[gst-devel] user input events

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Wed May 30 01:21:21 CEST 2001

How are GStreamer apps supposed to handle user input events?

At first look I'd say "That's not GStreamers problem".  Which I suppose
is right.  So I'm asking a "Application Development with GStreamer"

It looks like app developers have to pick an event system.  If an app
does the xid trick with xvideosink you could probably wrap it in some
gtk/gdk thing and get events that way.  Or you could use the sdlsink and
use its event system.  Does it make any sense to try and wrap these into
a common gst event framework?  That seems like alot of duplicate effort
for something that wont integrate well with the systems it wraps.  But
using one specific event system will force that app to use a specific
video sink.

I'm guessing that for some applications user events will have to tie
into the yet-to-be-thought-about-by-omega event system for seeking and
so on.

Anyone else looked at this problem yet?

It's an issue for things like EffecTV assimilation.  Those plugins use
SDL events.  I'm looking at it in the context of DVD GUI.

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