[gst-devel] gstreamer-guilaunch

Baker, Steve SBaker at CHELLO.com
Wed Oct 24 10:46:06 CEST 2001

> > this is a major update which adds a tree view of the 
> pipeline and lets
> > you set individual element args through a dynamically generated gui.
> > If you haven't tried this tool yet then try it now. The 
> next step will
> > be to add gui generation for dynamic params as well. Please email
> > feedback and bug reports to the list
> You should take a look at what gsteditor has.  It's got most of this
> already.  The code for these two projects should be merged, 
> so we have a
> common backend for all this stuff.  

Yep, wingo and myself have discussed creating a libgstui for common editing
widgets and guilaunch, gsteditor & other apps could definitely benefit from
a common library like this.

how about libs/ui for a location?

> If you want to take on the editor
> itself, it would be greatly appreciated <g>

I'm sure it would ;)

Its no secret that I actively dislike module&wire style user interfaces for
dsp graphs - especially when it comes to maintaining comples graphs.  So the
thought of being maintainer for gsteditor hardly fills me with joy.  However
I will endeavour to refactor gsteditor for anything that ends up in

guilaunch (as a one-file-wonder) is almost feature complete and my intention
once that is finished is to start a new graphical editor project.  This new
editor will be able to create/edit any arbitrary pipeline, and provide
developer-focused ways of running and manipulating pipelines.

This may seem to be a waste of effort when you consider gsteditor but my
main reason for wanting to do it is to learn more about writing gtk gui apps
so I am less of a danger to myself and others.  It will also provide a good
environment for dynamic params to mature.


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