[gst-devel] Gstreamer and RhythmBox in the news

Jérémy SIMON jsimon13 at yahoo.fr
Wed Apr 17 04:39:16 CEST 2002

> Heya,
> I saw this URL in the "referer" logs of rhythmbox.org
> http://www.linuxfr.org/2002/04/16/7947,0,1,0,0.html
> What it says:
> Gstreamer is a framework based on glib2.0 targetted to developers. It
> allows multimedia data manipulation in applications. Its capabilities
> range from playing an mp3 file, to complex audio mixing via video
> manipulation. It allows you to transform, for example, a CD track into
> an mp3 or an ogg on-the-fly, meaning without temp file !
> Its principle is based on pipes containing interconnected plugins in
> which the multimedia flow flows (well, that's a quite translation).
> Gstreamer can even create the pipe for you based on the installed
> plugins.
> Even if the APIs aren't frozen yet, some applications use this
> framework, the most advanced one being rhythmbox, an iTunes clone (Mac).
> Gstreamer is planned to be Gnome2.2's multimedia base.
  I know that many french people involved in linux read linuxfr.org, and
I hope that many of them will try gstreamer and rhythmbox.

  GStreamer.net get 98 hits and Rhythmbox.org 103 ;)

Jeremy SIMON ( apoc )

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