didn't respond when asked about putting it into 1.4
[20:25] <sienap> and you can't get yourself laid >:)
[20:26] <dobey> sienap: not what your g-f said, she likes big american penis
[20:26] <sienap> dobey yeah right
[20:26] <sienap> thinks he is going to play the wise guy and /ignores dobey 4 ever
[20:26] <dobey> that is, if i was lame enough to bed down with the ugly bitch
[20:27] <greg_> hey guys: maybe you should go play Unreal Tournament or Quake insted of playing it using IRC ? ;-)
[20:27] <dobey> sigh
[20:27] <sienap> greg_ :)
[20:27] <wtay> yeah, open a private channel or something
[20:28] <sienap> my excuse wtay..
[20:28] <wtay> sienap: you started it
[20:28] <dobey> jesus christ
[20:29] <sienap> wtay as i said my excuse
[20:29] <sienap> the dude just annoys me like hell..
[20:29] <wtay> sienap: ignore it and contribute
[20:29] <sienap> hehe :)
[20:29] <dobey> sigh
[20:29] <sienap> i was looking at that parnormal thingy..
[20:29] <dobey> go home
[20:30] <wtay> dobey: you too
[20:30] <sienap> think i can get an plasma done by tomorrow 
[20:30] <Uraeus> shite, aimster have to reliquish domain due to infrigement on AOL AIM trademark, I mean aim? it is even an english word!
[20:31] <Uraeus> greg_: if there more things you miss in GNOME let us know and we will find it for you :)
[20:32] Action: dobey ponders calling the "family"
[20:32] <greg_> Uraeus: I am gonna remmember it ! Have warned You ;-)
[20:32] <Uraeus> hehe
[20:32] <greg_> Would You tell me how to tell nautilus using mozilla while displaying html instead of doing it "plain-text" ?
[20:33] <dobey> build it with the mozilla component, or install some other html display view for nautilus
[20:33] <greg_> I probably should install some config package, but cannot find it... (AFAIR)
[20:33] <greg_> Anyone here using debian ?
[20:33] <wtay> I do
[20:33] <Uraeus> greg_: there should be a nautilus-mozilla package 
[20:34] <wtay> although it is quite broken at the moment
[20:34] <greg_> Uraeus: Yeah - I thought it should be there, but it says theres no such package.
[20:34] <greg_> But I remember it used to be before...
[20:34] <Uraeus> greg_: mail the Debian packager  :)
[20:36] <greg_> wtay - you have nautilus-mozilla ? I only can see nautilus, -extra, -suggested and nothing more in apt-cache dumpavail
[20:38] <wtay> greg_: I don't think it works
[20:38] <wtay> greg_: installing nautilus-mozilla now
[20:39] <greg_> wtay: where did you get it from ? Do you use any non-official deb source ?
[20:39] <wtay> greg_: doesn't work here
[20:39] <wtay> ximian
[20:39] <wtay> ii  mozilla                    0.8.1-ximian.11            An Open Source web browser for X [Dummy Package]
[20:39] <wtay> ii  mozilla-browser            0.8.1-ximian.11            Mozilla Web Browser
[20:39] <wtay> un  mozilla-chatzilla          <none>                     (no description available)
[20:39] <wtay> pn  mozilla-dev                <none>                     (no description available)
[20:39] <wtay> un  mozilla-dmotif             <none>                     (no description available)
[20:39] <wtay> ii  mozilla-mailnews           0.8.1-ximian.11            Mozilla-based mail system
[20:39] <wtay> ii  mozilla-psm                0.8.1-ximian.11            PSM - Personal Security Manager for Mozilla Browser
[20:39] <wtay> un  mozilla-smotif             <none>                     (no description available)
[20:39] <wtay> un  mozilla-xmlterm            <none>                     (no description available)
[20:39] <wtay> ii  nautilus-mozilla           Nautilus component for use with Mozilla
[20:40] <wtay> btw, I need to go now, cya all
[20:40] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-snooker
[20:40] <greg_> wtay-snooker: aha - i had ximian gnome 1.2 and had some troubles uninstalling it while going from stable to testing and then to sid to get 1.4
[20:40] <greg_> wtay-snooker: thanks see ya
[20:40] Action: dobey cries
[20:40] <wtay-snooker> deb http://red-carpet.ximian.com/debian testing main
[20:40] <wtay-snooker> deb http://red-carpet.ximian.com/debian unstable main
[20:41] <greg_> dobey: why do you cry ?
[20:41] <dobey> why do you think?
[20:42] <greg_> I am not as good to read man's mind. You got to tell me if I am to know it. ;-)
[20:45] Nick change: steveb -> steveb-away
[20:45] Action: sienap has been bad boy to dobey..
[20:45] <sienap> needs to learn to control his fustration / irritation some more..
[20:48] <greg_> sienap: Play UT - it helps ;-)
[20:49] <sienap> he
[20:49] <sienap> :)
[20:49] <sienap> UT is for linux ? :)
[20:49] <greg_> sienap: sure !
[20:50] <sienap> now i need something faster then this 233
[20:53] <greg_> sienap: I have amd k6-2 300 and Riva TNT2 m64. it is almost enough.
[20:53] <dobey> ut plays fine on my laptop
[20:53] <dobey> g3 400, ati mach 64
[20:54] <dobey> in macos that is though
[20:57] <greg_> 400MHZ thats it. Riva is bound very much to the speed of processor. Game takes a static number of processor cycles, rest goes to graphics. thats why i have 4 fps when sth really happens. It doesn't matter I have 256MB RAM.
[20:57] <Uraeus> sienap: you know what you could do: make a simple GUI to do media conversions with GStreamer
[20:59] <greg_> gotta go now. be back. was nice talking with you. bye.
[20:59] <Uraeus> just like a GUI to take gnome.avi and make it into gnome.mpg
[20:59] <Uraeus> bye greg_
[20:59] greg_ (greg at home.sente.pl) left irc: [x]chat
[21:19] jerwin (jeremy at 66-44-64-87.s87.tnt6.lnhva.md.dialup.rcn.com) left irc: [x]chat
[21:23] dobey (dobey at ip214.bedford2.ma.pub-ip.psi.net) left irc: bbl
[22:04] omega_ (omega at omegacs.net) joined #gstreamer.
[22:04] <taaz> yo
[22:04] <omega_> yo
[22:05] Action: taaz is too slow with the yo
[22:09] <Parapraxi> why does the autogen.sh in the cvs of gst say 'You should add the contents of `/usr/share/aclocal/libtool.m4' to `aclocal.m4'.'? (shouldn't this be done automatically by aclocal?) and why is there no ltconfig script?
[22:09] <omega_> not sure
[22:09] <omega_> I see this with a lot of packages
[22:10] <sienap> hej omega!
[22:10] <sienap> we found someone for the visual department
[22:10] <omega_> which?
[22:10] <sienap> parapraxi has a graet xmms plugin and is going to port it too gstreamer
[22:10] <sienap> and i am busy adding a plasma background too it
[22:10] <omega_> cool
[22:10] <sienap> that till now isn't working :)
[22:14] Action: Parapraxi is scared because autogen.sh is taking a twenty minutes
[22:14] <omega_> you need to read the README and patch /usr/bin/automake to fix a bug that's gonna OOM your machine if you don't have enough RAM
[22:15] <Parapraxi> ok
[22:15] <sienap> gonna OOM your machnie... he :)
[22:16] <sienap> omega_ when will caps nego work again ?
[22:16] <omega_> ask wtay
[22:16] <sienap> wtay said he needed your help
[22:16] <sienap> and matth's help
[22:16] <omega_> ok, he hasn't mentioned anything to me yet
[22:16] <sienap> he
[22:16] <sienap> ;)
[22:17] <sienap> thinks it is really funny that his plasma won't work
[22:17] <sienap> *G*
[22:18] Action: taaz just applied automake patch... quite a big difference
[22:20] <taaz> omega_: are you going to participate in LAD discussions?  or just watch them run in circles? ;)
[22:21] <omega_> circles are cool <g>
[22:21] <omega_> I'll have to reply
[22:21] <sienap> omega_ you're drunk 
[22:21] <omega_> I don't drink
[22:21] <sienap> ooh i do :)
[22:22] <taaz> the good thing i've seen recently is that guy using "port"s instead of "pad"s ;)  why did you guys choose "pad" anyway?
[22:22] <sienap> circles are cool is really the thing that drunk people should say )
[22:22] <sienap> "circles.. are cool"
[22:22] <sienap> *G*
[22:22] <sienap> omega_ you should drink now and then with your friends.. it is fun :)
[22:22] <omega_> sienap: I've watched people drink, it's not cool
[22:22] <sienap> something else then coding can be fun as well
[22:22] <sienap> omega_ that is when they drink too much
[22:22] <sienap> that is another story
[22:22] <sienap> :)
[22:22] <omega_> taaz: to follow the circuit metaphor
[22:23] <sienap> watching drunk people isn't fun anyway
[22:23] <sienap> they look so .. drunk
[22:23] <sienap> but being drunk is yeah much more fun :)
[22:23] <Parapraxi> what is 'pad'?
[22:23] <sienap> next guadec we'll teach you all about *G*
[22:23] <omega_> named after a 'solder pad', where components get attached to a PCB
[22:23] <Parapraxi> ... PCB? :)
[22:24] <omega_> Printed Circuit Board
[22:24] <taaz> or VLSI points where you wire to IC packaging pins...
[22:24] <Parapraxi> oh, I thought you were talking about gst :)
[22:24] <omega_> I am <g>
[22:24] <Parapraxi> ...
[22:25] Action: Parapraxi is confused
[22:25] <sienap> he
[22:25] <sienap> else me is
[22:25] <sienap> but yeah.. i am drunk :)
[22:26] <Parapraxi> so a 'pad' is some interface for plugins to gst?
[22:26] <omega_> to an element, yes
[22:26] <omega_> the slides explain it all
[22:27] <sienap> hmm why does C count this fast ? :)
[22:28] <omega_> has hadess been in here yet?
[22:29] <sienap> yes
[22:29] <sienap> omega you know how i can do an do{}while(keyboardhit); ?
[22:30] <omega_> it depends on what context you're in.
[22:30] <sienap> ehm
[22:30] <sienap> The context ?
[22:30] <sienap> just when i ram an key hard the while has to stop
[22:30] <sienap> using SDL atm
[22:30] <sienap> maybe sdl has soemthing for it
[22:31] <omega_> um, yes, there's an event loop.  libsdl.org for docs
[22:31] <sienap> aah
[22:31] <sienap> :)
[22:31] <sienap> no docs for now
[22:31] <sienap> lets do an huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggeeeeeeeeeee for :)
[22:33] <sienap> Hahaha.. this is odd.
[22:34] <omega_> Parapraxi: do you make use of libxml2 features extensively, or can you set up some #ifdefs to be able to work with libxml 1.x?
