[gst-devel] incognize the end of play.

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at chello.be
Thu Apr 25 15:29:30 CEST 2002

> first of all, I'l happy to announce the chicky release of
http://gramophone.sf.net/ 0.0.3. thanks to give voice to > my project.
> well, I've built playlist to feed gst one by one.
> but there's an issue that I cannot find help anywhere.
> how can I incognize the end of play?

currently the only way to detect end of stream is when gst_bin_iterate
returns FALSE (the pipeline
stops). We hope to make this a little more intuitive some day...

> I expected there must be a signal to do that. but not.

All elements fire the eos signal when they go to EOS. You could listen
for the EOS signal in
the renderer plugin to detect when the final bit has been rendered.

> I suspected "state_change" signal is that if I check PLAYING_TO_NULL,
but my applet freezed. (a little funny, > may need more test)

State change doesn't happen on EOS (that's a bug)

> and I have a problem of 'stall if I quit applet'.
> I think I have to finish and destory whole gst objects.

gst_element_set_state (element, GST_STATE_NULL) and
gst_bin_unref on the toplevel bin should do.

Are you using threads?

> but I cannot find the trigger to do that, like "finished" signal of
> pliz help me. those issue hold me away from bed.
> thanks.


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