[gst-devel] Docs/RFC: GstData

Baker, Steve SBaker at CHELLO.com
Wed Apr 17 00:39:15 CEST 2002

Benjamin documented:
> GstInstream
> ===========
> GstInstream is the base class for events and buffers that are passed
> inside the stream.
> It enhances the GstData struct by
> guint64		offset[GST_OFFSET_TYPES];
> This field describes the offset in the current stream in 
> various different
> ways:
> GST_OFFSET_BYTES:  The number of bytes from the beginning of 
> the stream.
> GST_OFFSET_TIME:   The timestamp in microseconds. The beginning of the
> stream equals timestamp 0. In buffers the timestamp should match the
> beginning of the data.
> GST_OFFSET_FRAMES: This type is specific to the stream and should be
> defined there. (video will probably use it for frame numbers, audio to
> count samples)
> If an offset can't be specified, it is set to 
> equals (guint64) -1. The byte offset always has to be 
> specified. It is an
> error if it is invalid.
> A plugin playing data from an "infinite" source (eg a shoutcast stream
> from the internet) it should start with byteoffset 0.

To be consistent with the rest of GStreamer, this type should be a gint64
and GST_OFFSET_TIME should be in nanoseconds.  This means you may have to

Other than that, I'm happy.


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