[22:35] <omega_> afaik, libxml2 won't make it into gnome 2.0
[22:35] <sienap> why not ?
[22:35] <omega_> because it's not ready
[22:35] <sienap> he
[22:36] <Parapraxi> omega_: really...?  I was using libxml1, but then I saw on their web site it had a big thing in red saying never use libxml1, so I stopped
[22:36] <omega_> hrm.  I'll doublecheck that libxml2 won't be ready.  do you know if libxml1 will work with your code?
[22:36] <Parapraxi> I could easily go back
[22:36] <omega_> if you use DOM, it shouldn't be a significant change at all
[22:37] <Parapraxi> I don't think it will work, but it's only a couple lines that need changing
[22:37] <omega_> ok, you could #ifdef it
[22:37] <omega_> and once glib 2.0 is ready, you might be able to drop the libxml dep entirely, and use the builtin xml parser
[22:37] <omega_> though I haven't looked at that much yet
[22:37] <Parapraxi> cool, didn't know there was one
[22:38] <Parapraxi> I'm sure it will do, I use xml very little
[22:38] <Parapraxi> just for loading presets
[22:38] <taaz> the glib markup thing isn't very full featured
[22:38] <omega_> taaz: that's the point <g>
[22:38] <omega_> as long as you're reading/writing known files, it should be sufficient, afaict
[22:38] <taaz> yeah i know...  just not appropriate if you start using schemes and validation and other fun stuff
[22:38] <taaz> schemas too
[22:39] <omega_> right.  but for the registry it's ideal
[22:39] <omega_> and for things like Parapraxi's files, if I understand what he uses them for (config of viz stuff)
[22:40] <Parapraxi> yup
[22:40] <sienap> geil
[22:40] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) left irc: Ping timeout for Uraeus[c224s9h5.upc.chello.no]
[22:41] <omega_> problem with libxml2 as well is that no one has it <g>
[22:41] <omega_> I'm not sure where the best place is to find it
[22:42] Action: taaz wishes `top` had a pstree-like display summing using for each subtree...
[22:42] <taaz> s/using/usage
[22:44] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) joined #gstreamer.
[22:44] <Parapraxi> omega_: well I know it's in the unstable debian
[22:46] <Parapraxi> I actually had no idea that it was hard to get... (I haven't been following gnome stuff for a while)
[22:46] <Parapraxi> maybe I'll just change pn back to use libxml1
[22:53] Nick change: hds-nap -> hadess
[22:53] <omega_> ick, it has deps too
[22:54] <hadess> hey omega_, were looking for me ?
[22:54] <omega_> Parapraxi was/is/might be
[22:55] <Parapraxi> huh?
[22:55] <omega_> yeah, libxml2 from rawhide needs libreadline 4.2, which conflicts with other packages needing 4.1
[22:55] Nick change: ajzzzz -> ajmitch
[22:55] <Parapraxi> hmm... I haven't run into any problems
[22:56] <hadess> Parapraxi: nobody uses libxml2 yet, lixml1 is the standard until gnome2
[22:56] Nick change: ajmitch -> ajbusy
[22:56] <sienap> parapraxi look at my 31337 code please
[22:56] <omega_> hadess: until after 2.0 ?
[22:56] <sienap> :)
[22:56] <sienap> why is it this slow ? :)
[22:56] <Parapraxi> hadess: That's fine w/ me :)
[22:57] <hadess> omega_: no no, libxml2 is in the gnome2 platform
[22:57] <omega_> hmm, ok
[22:57] <omega_> so #ifdefs are in order, as necessary
[22:57] <hadess> switching to libxml1 would be easier for now
[22:58] <sienap>      Erik Walthinsen <omega at temple-baptist.com> - System Administrator
[22:58] <sienap>         __
[22:58] <sienap>        /  \                GStreamer - The only way to stream!
[22:58] <sienap>       |    | M E G A        ***** http://gstreamer.net/ *****
[22:58] <sienap>       _\  /_
[22:59] <sienap> hmmm..
[22:59] <sienap> System Administrator ?
[22:59] <omega_> sienap: please do not flood like that
[22:59] <Parapraxi> ok, will do :)
[22:59] <sienap> Omega you are pretty subtile about your skills .. i must say
[22:59] <sienap> you are the best coder i know
[22:59] <omega_> also, you should add an autogen.sh to paranormal cvs, it's very convenient
[22:59] <Parapraxi> yeah, I've been meaning to do that :)
[23:00] <omega_> the gstreamer one is quite generic, iirc
[23:00] <Parapraxi> for about 2 weeks :)
[23:01] <hadess> ok, finishing watching the movie
[23:01] Action: hadess is away: movie
[23:01] Nick change: omega_ -> omega_lunch
[23:02] Action: omega_lunch can't wait for pkgconfig to become wide-spread
[23:13] <sienap> me either
[23:13] <sienap> it is an great idea
[23:13] <sienap> :)
[23:14] <sienap> away with *-config
[23:21] <omega_lunch> Parapraxi: you don't have any mmx/sse in here, do you?
[23:21] <Parapraxi> not yet
[23:22] <omega_lunch> planning any?
[23:22] <Parapraxi> I haven't done anything in asm yet
[23:22] <Parapraxi> yup
[23:22] <omega_lunch> have you written mmx before?
[23:22] <Parapraxi> yeah
[23:22] <omega_lunch> good.  lemme know if you need any help, I've done a significant amount myself
[23:22] <Parapraxi> not sse thought, but it can't be that much harder
[23:22] <Parapraxi> cool
[23:22] <Parapraxi> I  haven't done any in a year or so
[23:22] <Parapraxi> maybe even two...
[23:22] <Parapraxi> jeez
[23:23] <omega_lunch> do you have a preset registry yet?
[23:24] Nick change: omega_lunch -> omega_
[23:24] <Parapraxi> nope, not sure if I will
[23:24] <Parapraxi> you mean locally?
[23:24] <omega_> I was thinking that something like rhythmbox could have a preset selector that will look on paranormal.sourceforge.net for screenshots and xml source for new presets
[23:25] <Parapraxi> oh, online... yeah, I could do that (or better yet, someone else could) :)
[23:25] <omega_> yeah, hadess maybe <g>
[23:26] <omega_> Parapraxi: what's the primary entry point into your plugin?  Where do I start trying to follow the code?
[23:27] <Parapraxi> heh... in xmms.c is the interface to xmms, but the 'actuators' get executed from paranormal.c:pn_render()
[23:28] <omega_> do you use both pcm and freq data?
[23:28] <Parapraxi> pn_render() executes the root actuator, which, if it's a container, executes all of its children
[23:29] <omega_> ah, good, an arbitrary container system <g>
[23:29] <Parapraxi> yeah, I use both pcm & freq
[23:30] mattsm (mattsm at adsl-216-62-180-169.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net) joined #gstreamer.
[23:30] <omega_> yo
[23:30] <sienap> mattSM ? :)
[23:30] <Parapraxi> I was told that maybe I should do a freq element for gst, but either one can easily be disabled by #ifdef'ing out certain plugins (those the freq.c)
[23:30] <mattsm> sienap: yes?
[23:31] <sienap> hi :)
[23:32] <mattsm> does adoes anyone know about a nautilus gst view? i seem to remeber hearing someone talking about it
[23:32] <sienap> a mate of my is working on it
[23:32] <omega_> yeah, um, someone was working on it ;-)
[23:32] <omega_> I forget who
[23:32] <sienap> rdj
[23:32] <sienap> he is an friend of my
[23:32] <omega_> righ
[23:32] <sienap> but he is doin gsome other stuff right now
[23:32] <omega_> haven't seen him in a while ;-(
[23:33] <sienap> like mozilla context menu's in nautilus
[23:33] <sienap> but when gstreamer gets usable again he will go further on it
[23:33] <Parapraxi> exactly how unsuabale is it?
[23:33] <Parapraxi> is it worth me waiting a little while to dive in?
[23:34] <omega_> the autoplugging is screwed up because of other changes
[23:34] <omega_> but it's still usable if you're developing a plugin
[23:34] <omega_> there are way more ways of running stuff than just the player
[23:34] <omega_> but the player is a requirement for things like gstplay, bonobo-media, and a nautilus plugin...
[23:34] <sienap> oemga and what about caps ?
[23:34] <sienap>  :)
[23:35] <omega_> caps have problems, but are stable
[23:35] <omega_> nego might change
[23:35] <sienap> as far as i heard from wtay they just don't work now
[23:35] <omega_> they work fine, just not in some cases
[23:35] mattsm (mattsm at adsl-216-62-180-169.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net) left irc: Ping timeout for mattsm[adsl-216-62-180-169.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net]
[23:35] <Parapraxi> omega_: there a test app that can use any pipeline config?
[23:35] <omega_> yup
[23:36] <Parapraxi> ok
[23:36] <omega_> the only thing that isn't set up is code to show the xvideosink, but I'm working on that
[23:36] <Parapraxi> omega_: what should I be reading?
[23:36] <omega_> the sdlsink just opens its own window (thank you SDL ;-( ), but it's only written to do YUV right now (easily fixable)
[23:37] <omega_> start with the slides on the website, for an overview
[23:37] mattsm (mattsm at adsl-216-62-180-169.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net) joined #gstreamer.
[23:37] <mattsm> apparently i did not take the warning about autogen.sh memory usage serious enough
[23:38] <omega_> oops ;-(
[23:38] <mattsm> omega_: brought my system to a screeching halt
[23:38] <omega_> the patch has been submitted, but they seem to ignore patches from anyone but a few people who submit hundreds of them
[23:38] <omega_> mattsm: did it crash?
[23:39] <mattsm> omega_: it seemed like it, it might of recovered, but did not look like it would
[23:39] <Parapraxi> I guess I'll start by making a paletted color element
[23:39] <taaz> omega_: they did apply the patch
[23:39] <omega_> ok, good
[23:39] Action: mattsm closes everyhing, and tries again
[23:42] <mattsm> automake is using 200mb of memory
[23:42] <omega_> you patched it?
[23:42] Action: mattsm made it!
[23:42] <mattsm> omega_: nope
[23:42] <omega_> yeah, with the patch it only takes about 3MB <g>
[23:43] <mattsm> omega_: what is it testing for exacally?
[23:43] <omega_> it's not testing for anything, it's doing expontential generation of all possible combinations of the various HAVE_this and HAVE_that parameters
[23:43] <omega_> which for some reason is not relevant in that case, but it does it anyway
[23:44] <omega_> the patch makes it not be that stupid
[23:44] <mattsm> intresting
[23:45] <mattsm> ok back to my question, is there any working on a nautilus view for gst? (or something of this nature)
[23:45] <omega_> there is someone working on it, but he's stalled right now for various reasons (so I'm told)
[23:45] <mattsm> omega_: is there any code/webpage? 
