[gst-devel] Hello and my 1st question

Kentarou Fukuchi fukuchi at is.titech.ac.jp
Thu Apr 25 02:00:06 CEST 2002

Hello folks,

This is Kentarou Fukuchi, a developer of EffecTV, a collection of video
effect processor. (see http://effectv.sf.net/index.en.html)

Some days ago, Thomas Vander Stichle invited me to GStreamer development,
and today I saw an impact news on GStreamer web page. Fantastic! Great!
(oh my poor English...)

Okay, let me talk about my future plan. First of all, we, EffecTV developers,
do not change its core architecture to GStreamer. Please, please wait until
my talk is finished. We want to keep EffecTV as an "easy to use/launch" application,
because we consider our product as an "toy application" (of course, ahem, we
believe that EffecTV is a great-novel-fantastic-and-so-on toy:).
For this sake, we would like to keep it simple and monolithic-like application.

On the other hand, I am planning to start new branch, say "EffecTV+",
as the next generation of EffecTV. EffecTV+ is based on GStreamer.
It is more flexible, and for experienced user who need more powerful effect.
It is provided as a set of GStreamer plugin.

Okay, this is end. let me know your thought.

Anyway, as the 1st step, I would like to begin to learn about GStreamer.
Thanks "wtay"(sorry i dunno your real name), I found your code in the CVS tree,
and I can start from there.

And now, my 1st question.
Does the effect plugin can receive multiple video streams? I want to create
A/B roll effect. As you know, one of the most important effect VJs requires
is A/B roll for scene changing. According to my survey, there are few effort
to create novel A/B roll effect.



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