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Satish Ganti sganti at alaris.com
Fri Apr 12 18:16:01 CEST 2002

Hi ya'll ,

Waiting.... for the release. 
Just one thought. When we try to install the rpms for eg. say for
gst-player, there are lots of dependencies with gnome. Usually a person like
me who doesn't install lot of rpms in GNOME will find it painful to run to
rpmfind.net to get the necessary rpms. It'll be a good idea to include a
folder in the cvs with the necessary dependency rpms. I mean, the right
version Gstreamer is looking for). Then in one shot things can happen. 

I hope this suggestion might help...


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Hey guys,

prerelease tarballs for gstreamer and plugins 0.3.4 are up at the usual 
place (also in topic on irc)

Please test them out (download and stuff, test functionality) and maybe 
additionally check out monkey-sound and rhythmbox from gnome cvs and see 
if they work for you - rhythmbox is the best demo of gstreamer at the 

I branched cvs as per the release document which is starting to be very 

There is one outstanding issue left to fix (maybe it's already fixed yet), 
wingo's dynamic pad request issue.

If it's not fixed yet, I hope we can get it fixed by tomorrow.

I've started the rpm autobuild now before going to sleep.  I hope they 
produce nice rpm's I can test as well tomorrow, and if all goes according
to plan I hope to release tomorrow night (for me) or sunday morning at the 

That leaves us sunday to maybe help out with rhythmbox and making sure 
they can do a good release.

Both of these can then be included in garnome and we can start working on 
getting our stuff in red-carpet, as well as moving on to a solid 0.4.0 



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