[gst-devel] RTP plugins' status

Xavier Bestel xavier.bestel at free.fr
Sun Nov 18 06:41:32 CET 2001

le sam 17-11-2001 à 22:31, Zeeshan Ali a écrit :
> I was busy today making the mtu( maximum transfer unit ) in the rtpsend to change according to the payload type & tell the rtprecv about its current value along with all other things it already tell's rtprecv. I watched some 4-5 min. mpeg 1 videos with mtu=1024 today & it all worked fine. wtay: plz decide/change the mtu sizes accordingly in the newcaps() of rtpsend.

Errr ... is changing the MTU mandatory, or just a performance tuning ?
With some weird router setting (esp. ppp connections over e.g. DSL) if
your MTU is greater than the lowest MTU in the path, you end up
sending/receiving nothing, and don't have any answer too.


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