[23:45] <omega_> not that I know of
[23:48] <mattsm> omega_: can you send me that patch (or tell me where to get it)? because apparently plugins/Makefile.in did not get generated
[23:49] <omega_> it's in the README
[23:49] <mattsm> omega_: oh, thats the whole patch, ok
[23:51] <mattsm> what file is it patching? automake?
[23:51] <omega_>  /usr/bin/automake
[23:52] <Parapraxi> this is a pretty hefty compile
[23:52] <omega_> yup
[23:53] <omega_> just wait till you get all the various libraries installed for the various plugins that use external libs <g>
[23:53] <omega_> I'd bet you're probably going to be missing a number of plugins
[23:53] <omega_> the key one is Hermes, you *must* have that right now....
[23:53] <omega_> if you're doing any kind of video work
[23:54] <mattsm> omega_: woo, thanks
[23:55] Nick change: sienap -> drunknap
[00:00] --- Sun May 20 2001
[00:01] <Parapraxi> omega_: I got as many as I could get w/ apt-get
[00:01] <omega_> ok
[00:02] <Parapraxi> I just did a reinstall, so I'm trying not to muck everything up w/ tons of compiled sources :)
[00:02] <omega_> btw, don't install gstreamer
[00:02] <omega_> I should update the README to explain why
[00:02] <Parapraxi> ok, why not?
[00:02] <omega_> unless you're doing app development (and soon even then), it's just a hassle to install it, doesn't give any benefit, and confuses things
[00:03] <Parapraxi> ok
[00:03] <omega_> everything will run out of the builddir
[00:04] <omega_> now, the paranormal element will be a little stranger than most, due to its unpredictable processing requirements
[00:05] <omega_> when you're up to speed on the arch, I can explain what has to be done in the short term, and what a longterm solution might be if the shorterm one prove unacceptable
[00:06] Action: hadess is back (gone 01:05:17)
[00:06] <hadess> this movie kicks ass
[00:07] <Parapraxi> ok, wtay was saying that it could simply be put in a separate thread w/ some sort of single element queue that ignores either new or old sound data, decoupling pn from the rest of the pipeline (which is how it works w/ xmms right now)
[00:07] <omega_> right
[00:07] <omega_> even do the queue internally, so you have a _chain and a _get function
[00:07] <omega_> the _chain function simply unrefs the previous buffer if any, and replaces it
[00:07] <Parapraxi> oh, really?  wtay said not to do it internally
[00:08] <omega_> I would, because it's a very paranormal-specific operation
[00:08] <Parapraxi> right, but other vis plugins may want to use it
[00:08] <hadess> wtay was saying to have a queue buffer that would drop the old buffers if it gets full
[00:09] <omega_> it's the wrong solution in the long run anyway, so might as well be done this way <g>
[00:09] <omega_> the longterm solution is to use QoS events
[00:09] <hadess> so pn wouldn't be working on old data
[00:09] <Parapraxi> omega_: do they exist yet? :)
[00:09] <omega_> which?
[00:10] <omega_> events? no
[00:10] <Parapraxi> QoS
[00:10] <omega_> which is why we should spend as little time on this hack solution as we need to <g>
[00:10] <Parapraxi> gocha
[00:11] <omega_> hrm, should I email Bart for an eazel tshirt?
[00:11] <hadess> omega_: maybe not...
[00:11] <omega_> why?
[00:11] <hadess> dunno, i know i wouldn't do it
[00:12] <omega_> yeah, probably isn't a great idea
[00:12] <hadess> not that i wouldn't like one, but in any case, i wouldn't feel very good having a t-shirt of a dead startup
[00:13] <omega_> heheh
[00:13] <omega_> I never did get a Digital Mercury shirt....
[00:13] <hadess> omega_: btw, this 'startup' part of your life, did you start the company, or you worked in one ?
[00:13] <omega_> worked at one
[00:13] <hadess> ok
[00:14] <omega_> we wanted to start one, but quickly realized that we had not the slightest clue of how to make a company
[00:15] <hadess> a friend of mine has this, what it's called, motorola's satellite mobile phone system
[00:16] <hadess> iridium !
[00:17] <hadess> he worked on that stuff, he's got a t-shirt that he wears when he's feeling like being funny :)
[00:17] <omega_> heh
[00:18] <hadess> http://www.copyleft.net/item.phtml?dynamic=1&referer=%2Findex.phtml&page=product_1224_front.phtml <- that's what i need
[00:20] <hadess> or the "got fired" one
[00:21] <hadess> omega_: btw, what do you think of my comment on the autoplug ?
[00:21] <omega_> um, lemme scan it again
[00:25] <omega_> hmmm, re decoders, a merit system will probably be implemented, as well as a way for an app to adjust those merit values
[00:26] <omega_> hmmm, I'm thinking that all this stuff is higher-level, should go in a separate lib at least
[00:29] <hadess> i don't know how the autoplug fits into the current scheme actually...
[00:31] Action: hadess needs to install macos and itunes... somewhere
[00:31] <drunknap> ooh man
[00:31] <drunknap> :)
[00:32] <Uraeus> omega_: will you do a security audit for GStreamer :)
[00:32] <omega_> uh
[00:33] <Uraeus> omega_: you did see Alan's mail didn't you? ;)
[00:33] <taaz> maybe of the gst dir... the plugin dir would suck ;)
[00:33] <omega_> yeah, I'm responding to it
[00:33] <Uraeus> hehe
[00:35] <Uraeus> omega_: it seems both Alan and Daniel Veillard think that cothreads is pretty sound
[00:36] <omega_> Alan's talking about clone(), which isn't cothreads
[00:36] <omega_> haven't seen anything from Daniel
[00:37] <Uraeus> omega_: he had a long argument today with Sander in #gnome
[00:37] <omega_> ok, you have logs?
[00:38] <Uraeus> nope, but wtay proably can give you the technical details of the discussion
[00:38] <omega_> ok
[00:40] <Uraeus> heh, seth just commented on the remote connections issue omega_
[00:41] <omega_> where?
[00:41] <Uraeus> email
[00:41] <omega_> got it
[00:45] <taaz> > needed. In the long run these asm parts will probably be replaced by GNU      > Pth with IBM's N:M mods which is a pthread safe C-only implementation.
[00:45] <taaz> what does that mean?
[00:46] <omega_> my response to alan will cover that somewhat
[00:52] <Uraeus> omega_: did you think my summary was fairly correct?
[00:56] walken (foobar at c1583255-a.smateo1.sfba.home.com) joined #gstreamer.
[00:59] <hadess> hey walken
[00:59] <walken> hi
[00:59] <walken> whats up ?
[00:59] <drunknap> walken!!
[00:59] <drunknap> dudeeeeeee
[00:59] <drunknap> dueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
[01:00] <Uraeus> omega_: remember asd which was talked about yesterday?
[01:00] <walken> :)))
[01:00] <Parapraxi> man... I haven't had a compile like this since hurd :(
[01:00] <omega_> Uraeus: yeah
[01:01] <hadess> Parapraxi: applied the automake patch ?
[01:01] <Parapraxi> hadess: yup, it's the compile that's taking forever
[01:01] <Uraeus> omega_: the author links to gstreamer on the the frontpage saying he wants to keep it lean since gstreamer does the rest :)
[01:01] <omega_> heheheeh
[01:02] <hadess> Parapraxi: there are a lot of plugins...
[01:02] <omega_> personally, I think the core of the issue is the network protocol
[01:02] <hadess> Uraeus: that's cool shit
[01:02] <omega_> the server and client implementation could be anything
[01:02] <Uraeus> he even states that he will make a asd gstreamer plugin
[01:02] <omega_> neat
[01:02] <omega_> url?
[01:02] <Uraeus> asd.sourceforge.net
[01:02] <Uraeus> just mailed him cause his gstreamer URL is wrong 
[01:02] <omega_> it's also GStreamer, not GStream
[01:04] <hadess> even the url is broken
[01:04] Action: Uraeus repeats himeself: just mailed him cause his gstreamer URL is wrong
[01:04] <hadess> the requirements are very low
[01:04] <hadess> in libraries i mean
[01:05] <Uraeus> Parapraxi: ok for me to add Paranormal to the GStreamer roadmap?
[01:05] <hadess> Parapraxi: btw, when it works, you're up for a memory module your way =)
[01:05] <omega_> hrm, asd3 build enviro sucks
[01:06] <omega_> checking out asd4
[01:06] <hadess> Parapraxi: what kind of computer you have ?
[01:06] <omega_> hrm, I have an idea
[01:07] <hadess> how far's gnostream ? i never really understood what it did...
[01:07] <Parapraxi> Uraeus: sure
[01:07] <Uraeus> hadess: Ow3n told me yesterday that he is past all the bonobo problems so it should be clear sailing from there in
[01:08] <Parapraxi> hadess: now it's a p3 800, used to be a dual cpu, but I think my mboard is angry at me
[01:08] <omega_> oops
[01:08] <Parapraxi> has problems syncing cpus
[01:08] <Parapraxi> yeah :(
[01:09] <Uraeus> Parapraxi: want me to put your nick or your real name in the roadmap? (have only realnames upto now)
[01:09] <Parapraxi> real name is fine (Jamie Gennis)
[01:09] <hadess> damn, we have a _lot_ of plugins =)
[01:10] <omega_> yeah, that's why we need to move most of them into separate packages, and settle on a core set of htem
[01:10] <hadess> yep
[01:10] <omega_> if you have an idea as to which plugins should be core, send a list to -devel
[01:10] <omega_> start the discussion <g
[01:10] <hadess> i think i have my idea...
[01:11] <Uraeus> omega_: did I tell you that extace is getting GStreamer support?
[01:11] <omega_> nope
[01:11] <hadess> separating the plugins by usage, like all the mp3 plugins together and such
[01:12] <omega_> well, the critical thing is limitting the default set (shipped with gstreamer-x.y.z.tar.gz
[01:12] <Uraeus> Parapraxi: will the gstreamer version require SDL?
[01:12] <hadess> Uraeus: you told wtay yesterday
[01:12] <Parapraxi> Uraeus: nope
[01:12] <omega_> Uraeus: it should write directly to video buffers, so you can use sdlsink or xvideosink or whatever
[01:12] <omega_> or encode it to divx <g>
[01:12] Action: Uraeus runs to fix the roadmap again :)
[01:12] <Parapraxi> Uraeus: it will have a src pad that can connect to anything that takes an 8 bit paletted image
[01:12] Action: Parapraxi is learning :)
[01:13] <omega_> Parapraxi: is palettization fundamental to the way paranormal works?
[01:13] <hadess> Parapraxi: that's so cool you jumped in so fast
[01:13] <Parapraxi> omega_: it makes things much faster
[01:13] <omega_> it seems to me that you could have more features and even more speed with rgb output
[01:13] <omega_> hmmmm
[01:13] <drunknap> man
[01:13] <drunknap> woow
[01:13] <drunknap> ;)
[01:13] <Parapraxi> I could do rgb output...
