[gst-devel] autoconf macros

Andy Wingo apwingo at eos.ncsu.edu
Mon Nov 19 10:14:05 CET 2001

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, David I. Lehn wrote:

> That will override the system m4s right?  Which means someone will need
> to update those things from time to time.  Maintenance == bad.  Auto
> updating == good.

the date at the top of the gtk 1.2 m4 is 1997. gtk will not need
m4's any more. ergo, put the m4 in the acinclude once and for all. same
with esd, glib1.2... those are the ones that are necessary on my system
that a normal gnome2 install does not provide. so no maintenance.

>  I vote against it since no one will remember to
> update that file.

um, unless it doesn't work any more, which would be the case for new
releases of gtk, etc but that's not happening any time soon...

>  Unless of course you are volunteering?  But that
> means you'd have to have that stuff installed anyway.  Hmmm.

i'd put them in there now, then uninstall the gtk1.2 dev stuff cause i
don't want it any more. reducing superfluous dependencies is a goal,
right? any more objections?


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