[gst-devel] V4L and gstreamer

ssingh at up.elctech.com ssingh at up.elctech.com
Mon Oct 15 16:34:17 CEST 2001

I am new to gstreamer and V4L... and linux in general for that matter.
Anyways I am trying to write a video capture utility for bt848 cards
using gstreamer and the V4L plugin that ships with it.  I was really
excited when I came across gstreamer, it seems like a great project for
increasing multi-media presence in Linux.  Anyways my project is in a
stage of extreme infancy and I was wondering if anyone has done ANYTHING
using v4l and gstreamer or if anyone could point me to some resources.
Also I've read the online docs for gstreamer and am getting a feel for the
structure of gstreamer apps and looking at sample code like "vidcapture.c"
but could still use some more info.  Speaking of vidcapture I wan't able
to run that or most of the other executables in the /test and /tests
directories.  They all compile fine but most of them execute with an
error from a failed assertion.  Usually something like...

"assertion 'xxxx != NULL' failed"
    where xxxx is some variable like "factory" or "compress"

Admittedly I haven't spent to much time with this problem but if anyone
has seen this or has an obvious solution, let me know.  Thanks.

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