[01:13] <omega_> you have to convert the palettized image to rgb, that's slow usually
[01:14] <omega_> mmx might make the difference there
[01:14] Action: hadess smacks omega_ with a g3 assembly book
[01:14] <Parapraxi> omega_: it would be 3x the work in some actuators (and if someone had two of them executing... ick)
[01:14] Action: omega_ smacks hadess with a x86 instruction set reference .pdf
[01:14] <Uraeus> Parapraxi: what dependencies will the plugin have? only GTK+ for the configuratior?
[01:14] <Parapraxi> omega_: mmx would ease it up a bit
[01:15] <omega_> Parapraxi: true.  I'll try to figure out how paranormal works, and wait till then to comment more <g>
[01:15] <Parapraxi> omega_: plus, right now it uses SDL hardware palettes
[01:15] <hadess> Uraeus: libxml only afaik
[01:15] <omega_> hmm, only on hardware that has hardware palettes <g>
[01:16] <Parapraxi> omega_: but I think that's a bunch of bs (haven't checked it out, but I think it emulates it)
[01:16] <Parapraxi> yeah, but I believe you may need X to be in 8 bit mode already
[01:16] <omega_> oh, or DGA
[01:17] <omega_> Uraeus: any explanation of how exactly ASD intends to work with GStreamer?
[01:17] <steveb-away> urmph
[01:17] Nick change: steveb-away -> steveb
[01:17] <Parapraxi> I don't think it uses that (I noticed a slowdown when I use 24 rather than 16 bit color)
[01:17] <omega_> just have a asdsink?
[01:17] Action: steveb is drunk
[01:17] <Uraeus> omega_: just what you see on the frontpage, have no more info
[01:17] <omega_> oy.  drunknap and drunkb
[01:17] <omega_> ok
[01:18] <Parapraxi> omega_: Also, if I switched to rgb, I would lose interesting palette effects that can be done
[01:18] <omega_> maybe
[01:18] <omega_> just move those into some of the subeffects
[01:19] <Parapraxi> how maybe?
[01:19] Action: omega_ still has to get a feel for paranormal's architecture
[01:19] <Parapraxi> everything the actuators use is global
[01:19] <omega_> global global, or in a single object global?
[01:21] <omega_> that's one major issue with any plugin arch, is that symbols that are exported by the library have to have a namespace of some kind (pn_ in your case) so we don't get symbol collisions with some other random plugin
[01:21] <omega_> there are several libraries out there that cause problems for us still
[01:22] thomas (thomas at 212-100-172-175.adsl.easynet.be) got netsplit.
[01:22] big_T (thomas at fysgr763.sn.umu.se) got netsplit.
[01:22] ajbusy (ajmitch at p37-max5.dun.ihug.co.nz) got netsplit.
[01:22] big_T (thomas at fysgr763.sn.umu.se) returned to #gstreamer.
[01:22] thomas (thomas at 212-100-172-175.adsl.easynet.be) returned to #gstreamer.
[01:22] ajbusy (ajmitch at p37-max5.dun.ihug.co.nz) returned to #gstreamer.
[01:22] <Parapraxi> omega_: yeah, they have a pn_
[01:22] <Parapraxi> omega_: but I just realized, it's not reentrant
[01:22] <omega_> not all, looking at the nm output, there are many many exported symbols
[01:23] <omega_> 000055e0 t cmap_gradient_exec
[01:23] <omega_> 0000d220 d cmap_gradient_opts
[01:23] <omega_> 00007964 t color_changed_cb
[01:23] <omega_> 0000d148 d completed.1
[01:23] <omega_> 0000db6c b config_mutex
[01:23] <omega_> . . .
[01:23] <omega_> every one of those is a potential symbol conflict
[01:23] <Parapraxi> ah, I forgot about them...
[01:23] <Parapraxi> yeah
[01:23] <hadess> gooooood, gstmediaplay doesn't skip when xmms does
[01:23] <omega_> I'd try to make use of object oriented data structures to hold everything
[01:23] <Parapraxi> okie
[01:23] <omega_> you have a bit of that design already, from the couple minutes I looked at the cod
[01:24] <Parapraxi> omega_: palette stuff
[01:24] <omega_> but I should shut up and look at the code before I say any more
[01:24] <omega_> hrm, it's not receiving
[01:25] <Parapraxi> hmm...
[01:25] <Parapraxi> stupid pppoe thing must have some sort of firewall
[01:25] <omega_> or if you're masq'd you need a module
[01:25] <omega_> ip_masq_irc             1624   1
[01:26] <hadess> omega_: i have a question... what mp3 decoder does gstmediaplay use ?
[01:26] <omega_> I dunno <g>
[01:26] <omega_> these days probably mad
[01:26] <omega_> it's the shortest path, doesn't need mp3parse
[01:26] <hadess> any ways i could know that for sure ?
[01:26] <omega_> yeah, look at the .gst file dumped when you run gstplay <g>
[01:26] thomas (thomas at 212-100-172-175.adsl.easynet.be) got netsplit.
[01:26] big_T (thomas at fysgr763.sn.umu.se) got netsplit.
[01:26] ajbusy (ajmitch at p37-max5.dun.ihug.co.nz) got netsplit.
[01:27] <hadess> omega_: GtkObject::user_data <- now, that's useful :P
[01:27] <omega_> yeah, but it's an arg, so it gets saved <g>
[01:27] <omega_> maybe we should special case that one to not save
[01:27] <Parapraxi> omega_: sent it by email
[01:27] <omega_> ok
[01:27] <hadess> omega_: good stuff, using mad
[01:28] <Parapraxi> I don't feel like figuring this out right now (I don't think I'm masq'd)
[01:28] <omega_> hehe
[01:28] <Parapraxi> then the ident from the irc server wouldn't work
[01:28] <hadess> i need to get the playlist shit working soon, xmms is driving me mad (no pun intended)
[01:29] <omega_> doh
[01:29] <Parapraxi> ?
[01:31] <Parapraxi> woops
[01:31] <Parapraxi> did I reply to the list?
[01:31] <Parapraxi> sorry :(
[01:31] thomas (thomas at 212-100-172-175.adsl.easynet.be) returned to #gstreamer.
[01:31] <omega_> heheeh
[01:32] big_T (thomas at fysgr763.sn.umu.se) returned to #gstreamer.
[01:32] <omega_> hrm, unable to load ;-(
[01:32] <hadess> hey thomas, big_T
[01:32] ajbusy (ajmitch at p37-max5.dun.ihug.co.nz) returned to #gstreamer.
[01:33] <omega_> it got mangled, noise at the end
[01:33] <Uraeus> omega_: you have to do something with the Gstreamer mailing list, it is sending me duplicates of every mail
[01:33] <omega_> everything?
[01:33] <omega_> hr
[01:33] <Parapraxi> omega_: mine didn't :)
[01:34] <Uraeus> all the GNOME 2.0 mal is comming in two copies both in my gnome-hacker folder and gstreamer-folder
[01:34] <steveb> Uraeus: are you subscribed twice?
[01:34] <Uraeus> steveb: no this is something with the mailing list and crossposting
[01:34] <omega_> two copies to each?
[01:34] <Uraeus> yes
[01:34] <omega_> neat
[01:35] <Parapraxi> that sort of thing can only be done w/ paletted color
[01:35] <Uraeus> acutally come to think of it this could be my Evoltion setup, let me check
[01:35] <omega_> Parapraxi: well, you can apply tri-channel paletization to things
[01:36] <Uraeus> no it is not Evolution, it happened with the livid mail to, and I am not on that list
[01:37] <hadess> Uraeus: i get the same problem on all the gnome mailing lists
[01:37] <Parapraxi> omega_: how would that work?
[01:37] <steveb> omega_: how would the scheduler deal with a sparse type like a midi stream?
[01:37] <omega_> Parapraxi: not sure.  Keep telling me to shut up until I look at the code <g>
[01:37] <Parapraxi> omega_: what is tri-channel paletization?
[01:37] <omega_> steveb: as long as it's just a data stream, it'll work
[01:38] <Uraeus> ok, three of them is correct since I get a personal copy and one for each list, the 4th one is the strange one
[01:38] <omega_> Parapraxi: just apply a non-linear palette to each of R, G, B, even on a per-effect basis, you can get even cooler stuff I think
[01:38] <omega_> Uraeus: yeah, ChiefHighwater was getting two from the livid mails, and he's not on the to: or the livid list
[01:38] <Parapraxi> hmm...
[01:39] <Uraeus> omega_: do CHW use Evolution?
[01:39] <omega_> nope, outlook express ;-(
[01:40] <hadess> omega_: man, this is so cool, playing mp3s with gstmediaplay and it doesn't skip at all !
[01:41] <omega_> you have a queue and threads?
[01:42] <Parapraxi> omega_: I think that tri-channel palettization would both slow things down and help provide additional user-unfriendliness
[01:42] <omega_> possibly
[01:43] <omega_> but I'm pretty sure AVS is full RGB
[01:43] <Parapraxi> omega_: true
[01:44] <hadess> omega_: 2 threads and a queue
[01:44] <omega_> hadess: cool.  you can also tweak the osssink buffersize parameters, and the queue depth
[01:45] <omega_> but you need events to flush the queue to force low-latency changes like seek
[01:46] <hadess> omega_: i'll have to ask you about that later on, when i'm in the business of making the actual player...
[01:49] <Uraeus> does anyone here happen to have an RPM with the fixed automake?
[01:49] <taaz> use vi
[01:49] <omega_> hehehe
[01:49] <hadess> Uraeus: it's a 2 line change to a bash script
[01:49] <taaz> automake is just perl
[01:49] <hadess> perl even
[01:49] <Uraeus> hm,o ok
[01:50] <omega_> I hand-patched mine
[01:50] <hadess> mine as well...
[01:50] Action: Uraeus pretends he didn't just prove himself a greenie
[01:50] <omega_> xmms is seriuosly breaking, it wedges on esd afaict
[01:52] <hadess> gstmediaplay doesn't like file paths with spaces...
[01:52] <Uraeus> what exactly are we changing I am looking at the automake code now and it seems identical to me
[01:52] <omega_> hadess: lemme try to fix that, sec..
[01:53] <Uraeus> sorry found it
[01:53] <omega_>     // skip spaces
[01:53] <omega_>     while (cp < end && *cp == ' ')
[01:53] <omega_>       cp++;
[01:53] <omega_> that's the culprit, it needs to be aware of "\ " somehow
[01:54] <omega_> gstparse.c line 380-382
[01:54] Action: steveb needs sleep
[01:55] steveb (steveb at node1ee0a.a2000.nl) left irc: [x]chat
[01:56] <Uraeus> shit I wrecked my automake file
[01:56] <omega_> baulig's mail: heheheheeh
[01:56] <omega_> or should I say: muhahahaha!
