[gst-devel] some cleanups

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Fri Apr 26 11:04:05 CEST 2002

Hello gang,

as we're rapidly moving along to a hopefully soonish 0.4.0 release, there 
are some things I want to throw around.

1) Since no one has had better ideas or did any work re: the 
filesrc/disksink issue, I'm going to rename disksink to filesink this 
weekend by inofficial poll and because it's actually a sink to a file name 
and not necessarily to disk.
If you do not agree with this I expect a better solution by this weekend, 
I just don't want to send GStreamer into red-carpet with such a clear 
NCD (newbie confusion device).

2) Now that Andy made gst-inspect-gui possible, I noticed lots of the 
plugins have really bad categorization.  Since I don't expect anyone to 
have big opinions about this - or they'd have been applied already - I'm 
probably going to dive in, clean spelling mistakes, rearrange stuff, so 
that it at least looks sane in the editor an gst-inspect-gui.  I will dig 
up old mails of other people up on the subject.  At this point I don't 
care too much about where they go, as long as it's not such a damn mess as 
right now ;)

3) Using the build root system I find there is still some work left to do 
on the configure system and the spec files.  Anyone who wants to help me 
out here, please do ;)

4) Since we're going to start packaging dependency libraries before we put 
them in Red Carpet, we're going to have to store the necessary files in 
CVS somewhere.

My personal idea would be to create another CVS module (like, package),
create an rpm dir, and a dir for every dependency lib there.  Then we put
whatever's necessary in that dir - spec files, patches, ...
I also don't mind if it would go inside another module - please tell me 
which - but I just want to get started so that people like Uraeus, omega 
and me can get going on this.

Comments welcome as usual.



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