[gst-devel] ALS and BattleBots!

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Mon Oct 29 01:09:01 CET 2001

OK, I've arranged to go to ALS Nov 5-12 in Oakland, California.  The
actual conference is in the middle of that, but I'll be there roughly the
same amount of time as Uraeus, who's flying all the way from Oslo,

Now, it just so happens that BattleBots is filming the same week.  I've
acquired some tickets, though not all I wanted.  Uraeus and I are both
going to the first full day of preliminary rounds, and the AM show on the
last day.  I have a ticket for the Final show, but afaict, it is The Last

Now, I know there are several people in the area who really want to go to
BattleBots with us....  Yeah, you know who you are <g> I'll make it even
easier, I'll pay for the show ticket for any developers who want to go
with us to the prelims.  So far that means either the AM or PM show on
Tuesday, the 6th.  The AM show on the 7th is also a possiblity, though I
don't have any tickets to that myself [yet].

So start crawling out of the woodwork and into the Big Blue Room, it's
time to meet your fellow developers...

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