[01:56] <Uraeus> could anyone with a kind heart dcc me a fixed automake
[01:56] <omega_> sending
[01:57] <Uraeus> me checks mail
[01:57] Action: taaz wonders how you can screw up editing 2 lines.. ;)
[01:57] <omega_> diff it against your current one to make sure that it isn't a completely different version
[01:57] <omega_> taaz: shhhh, we don't talk about such things (at least when he's present)
[01:58] <hadess> omega_: how about using uri escaping ?
[01:58] <omega_> ick
[01:58] <omega_> it's a cmdline, let's make it act like one
[01:59] Action: omega_ doesn't wanna type The%20Name%20Of%20His%20Favorite.mp3 all the time
[01:59] <omega_> besides, this is why we have cmdline completion <g>
[02:00] <hadess> that's what i have to do to make it work right now...
[02:00] <omega_> I told baulig to lay off whatever it is he's smokin (or share)
[02:00] <hadess> heh
[02:01] <omega_> Parapraxi: you should put up the .pna files associated with each of your screenshots, if you still have them
[02:03] <omega_> ok, response to alan sent
[02:06] <Uraeus> omega_: forgot gnome-vfs plugins
[02:06] <omega_> what about it?
[02:06] <Uraeus> aren't they network plugins?
[02:07] <omega_> yes, but I assume that the gnome-vfs code is already auditted
[02:07] <omega_> and besides, I think his worry was for the server side, not client
[02:07] <omega_> clients connect out, *anyone* can connect to a server and try to attack
[02:08] Action: Uraeus deletes 3 of the 5 copies he got of Eriks mail
[02:08] <hadess> yep
[02:08] <omega_> mu
[02:09] <omega_> btw, for those who recently got cvs access (that's you, hadess), add yourselves to the AUTHORS file with a list of what you've got code in
[02:10] <Uraeus> haddess: add my name to the list of people with 'code' in the WISHLIST file :)
[02:10] <omega_> hehehe
[02:11] <hadess> omega_: doing that
[02:11] <Uraeus> how do I get paranormal to look like the bottom screenshot?
[02:12] <omega_> btw, you really really don't want to know what my Mom thought that one looked like
[02:13] Action: Uraeus looks at the screenshot again trying to asociate it with something pervert
[02:13] <omega_> I'll leave it at this: she's a labour & delivery nurse
[02:13] <hadess> reminds of a song =)
[02:13] <hadess> from the movie "Asses of Fire" :P
[02:14] <Uraeus> omega_: well the only childbirth I seen was at the end of the french movie 'Romance' and it wasn't pretty :)
[02:14] Nick change: ajbusy -> ajmitch
[02:14] Action: hadess shivers
[02:15] <ajmitch> hi
[02:16] Action: ajmitch sees much mail on gst-devel...
[02:16] <omega_> even some more from alan <g>
[02:17] <Uraeus> ajmitch: it isn't my fault :)
[02:18] <Uraeus> he, seems Alan disagrees with Sander and Sopwith
[02:18] <omega_> sorta, mabye
[02:18] <omega_> I'm trying to clarify
[02:18] Action: ajmitch reads gnome-hackers mail...
[02:18] <drunknap> hmm
[02:18] <drunknap> almost in normal state again
[02:19] <drunknap> :)
[02:19] <ajmitch> drunknap: oh, how boring ;)
[02:19] <drunknap> he
[02:19] <drunknap> indeed
[02:19] <drunknap> :)
[02:19] <drunknap> only 1 bottle of wine :)
[02:21] <ajmitch> strong wine?
[02:23] <drunknap> not really
[02:23] <ajmitch> Uraeus: so do you think that gstreamer has a good chance of being included with gnome 2.0?
[02:23] <drunknap> only 12.5%
[02:23] <omega_> drunknap: he didn't ask you <g>
[02:24] <Uraeus> ajmitch: actually I am very sure we will, just trying to aviod it being put in at the last moment
[02:24] <drunknap> omega ?
[02:24] <ajmitch> excellent, world domination plans are coming along nicely then ;)
[02:24] <drunknap> :)
[02:24] Nick change: drunknap -> sienap
[02:24] <omega_> drunknap: he asked Uraeus <g>
[02:24] <ajmitch> omega_: hehe
[02:25] <sienap> he ok not drunk anymore
[02:25] <Uraeus> ajmitch: if we get in now then all apps can really get ported to GStreamer before the GNOME 2.0 release, if we get in 1 month before release then the apps will not be ported for a good while
[02:25] <sienap> ooh did he
[02:25] <omega_> and besides, I like his answer better ;-)
[02:25] <sienap> he
[02:25] <sienap> shit happens
[02:25] <omega_> Uraeus: right
[02:25] <Uraeus> and I want to aviod the gnome-media apps getting ported to artsd instead of gstreamer
[02:25] <omega_> well, did you see my -devel mail?
[02:25] <omega_> thoughts?
[02:25] <ajmitch> artsd isn't bad, but i don't think it's that great either
[02:25] <hadess> hadess.net/guadec/rhythmbox-library.png for you guys
[02:26] <ajmitch> omega_: you're asking a lot there - you expect us to think? ;)
[02:26] <omega_> hadess: oooh
[02:26] <Uraeus> omega_: gstreamer-devel or gnome-devel?
[02:26] <omega_> gst
[02:26] Action: ajmitch attempts to load it...
[02:26] <hadess> hadess.net/guadec/rhythmbox-audiocd.png and this one as well
[02:26] <Uraeus> small project for someone?
[02:26] <ajmitch> omega_: oh, asking people to try and understand code...
[02:27] <Uraeus> don't have any thoughts, except we could send the task to gnome-love
[02:28] <omega_> Uraeus: ?
[02:28] <Uraeus> omega_: gnome-love is a project set up for helping people get started coding gnome apps, people are asked to send simple tasks there
[02:28] arik (arik at sdn-ar-002waseatP121.dialsprint.net) joined #gstreamer.
[02:28] <Uraeus> hi arik
[02:28] <arik> hey
[02:28] <hadess> hey arik
[02:28] <omega_> Uraeus: wrong mail
[02:28] <hadess> arik: you just missed the shots :)
[02:29] <arik> shots?
[02:29] <arik> oh!
[02:29] <walken> damn
[02:29] <arik> well post em again
[02:29] <hadess> arik: hadess.net/guadec/rhythmbox-library.png and hadess.net/guadec/rhythmbox-audiocd.png
[02:29] <Uraeus> omega_: what is the heading?
[02:29] <arik> ;-)
[02:29] <walken> my ac3 decoder is fucked up
[02:29] <omega_> arik: as I told hadess, you might want to add yourself to the AUTHORS file in CVS listing what you're working on
[02:29] <arik> i will once i have cvs access ;-)
[02:29] <omega_> Uraeus: GNOME Sound server arch
[02:29] <arik> i might even make a maintainers file ;-P
[02:29] <omega_> arik: I thought you did?  hrm, ok
[02:29] <omega_> arik: good idea
[02:30] <Uraeus> arik: and a nice supportive mail to gnome-hackers would also be good :)
[02:30] <arik> ok
[02:30] <omega_> Uraeus: re: what?
[02:30] <arik> god, i hate g-h
[02:30] <omega_> arik: I guess I should add you, what's your sf id?
[02:30] <arik> one sec
[02:30] <Uraeus> omega_: long time since you sent it?
[02:31] <omega_> Uraeus: minutes ago
[02:31] <omega_> before the small project one
[02:31] <omega_> hadess: the audiocd image is 404
[02:31] <Uraeus> ah, that explains it haven't got it yet
[02:31] <omega_> ESR just broke into my house. He's naked, covered in jelly and holding a gun along with a copy of ESR's Love Tips
[02:31] <omega_>                                                                     (By Talisman on /.) 
[02:31] Action: omega_ shudders and covers his mind's eye
[02:32] Action: ajmitch wants an image viewer that accepts http:// uris natively
[02:32] <hadess> omega_: forgot to update, now on
[02:32] <omega_> hadess: so do I have to remember that label5 is mp3's and label7 is CD's? <g>
[02:33] <hadess> omega_: heh, no, the tabs will disappear, and you'll get to the tabs through the source list
[02:33] <omega_> ok
[02:33] <Uraeus> omega_: uh, if you sent it before the smal project one then I don't understand what happened to it since I don't have it (and as usual the archive is shite)
[02:33] <omega_> hadess: is there a vnc server for osx?
[02:33] <arik> how do i find out my id?
[02:33] <omega_> arik: log into sf <g>
[02:33] <arik> i did ;-P
[02:33] <ajmitch> arik: you don't use sf much?
[02:33] <hadess> omega_: don't know... why ? you have a macos x box ?
[02:33] <arik> ajmitch: nope
[02:34] <hadess> arik: you sf id is your login name
[02:34] <omega_> hadess: no, I was thinking so that I could use itunes remotely, to try it out <g>
[02:34] <arik> ah duh
[02:34] <arik> !
[02:34] <omega_> cael
[02:34] <ajmitch> heh
[02:34] <arik> i was thinking of an number id
[02:34] <arik> omega_: cael
[02:34] <arik> for reasons not worth going into
[02:34] <hadess> omega_: i don't have macos or macos x installed on this machine
[02:34] Action: omega_ is faster than arik at finding his own id <g>
[02:34] <omega_> hadess: so how are you cloning itunes?
[02:34] <arik> haha
[02:34] Action: ajmitch wonders if people can guess his sf login...
[02:35] <Uraeus> ajmitch: give me 1000 USD if I guess correctly?
[02:35] <hadess> omega_: screenshots, videos
[02:35] <ajmitch> Uraeus: i'd be happy if i had 1000USD to begin with ;)
[02:35] <sienap> bye guys
[02:35] <arik> hadess: looks great, does it do anything yet?
[02:35] <sienap> sleep tight!
[02:35] <hadess> omega_: i tried it out as well, but that's why i need to get myself a laptop i can install macos on
[02:35] <ajmitch> bye sienap
[02:35] <Uraeus> night sienap
[02:35] <sienap> happy hacking and stuff
[02:35] Action: omega_ wants a g4 laptop
[02:36] <sienap> bye oemga!
[02:36] <omega_> l8r
[02:36] sienap (synap at ipc379c14f.dial.wxs.nl) left #gstreamer.
[02:36] <Uraeus> omega_: did you send that mail to gnome-hackers too?
[02:36] <omega_> arik: added
[02:36] <walken> yay
[02:36] <omega_> Uraeus: no
[02:36] <omega_> walken: ?
[02:36] <hadess> arik: no, i'm doing the playlist code right now, i hope to have a semi-functional player at the end of next week
[02:36] <arik> omega_: neeto
[02:36] Action: walken found his ac3 bug
[02:37] <ajmitch> omega_: how many people have you trusted with cvs access so far?
