[gst-devel] a problem with certain versions of gcc 3.1

Arik Devens adevens at antioch-college.edu
Fri Apr 12 02:12:10 CEST 2002

hey all,

so... there seems to be a problem with certain versions of gcc 3.1
that were packaged as rpm's and among other people i installed that we
should be aware of.

in these versions the statement:

memset (buffer, c, n);

gives the warning:

statement with no effect

even though of course buffer is a & to a void * and should be
fine. the problem here is that we currently are using -Werror in cvs
by default and as such with these versions of gcc gst doesn't compile
at all.

i'm not really sure what to do about this, we could just add return
values but that seems ridiculous. the best idea i've had (beside just
telling people to get a working compiler :-) is to make it more
obvious how to globally turn off -Werror in our build system, other
then simply removing -Werror from configure.ac, something that i've
not been able to figure out as of yet. traditionally something like

on a brighter and less broken (hopefully *grin*) note, i've been once
again scarce cause of school but... i am in the process of attempting
to have an independant study next term in, among a few other things,
working on gst-player, so there is a high chance of me having
essentially 4 weeks or so of full time work time to work on
gst-player. hopefully that will happen.


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