[gst-devel] H.263/MP3/RTSP/RTP

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Tue Oct 16 19:41:09 CEST 2001

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Rob Lanphier wrote:

> Has there been much thought put into RTSP, RTP, H.263+, and MP3 support in
> GStreamer.  I realize that MP3 support is done, but is there support for
> MP3/RTP as described either in RFC 2250 or RFC 3119?

There's a developer in Pakistan (yes, Pakistan, a not-so-friendly place to
be right now) who's working on completing the rtpsend/rtprecv pair.  One
of his main issues right now is dealing with media types and bridging them
to GStreamer's types.  I'm sure he would appreciate any help you can give
him ;-)  He goes by 'Zeenix' on IRC, his email is
programmer at linuxfreemail.com.

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