[02:37] <omega_> 11 developers total
[02:37] <ajmitch> heh, 11 people that can corrupt the code & warp our minds ;)
[02:38] <omega_> there are daily snapshots, of cvs at least (not sure about our minds)
[02:38] <Uraeus> ajmitch: have you recieved a mail from erik named: GNOME Sound server arch ?
[02:38] <omega_> I have
[02:38] <omega_> via sf
[02:38] <Uraeus> well I didn't
[02:38] <ajmitch> From:	Erik Walthinsen <omega at temple-baptist.com>
[02:38] <ajmitch> Reply-To:	gstreamer-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
[02:38] <ajmitch> To:	gstreamer-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
[02:38] <ajmitch> Subject:	[gst-devel] GNOME Sound server arch
[02:38] <ajmitch> Date:	19 May 2001 15:59:53 -0700
[02:38] <ajmitch> yup
[02:39] Action: Uraeus starts pulling out hair
[02:39] <omega_> btw, speaking of pulling out hair, did you ever get your boat off the rocks?
[02:39] <Uraeus> omega_: yes, it is on water now, but we have problems with the fuel intake on the engine, for some reason the diesel want to stay in the tank
[02:40] <ajmitch> Uraeus: btw, pulling hair leads to baldness ;)
[02:40] <omega_> Uraeus: that's what rocks tend to do ;-(
[02:40] <Uraeus> omega_: could you resend the mail to me 
[02:40] <omega_> oh, it wants to stay in the tank
[02:40] <Uraeus> omega_: yup
[02:40] <omega_> better than not wanting to stay in the tank
[02:40] <Uraeus> hehe
[02:40] <ajmitch> lol
[02:41] <omega_> To      : uraeus at linuxrising.com
[02:41] <omega_>  ?
[02:41] <Uraeus> yup
[02:41] <omega_> sent
[02:41] Action: ajmitch commits yet another insane act
[02:41] <arik> omega_: thanks
[02:42] <ajmitch> omega_: going to try & get gstreamer in the top 10 most active projects on sf? ;)
[02:42] <omega_> ajmitch: hehehe
[02:42] <Uraeus> how does that work?
[02:42] <omega_> if we get lots of plugins in gstreamer cvs (not in the main package) we may well succeed in that <g>
[02:43] <ajmitch> omega_: would that mean giving plugin developers cvs write access?
[02:43] <omega_> right
[02:43] <Uraeus> is it a simplt CVS commit count or does it take amount of lines of code into account? 
[02:43] <ajmitch> omega_: or would you sort thru a pile of patches each day?
[02:44] <omega_> that, plus email count, etc.
[02:44] <arik> updating to actual cvs account
[02:44] <omega_> dunno, we'll have to figure that out when it happens
[02:44] <arik> neeto
[02:44] <arik> ok that didn't work
[02:44] <arik> at all
[02:44] <ajmitch> page views, plus downloads of released files, also contribute to activity ranking
[02:44] <omega_> I'd just check out a new copy
[02:45] <omega_> or try to replace the Root files everywhere
[02:45] <Uraeus> omega_: did you repond to Alans last mail?
[02:45] <arik> *nod*
[02:45] <Uraeus> ajmitch: do we know what out current position is?
[02:45] <ajmitch> Uraeus: nope, but activity %age is about 80%
[02:45] <omega_> 80.6602%
[02:46] <ajmitch> ranked 456th, i think
[02:46] <Uraeus> ok, I will start mailing 100 mails to the list every day to move us up
[02:46] Action: omega_ will personally take another vacation to Norway and shoot Uraeus if he does that
[02:46] <ajmitch> Uraeus: setup a new mailing list for that then ;)
[02:46] <Uraeus> hehe
[02:46] <omega_> ajmitch: good idea
[02:47] <omega_> hrm, there was a pageview spike on the 12th, and a download spike on the 15th
[02:47] <Uraeus> omega_: did you mail Alan back on his last mail? (if you did I think my mailserver is having problems)
[02:47] <ajmitch> omega_: how about a cron job that commits random data into a file every 5 minutes?
[02:47] <Uraeus> omega_: where are the statistics?
[02:47] <arik> ok
[02:47] <omega_> link from the front sf page for gst
[02:47] <arik> i am adding an AUTHORS and a MAINTAINERS file to gstplay
[02:48] <omega_> Uraeus, arik: you want to collaborate on the MAINTAINERS format?
[02:48] <ajmitch> omega_: when was gstreamer being mentioned on gnome-hackers?
[02:48] <omega_> Uraeus: when did you send that mail?
[02:48] <arik> sure
[02:48] <Uraeus> ajmitch: yesterday and today
[02:48] <arik> authors is simple
[02:48] <arik> you just have your name in it ;-)
[02:48] <omega_> right
[02:48] <ajmitch> hmm, then why a big peak a week ago on page views?
[02:48] <omega_> the MAINTAINERS file though should either be the source for some roadmap data, or vice versa
[02:49] <omega_> ajmitch: no clue
[02:49] <omega_> we don't get the logs themselves, so we can't tell ;-(
[02:49] <omega_> https://sourceforge.net/project/stats/index.php?report=months&group_id=1936
[02:49] <arik> argh
[02:49] <arik> i wish there was an easy way to move to it thinking i have write access
[02:50] <Uraeus> arik, omega_: not sure what you mean, why does linking MAINTAINERS and the roadmap make sense?
[02:50] <Uraeus> they only think they have in common is a list of maintainers
[02:50] <omega_> because the roadmap has a mapping between the plugins and their MAINTAINERs <g>
[02:50] <omega_> exactly
[02:50] <omega_> so either the roadmap should mirror that, or vice versa
[02:51] <arik> gonna just pull my own
[02:51] <Uraeus> ok, why not just use the roadmap as a MAINTAINERS file then?
[02:51] <arik> as a top level MAINTAINERS file
[02:51] <arik> that makes a certain ammount of sence
[02:51] <arik> er sense
[02:51] <omega_> well, I dunno.  you and arik are supposed to figure that out <g>
[02:52] <arik> hehe
[02:52] <Uraeus> ok ;)
[02:52] <omega_> Uraeus: spell it with me now: d e l e g a t i o n <g>
[02:52] <arik> haha
[02:52] <Uraeus> arik: is having it in html acceptable or should I reformat the roadmap in pure text for the file?
[02:52] <ajmitch> omega_: don't tempt him...
[02:52] <arik> reformat
[02:53] <Uraeus> urk :)
[02:53] <arik> i think
[02:53] <taaz> write it in xml and write xslt to convert to html or text
[02:53] <arik> hehe
[02:53] <arik> you asked ;-P
[02:53] <arik> that's a good idea too
[02:53] Action: omega_ shuts up <g>
[02:53] <Uraeus> double argh
[02:53] <ajmitch> arik: checking out gstreamer using your sf login now?
[02:54] <hadess> Uraeus: html2txt at your nearest local apt-get store =)
[02:54] <Uraeus> hadess: does it work well with tables?
[02:54] <ajmitch> hadess: have pity on him, i uses redhat ;)
[02:54] <ajmitch> s/i/he
[02:54] <hadess> Uraeus: dunno, there are hundreds of this type of utility
[02:54] <taaz> yo, i'm serious... this is exactly the problem xml and xslt were built to solve
[02:54] <arik> ajmitch: yep
[02:54] <hadess> ajmitch: haha, you just made a fool of yourself :)
[02:54] <ajmitch> Uraeus: probably on your redhat cd or smething...
[02:55] <ajmitch> hadess: hey, i use debian you know
[02:55] <Uraeus> taaz: ok, what tool do I use to get it in valid XML format?
[02:55] <taaz> vi
[02:55] <omega_> taaz: but do you want to maintain MAINTAINERS in cvs as xml?
[02:55] <ajmitch> Uraeus: vi ;)
[02:55] <hadess> Uraeus: abiword does it iirc
[02:55] <omega_> another option:
[02:55] <Uraeus> thanks hadess :)
[02:55] <hadess> ajmitch: i know
[02:55] <omega_> have a standard header for each plugin that lists current maintainer, have a script go through the tree and figure it out
[02:56] <omega_> note that maintainer ~!= authors, so we can't use -inspect
[02:56] <ajmitch> omega_: that could work...
[02:56] <omega_> unless we add a 'current maintainer+email' field
[02:56] <omega_> which isn't such a bad idea
[02:56] <Uraeus> ok, ehy are you trying to make something very simple into something complicated?
[02:56] <arik> heh
[02:56] <Uraeus> this starts to remind me of the anal GNOME summary setup
[02:56] <arik> just convert it to plain text
[02:56] <omega_> Uraeus: cause it's fun!
[02:57] <arik> and move on with life ;-)
[02:57] <Uraeus> ok, I make a plaintext version tommorw and mail you Arik
[02:57] <Uraeus> so you can add it through CVS
[02:57] <ajmitch> looks like someone is doing my jobs for me ;)
[02:57] <arik> ok
[02:57] <arik> sounds good
[02:58] <Uraeus> ajmitch: yes wtay took your plugins :)
[02:58] <Uraeus> ajmitch: he was afraid you actually would try to fix them :)
[02:58] <ajmitch> heh
[02:58] <arik> hah
[02:59] <Uraeus> ajmitch: so instead you can make a simple GUI frontend for converting files with GStreamer
[02:59] Action: Uraeus thinks he is good at delegation :)
[02:59] <arik> oh
[02:59] <arik> nice
[02:59] <omega_> Uraeus: now that you can spell it <g>
[02:59] <ajmitch> hehe
[02:59] <arik> hehe
[03:00] <ajmitch> Uraeus: so i'm not doing any plugins now?
[03:00] <Uraeus> ajmitch: not currently, but if you want to do that instead of my conversion tool idea, let me know and I find you some ;)
[03:01] <omega_> Uraeus: conversion should be set up so it can be done duringa nautilus drag+copy
[03:01] Action: ajmitch closes emacs with his volume plugin attempts
[03:01] <omega_> right-drag a file and one menu option is a 'copy as' submenu
[03:01] <Uraeus> ajmitch: NOOOO
[03:01] <ajmitch> omega_: like konq with it's drag & drop cd ripping?
[03:01] <omega_> yeah, but any->any <g>
[03:01] <ajmitch> Uraeus: what's wrong?
[03:01] <omega_> ajmitch: don't stop
[03:02] <arik> omega_: that's nt that hard
[03:02] <Uraeus> ajmitch: I didn't mean to stop your plugin coding :)
[03:02] Action: ajmitch sees a wishlist section there with Uraeus's name written all over it ;)
[03:03] <Uraeus> ajmitch: actually that is Alans wish :)
[03:03] <omega_> ?
[03:03] <ajmitch> omega_: looking at current roadmap
[03:03] <Uraeus> omega_: Alan said we should hurry up with midi support :)
[03:03] Nick change: omega_ -> omega_dinner
[03:03] <omega_dinner> if wtay-snooker becomes wtay, hold him down until I get here
[03:04] <Uraeus> but the Natilus idea was cool I think
[03:04] <ajmitch> hehe, i spent 4 hours last night playing that ;)
[03:04] <Uraeus> ajmitch: playing midi?
