[gst-devel] decoder

Kang Jeong-Hee Keizi at mail.co.kr
Tue Apr 23 09:45:06 CEST 2002

hi, newbie this list. :)

I'm planning to make a player supporting multiple kinda filetypes.
the flow will be:

1. src: gnomevfssrc
2. dec: mp3(which one should I use?), vorbisdec, ...
3. out: esd, oss(this will be another issue, 'take multiple sink', later)

I've read online docs and just found gst_element_factory_find( (char *)"factory name" );
what I think to be best is gst_element_factory_find_by_mime( [string, id, type, whatever] ); or similar.

gnome-vfs support getting mime string and gst can translate the string into id, and GstType.
so there's no wall to support find_by_mime().

what about this?

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