[gst-devel] code review & commiting

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Wed Oct 10 12:15:17 CEST 2001

This thing with vishnu losing cvs access kind of sucks.  Is someone
planning on commiting his patches?  There were a number posted that got
no comments.  Stuff like sending debug stuff to stderr should probably
be commited.  Who's going to do it?  Omega?

The bytestream stuff probably needs a closer look.  Sort of thing we
really need a test suite to stress test any changes to it.  Who should
review and comment on or commit it?  Apparently no one else cares to
deal with the code but when someone does it would be nice to get any
beneficial changes into cvs in a timely manner.

I hate to nag about things but now I feel I'm in the same situation as
vishnu.  I posted some dvd reorg ideas and even a patch and i get no
comments.  Feeling I got in the past in IRC discussion is my patch is
not what should be in cvs. Personally I think what is in cvs now is
useless.  Do I lose cvs access if I commit my code?  Does anyone but me
care how the dvd code works?

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