[03:04] <ajmitch> snooker
[03:04] <Uraeus> ah
[03:05] <Uraeus> ajmitch: so what will it be? plugin, conversion app, nautilus drag&drop conversion?
[03:05] <Uraeus> ajmitch: remember the roadmap waits for noone
[03:05] Action: ajmitch runs & hides
[03:05] Action: Uraeus drags ajmitch out of hiding and place him in front of the keyboard
[03:06] Action: ajmitch whimpers
[03:07] <ajmitch> umm, my great-great-grandfather is very sick & needs me by him... 
[03:07] Action: hadess pins ajmitch to his desk
[03:07] Action: Uraeus starts singing country songs to ajmitch until he starts coding
[03:08] <Uraeus> ...on the road again...fels so good to be back on the road again...
[03:08] Action: ajmitch screams and goes (more) insane
[03:08] <Uraeus> ..going somewhere I never been before....
[03:08] <Uraeus> ...on the road again...
[03:08] Action: ajmitch opens kdevelop & starts hacking KDE, making it even more beautiful than before
[03:09] Action: Uraeus starts choking
[03:09] <arik> ewwww
[03:09] <ajmitch> ah, beautiful silence ;)
[03:10] <Uraeus> well, judging by your GStreamer effort I am not to worried about your KDE contributions :)
[03:10] <Uraeus> KDE 3.0 delayed 2 years due to ajmitch failing deadlline after deadline :)
[03:10] <hadess> lol
[03:10] Action: ajmitch sulks
[03:10] <arik> hahaha
[03:12] arik (arik at sdn-ar-002waseatP121.dialsprint.net) left irc: leaving
[03:13] Action: Uraeus does s/Andrew Mitchell/Unmaintained/ on the roadmap
[03:14] Action: ajmitch should go too, before he gets hassled any more
[03:14] <Uraeus> sorry ajmitch :)
[03:14] Action: ajmitch deletes his changes
[03:14] <Uraeus> hmm, this is going badly
[03:15] <ajmitch> what is going badly?
[03:15] <Uraeus> me trying to motivate you :)
[03:15] Action: Uraeus sucks at peptalks
[03:15] <ajmitch> well, i cannot be sure whether you are serious or not
[03:16] <ajmitch> wouldn't surprise me if you were
[03:16] <Uraeus> ajmitch: well you can be sure that I don't want to be mean
[03:17] Action: ajmitch runs xchat logs thru a complex series of head & tail statements
[03:17] <Uraeus> ajmitch: well, don't take me trying to force projects onto you seriously, I don't code myself so I can't demand it of someone else
[03:18] Action: hadess watches Uraeus volunteer to write documentation
[03:18] <Uraeus> hadess: actually I am planing to, as soon as we have apps that needs and supports manuals I will write docs 
[03:19] <hadess> Uraeus: i'll soon have work for you then
[03:19] <Uraeus> ajmitch: did you really take my comments badly?
[03:19] <ajmitch> damn, trying to snip out parts of the logs relating to caps nego
[03:19] <Uraeus> if so I applogise
[03:20] <ajmitch> i got a whole lot of dutch crap from sienap instead of useful stuff ;)
[03:20] <ajmitch> Uraeus: just been having a average-to-crap week
[03:20] <Uraeus> sorry to hear that
[03:21] <Uraeus> well, nap time, need to help with the motor on the boat tommorow(errr later today), see ya
[03:21] Uraeus (cschalle at c224s9h5.upc.chello.no) left irc: syntax error - user imploded
[03:22] <hadess> need bed as well here
[03:23] <hadess> cya guys
[03:23] <ajmitch> ok, got a snip from the logs where wtay explained caps nego to hadess, then omega_
[03:23] <ajmitch> cya hadess
[03:23] hadess (hadess at pc2-guil2-0-cust150.gui.cable.ntl.com) left irc: mooooh!
[03:25] Nick change: omega_dinner -> omega_
[03:25] <ajmitch> hi omega_
[03:25] <Parapraxi> howdee omega_
[03:26] Action: Parapraxi has been playing w/ avs... I walked away when it crashed
[03:26] <mattsm> Whats a good place to start analyzing gstreamer at?
[03:27] <omega_> analyzing how?
[03:27] <mattsm> omega_: begining to learn how gst works =)
[03:27] <omega_> the website
[03:28] <ajmitch> another good way is to bug omega_ with questions, right? ;)
[03:28] <Parapraxi> mattsm: read the slides and the application writer's howto
[03:28] <omega_> ajmitch: only after reading through the slides <G>
[03:28] <ajmitch> omega_: of course ;)
[03:29] <mattsm> thanks
[03:29] <ajmitch> like wtf is this incsched thing that you're having trouble with? ;)
[03:58] Action: omega_ keeps his 1.000 score on predicting problems with the local telco
[04:01] <walken> what kind of problems ?
[04:01] <omega_> oh, they were supposed to take 2-4hrs to move a DSL line from rr's old office to rr's new office.  let's just say it didn't work like that
[04:03] Action: Parapraxi is starting to lean toward a redesign of pn's arch
[04:05] <walken> whats pn ?
[04:06] <Parapraxi> http://paranormal.sourceforge.net
[04:24] Nick change: wtay-snooker -> wtay
[04:24] <wtay> yo
[04:24] <Parapraxi> howdee
[04:24] <wtay> looks like it has been busy here
[04:25] <Parapraxi> yup
[04:26] <wtay> <omega_dinner> if wtay-snooker becomes wtay, hold him down until I get here
[04:26] <wtay> whoa! 14 gst mails!
[04:27] <Parapraxi> hehe... 13 ;)
[04:27] <Parapraxi> (one is my mistake)
[04:27] Action: wtay is reading mail
[04:28] <walken> ok party time
[04:28] walken (foobar at c1583255-a.smateo1.sfba.home.com) left irc: l8r
[04:29] <omega_> um, I forget what it was you were supposed to explain
[04:29] <omega_> oh, yeah, something about a cothreads discussion in #gnome
[04:29] <wtay> I have a log
[04:30] <omega_> ok
[04:30] <wtay> I'll send it to you, I basically didn't shut down xchat for the last 2 days so...
[04:30] <omega_> heh
[04:31] <wtay> -rw-------    1 wim      wim        340816 May 20 04:30 /home/wim/gnome_irc.log
[04:31] <wtay> better gzip it :)
[04:31] <omega_> heh
[04:33] <wtay> sent
[04:38] <omega_> who's DV ?
[04:39] <wtay> Daniel Veillard?
[04:40] ajmitch (ajmitch at p37-max5.dun.ihug.co.nz) left irc: Ping timeout for ajmitch[p37-max5.dun.ihug.co.nz]
[04:41] <mattsm> wtay: a redhat gnomeish dude
[04:41] <Parapraxi> ok, so how would I play an mp3 w/ gstreamer (as simply as possible)
[04:42] <wtay> mattsm: author of libxml
[04:42] <Parapraxi> can it all be done on the gstreamer-launch cmd line?
[04:42] <wtay> Parapraxi: yes
[04:42] <wtay> gstreamer-launch disksrc location=/some.mp3 ! mad ! osssink
[04:43] ajmitch (ajmitch at p37-max5.dun.ihug.co.nz) joined #gstreamer.
[04:43] <Parapraxi> are the 'plugins' currently built into the library right now?  (ie do I need to specify a plugin dir since I'm not installing it)?
[04:43] <wtay> Parapraxi: nope, the build dir is in the plugin search path if you use CVS gst
[04:44] <Parapraxi> ok, cool
[04:49] <Parapraxi> heh, I guess it doesn't gracefully exit if it doesn't find the plugin ;)
[04:49] <omega_> nope ;-(
[04:50] <mattsm> you cant cntl-c to exit
[04:50] <omega_> you can't?
[04:50] <Parapraxi> I could
[04:50] <mattsm> not after running that command
[04:50] <omega_> which?
[04:50] <mattsm> i could not
[04:51] <mattsm> gstreamer-launch disksrc location=/some.mp3 ! mad ! osssink
[04:51] <omega_> hmm, odd
[04:51] <mattsm> it cant find mad, if I replace mad with mpg123 I get a segfault
[04:51] <taaz> time for fun with --gst-mask=-1
[04:52] <omega_> you need to go get libmad then <G>
[04:52] <omega_> mpg123 is buggy.  if you want to use it, you must put a mp3parse before it in the pipelie
[04:52] <taaz> gstreamer-inspect mad
[04:53] <mattsm> where does one get libmad? =)
[04:54] <mattsm> that worked for mpg123, but it does not make any sound =/
[04:54] <mattsm> its also worth mentioning is whatever extracts the location argument from the command line is facist
[04:55] <taaz> mattsm: apt-get install libmad0-dev
[04:55] <Parapraxi> heh, mine segfaulted w/ mpg123
[04:55] <omega_> mattsm: search freshmeat
[04:55] <mattsm> taaz: !deb =(
[04:55] <taaz> poor mattsm  ;)
[04:56] <mattsm> is mad better than mpg123?
[04:56] <omega_> yes
[04:56] <mattsm> i mean.. well... you know what I mean
[04:57] <Parapraxi> ./gstreamer-launch disksrc location=~/music/<snip>.mp3 ! mp3parse ! mpg123 ! osssink
[04:57] <Parapraxi> is that right?
[04:57] <omega_> yup
[04:57] <Parapraxi> ugh
[04:58] <mattsm> Parapraxi: i got no sound when I did that
[04:58] <Parapraxi> I got a segfault
[04:58] <omega_> [16:47:49] <jamesh> hadess: there is no BUGS file.  Libglade has no bugs :)
[04:58] <omega_> hehehehe
[04:59] <wtay> did you guys run tools/gstreamer-register
[04:59] <wtay> ?
[04:59] <Parapraxi> nope
[04:59] <taaz> didn't it tell you to do so?
[04:59] <Parapraxi> hehe... :)
[04:59] <mattsm> wtay: I did
[04:59] <mattsm> well, libmad works nicely =)
[05:00] <omega_>  ** WARNING **: gstplugin: registry needs rebuild: run gstreamer-register (I mean it!!!) <g>
[05:00] <mattsm> anyone have an idea of when the next version of gst will be released?
[05:00] <omega_> RSN, as always ;-)
[05:01] <Parapraxi> well it seemed to be able to list them just fine ;)
[05:01] <wtay> hmm I gotta sleep :(
[05:01] <wtay> cya
[05:01] <omega_> l8r
[05:01] <mattsm> omega_: your going to have the enlightenment as to what RSN means =)
[05:01] Nick change: wtay -> wtay-zZz
[05:01] <Parapraxi> bye
[05:01] <mattsm> ok mpg123 works now
[05:02] <Parapraxi> same here
[05:02] <mattsm> ./gstreamer-launch disksrc location=/home/mattsm/Media/Music/Classical/Mozart\ -\ Violin\ Concerto\ No\ 5\ -\ Allegro\ Aperto.mp3 ! mp3parse ! mpg123 ! osssink
[05:03] <Parapraxi> that worked?
