[gst-devel] statistics

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Wed Oct 24 15:54:07 CEST 2001

I just commited a statistics element.  Lets you keep track of basic
stuff, counts on buffers/bytes/events, counts since last update, update
signal and/or stdout info.  Stats printed out and rates for total
buffers/s, bytes/s, events/s, and rates since last update.

To print ogg encoded vs decoded buffer rates do:

$ gstreamer-launch filesrc location="foo.ogg" ! statistics [ogg]
buffer_update_freq=10 ! vorbisdec ! statistics [raw]
buffer_update_freq=100 ! osssink

Or try "fakesrc ! statistics ! fakesink" in gstreamer-guilaunch and play
with params in realtime to see change in buffer/byte rates.

Or time a dd-like test:
$ gstreamer-launch filesrc location="infile" ! statistics ! filesrc

The freq thing for bytes is inexact and just updates when it goes over a
threshold then resets for next freq.  Not sure if there is a better way
to do this, but good enough for testing purposes.


David I. Lehn <dlehn at vt.edu>  | http://www.lehn.org/~dlehn/
Computer Engineering Graduate @ Virginia Tech in sunny Blacksburg, VA

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