[gst-devel] First draft for MCF transor API

Ruben ryu at gpul.org
Sun Aug 18 14:40:04 CEST 2002

O Xov, 2002-08-15 ás 11:32, ChristianHJW escribiu:

> I hope i dont have to introduce the MCF project to you now anymore, else you
> find all the necessary links on the bottom of this mail ( sent via gmane
> newsserver BTW ).

	I've seen the project page, and found that you are only comparing this
format with AVI, what I think is an error. AVI is a very old format
although it's very extended. Why don't you compare it with a modern
transport standard like MP4 (the transport layer standarized to take
more advantage of MPEG-4 codecs)?

	I imagine that you already know MP4 and you can explain the advantages
over it, but for people here that don't know it, the better information
source related to MPEG4 is the open MPEG4 project:



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