[gst-devel] GStreamer 0.2.0 announcement and user testing

Schaller, Christian christian.schaller at dnb.no
Thu May 31 17:00:20 CEST 2001

As some of you might know we had long discussion on #GNOME with Sander Vesik
(Sun release engineer and GNOME 2.0 co-ordinator) about to which degree out
cothreads implementation really worked across plattforms and processors. As
part of the solution to that debate we agreed to try to perform some testing
in order to 'prove' one thing or the other. To to this, as part of our
release announcement I suggest that we either provide a link to or include
the message below. If we set up that test mailinglist we will hopefully
accomplish some usefull things, like determine how sturdy cothreads is, what
general compilation issues we need to address, get more media-files to test
our plugins with, a couple of patches and last but not least a a big jump in
the Sourceforge 'most active projects' list :)

Any opinions?

Christian 'Uraeus' Schaller

In order to make sure GStreamer compiles and runs easily on as many
plattforms and distributions/unices as possible
we ask that as many as possible try and compile and run GStreamer and send
us feedback. Even if you are able to get GStreamer to work easily please
send in a report since we want to get as much statistics as possible. Send a
report using the setup below to gstreamer-test at lists.sourceforge.net :

Processor-type (x86, PPC etc.) :
Number of processors:
Operating System (Linux, Solaris etc.):
Distribution (if applicable): 
OS/distribution release: 

Point of failure (When if ever does GStreamer fail):

Error message (Compilation errors for instance. If a bundled application
crash please start it from the console and send us the messages displayed
before and when it crashes.): 

Attachments (optional, here you can add a patch if you make that, or if
there is a media files which doesn't play attach that (as small as possible
max 5MB )):

If you had any problems with compiling/using GStreamer can we contact you
for further testing/help? (Y/N): 

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