[gst-devel] miscellaneos things

Andy Wingo apwingo at eos.ncsu.edu
Sat Oct 13 17:30:05 CEST 2001

Greeting, gstreamer-peoples.

A few things on my mind:

* I've updated the web site's backend so that it will be ready to accept Brock's
headers and footers when he gets them to us (hi Brock!). Also, things are based
on php now :).

* The whole web site is in cvs, with the exception of the file with the
passwords in it. The module name is 'www'.

* The status table is now in a database. If you're the maintainer of an element,
go to the status admin page (gstreamer.net/status/admin.php) and login using the
user name and password listed in
/home/groups/g/gs/gstreamer/htdocs/lib/db_setup.php to update your entry. I
suppose we all feel like gstreamer is coming together for another release
sometime relatively soon, and it would be good to get this done now.

* I've changed the Wiki over to phpwiki. It's got its plusses and minuses wrt
MoinMoin, but one nice thing is that it integrates really well with the rest of
the site. I've been doing a bit of updating on it, but there's still a lot of
docs that could be written. Some relevant stuff that's now up there:

 * how to link your app to uninstalled gst
 * how to work around buggy libtool when debugging uninstalled gst
 * a gstreamer-launch quick start

and a number of other things. So get on and share your experiences, we'll all

* Documentation needs some work, as the daily builds show. Someone want to take
on the fixing of the doc build system? how about the plugin doc build system?
Ideas, even? And if you do get it to work, make a Wiki page about how you did it.
What about daily doc builds?

So, we have a bit to do before gst is released again. Take something from this
list and see what you can do about it, and perhaps it will come sooner rather
than later :)

Best regards,


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