[05:03] <mattsm> any ideas on how to get it to work with a file that looks like that?
[05:03] <Parapraxi> you can't
[05:03] <omega_> hm ;-(
[05:03] <mattsm> i had to make a symlink?
[05:03] <omega_> see -devel, there's a FIXME out on that
[05:03] <Parapraxi> omega_: just mailed the list
[05:03] <Parapraxi> maybe I'll do that now ;)
[05:03] <omega_> heh
[05:03] <mattsm> FIXME = patch? =)
[05:03] <Parapraxi> FIXME = lack of patch
[05:04] <mattsm> who sent the FIXME?
[05:04] <Parapraxi> omega_: 
[05:04] <mattsm> omega_: what is your real name? hehe
[05:05] <ajmitch> mattsm: Locutus... ;)
[05:05] <mattsm> ajmitch: this is not star trek
[05:05] <mattsm> ajmitch: hehe =)
[05:05] <ajmitch> mattsm: you haven't seen the list of things to be assimilated? ;)
[05:05] <omega_> mattsm: Erik Walthinsen
[05:06] <mattsm> omega_: Thanks
[05:06] <mattsm> ok, how do I get ascii art to be outputted? rofl
[05:06] <omega_> aasink driver=2
[05:07] <mattsm> can you do two out sinks at once?
[05:07] Action: mattsm drools
[05:07] <omega_> yes, but it depends on what you're doing whether the -launch syntax is good enough yet
[05:08] <mattsm> ./gstreamer-launch disksrc location=~/some.mpg ! mp3parse ! mpg123 ! aasink driver=2
[05:08] <mattsm>  dpes not work
[05:09] <omega_> well, of course
[05:09] <omega_> aasink is for video
[05:09] <mattsm> omega_: lol, i bet I am annoying
[05:09] <ajmitch> mattsm: probably cos you're using audio parsers & decoders?
[05:09] <mattsm> ajmitch: haha, ok
[05:09] <mattsm> ajmitch: well, i was hoping..
[05:09] <omega_> find a mpeg video and do disksrc location=video.mpg ! mpeg_play ! aasink driver=2
[05:10] <mattsm> omega_: ok, do you know a place to find an mpeg video? (last question i promise)
[05:11] <omega_> gstreamer.net/media/everest.m1v
[05:11] <ajmitch> there's a couple on the win95 cd <g>
[05:12] <mattsm> thanks alot guys, i'll be subscribing to your lists, hopefully sometime soon i'll find a way to help out
[05:12] <omega_> cool
[05:12] <ajmitch> same here, i might be able to help someday as well (apart from harassing omega_) ;)
[05:13] <mattsm> well, i know c, but i know little about audio/video (knowany good books/reasources?)
[05:13] <omega_> for basics, go for 'Video Demystified'
[05:14] <mattsm> omega_: ok, i'll take a look
[05:16] <mattsm> it crashes in gst_pad_connect
[05:16] <mattsm> when I try to view aa
[05:17] <mattsm> is there an easy way to list all the sinks?
[05:17] <omega_> hmm
[05:17] <omega_> well, you can ./gstreamer-inspect a plugin
[05:17] <ajmitch> dunno, but i get this... 
[05:17] <ajmitch> DEBUG(15858:-1)gst_elementfactory_make:197: gstelementfactory: make "aasink" "aasink0"
[05:17] <ajmitch> DEBUG(15858:-1)gst_elementfactory_find:71: gstelementfactory: find "aasink"
[05:17] <ajmitch> Couldn't create a 'aasink', no such element or need to run gstreamer-register?
[05:17] <ajmitch> Segmentation fault
[05:17] <ajmitch> when running with --gst-mask=-1
[05:18] <ajmitch> it didn't compile by default on mine
[05:18] Action: ajmitch sees why!
[05:18] <mattsm> ohhh, gee, aasink needs an aalib, lol
[05:19] <ajmitch> ugh, not good, i need to download a few updates to get it
[05:19] <mattsm> do you need to do something special to display video?
[05:20] <omega_> -launch doesn't have the ability to actually create the window needed just yet
[05:20] <omega_> I'm working on a couple ways to do that, I should just finish that
[05:20] <mattsm> omega_: ahh i feared that
[05:20] <omega_> aasink and sdlsink create their own windows, in the right mode
[05:21] <mattsm> hrmm, does that mean ./gstreamer-launch disksrc location=~/everest.m1v ! mpeg_play ! sdlvideosink
[05:21] <mattsm>  should work?
[05:21] <omega_> I think so
[05:21] <omega_> might need mp1videoparse in there before mpeg_play
[05:22] <mattsm> omega_: Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed) hehe
[05:22] <mattsm> omega_: ok, ill stop bugging you...
[05:22] <mattsm> omega_: thanks for your help
[05:23] <omega_> hrm, ok the sdlsink author has some more work to do ;-)
[05:26] <Parapraxi> omega_: how would one go about solving the '\ ' problem?
[05:26] <omega_> not sure, that's why I suggested someone else fix it <g>
[05:26] <omega_> basically somewhere is the test for the end of a word
[05:26] <omega_> and you need to find a way to make sure that test fails on '\ ' but succeeds on ' '
[05:27] <Parapraxi> ah, but that's on in gst_parse_launch_cmdline()
[05:27] <omega_> nope, you want gst_parse_launch
[05:27] <Parapraxi> oh
[05:27] <Parapraxi> hehe
[05:27] <Parapraxi> that will probably make it much easier
[05:28] <omega_> a bit <g>
[05:34] <Parapraxi> are element parameters always one word?
[05:36] <omega_> yes
[05:36] <omega_> re, no
[05:36] <Parapraxi> lol
[05:36] <omega_> the LADSPA wrapper can create argument names with spaces
[05:36] <omega_> I may fix this by replacing them with _'s
[05:37] <omega_> but in general those parameters are ill-behaved anyway
[05:38] <Parapraxi> well, if they are guaranteed to be one word, you can jump ahead to the next '=' and backtrack a word, then go back to the 1st non-space before that and that's (hopefully) the end of the filename
[05:39] <Parapraxi> I have no idea how to od filenames w/ trailing spaces
[05:39] <omega_> as long as they're '\ ', you just treat them as part of that word
[05:39] <omega_> that should be the only change necessary: don't break on escaped spaces
[05:39] <Parapraxi> there's no '\' when it gets to gst_parse_launch
[05:40] <omega_> there isn't?
[05:40] <omega_> that's not nice
[05:40] <Parapraxi> very much so
[05:40] <omega_> ok, check gstreamer-launch.c
[05:40] <omega_> that's very likely a side-effect of concattenating the argv[] array
[05:41] <omega_> you might change that concat to do a s/ /\\ /g equiv before concat
[05:41] <Parapraxi> yeah
[05:41] <Parapraxi> that should do it
[05:42] <mattsm> omega_: woo, aasink worked =)
[05:43] <omega_> cool
[05:43] <mattsm> omega_: so does sdlvideosink *
[05:43] <omega_> cool
[05:43] <mattsm> omega_: i have _no_ idea what i did differtly the 2nd time
[05:44] <Parapraxi> omega_: you should probably let whomever is doing the sdlsink know that they shouldn't let SDL take over sig handling
[05:44] <omega_> Parapraxi: yeah, he tried that
[05:44] <Parapraxi> ?
[05:44] <omega_> the problem is that he can disable the parachute, but it *still* captures the keyboard, so Ctrl-C doesn't do anything
[05:45] <omega_> people in #SDL were agast that he didn't have SDL in control of the entire universe, and thus were unhelpful
[05:45] <Parapraxi> mattsm: got a 'parachute deployed' though
[05:45] <mattsm> Parapraxi: you did, or I did?
[05:45] <Parapraxi> sorry, didn't mean to have the ':'
[05:46] <Parapraxi> you did
[05:47] <omega_> Parapraxi: dunno if that attempt is in cvs
[05:47] <Parapraxi> gocha
[05:47] <omega_> personally, I think that if SDL isn't called with SDL_INIT_KEYBOARD or whatever, it should *NOT* take over
[05:47] <omega_> but SDL thinks it's king any time you link it in, so you're kinda screwed
[05:47] <omega_> if you haven't noticed, I've had baaaaad experiences with SDL
[05:48] <Parapraxi> omega_: yeah, it wasn't pretty getting it to work w/ XMMS (ie gtk) and multiple threads
[05:49] <Parapraxi> hehe, mine is the only SDL plugin where the window-manager's destroy window works ;)
[05:49] <omega_> heh
[05:50] <Parapraxi> when is a usable GLib 2 coming out?
[05:50] <omega_> ENOCLUE
[05:50] <mattsm> hrmm, what format is vob in? mpeg2?
[05:50] <omega_> mpeg2 system stream
[05:51] <mattsm> are the sinks different for them?
[05:51] <omega_> disksrc location=vob ! mpeg2parse video_00! mpeg2dec ! sdlvideosink
[05:51] <omega_> no, the decoders are
[05:51] <omega_> that works iff you have mpeg2dec installed (libmpeg2dec)
[05:51] <mattsm> omega_: thanks
[05:52] Action: omega_ dares to get glibc-2.2.3 for his redhat-7.0 machine
[05:53] <Parapraxi> hehe... /me wants to fix the '\ ' problem by adding a sed to gstreamer-launch ;)
[05:53] <omega_> doh
[05:53] <Parapraxi> but that just ain't kosher
[05:53] <omega_> not really <g>
[05:56] <mattsm> what is bonobo-media, or rather how does it relate to gst?
[05:56] <omega_> it's an IDL that will allow apps to play any kind of media
[05:57] <omega_> so the current major provider of the IDL is a gstreamer-based app (which I haven't seen yet)
[05:58] <mattsm> omega_: so bonobo-media will be like a sink? (aasink/xvideosink/sdlvideosink/etc) right?
[05:58] <omega_> nope
[05:58] <omega_> it's an app
[05:58] <omega_> the IDL boils down to: bonobo_media_play_file("somefile.sometype")
[05:59] <mattsm> ohh, its just a app? so it just can use gstreamer decoders to show any type of media?
[05:59] <omega_> right
[05:59] <mattsm> over any conection, within any program, etc..
[05:59] <omega_> mostly
[06:00] <mattsm> intresting
[06:22] Kuroyi (rick at ubr-35.82.223.wmelbourne.cfl.rr.com) left irc: Read error to Kuroyi[ubr-35.82.223.wmelbourne.cfl.rr.com]: EOF from client
[06:23] Kuroyi (rick at ubr-35.82.223.wmelbourne.cfl.rr.com) joined #gstreamer.
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