[gst-devel] web site

Andy Wingo wingo at pobox.com
Thu Jan 3 21:28:02 CET 2002

this note goes out to people who play with the web site:

first, thanks. keeping things up-to-date is good.

second, please user lower case elements and attributes (<a href= instead
of <A HREF=) in order to ease the transition to xhtml. i tried to play
with the template to make it xhtml strict, and i succeeded in a sense,
but failed in the sense that it was really ugly on current mozilla. yuk.
i'll try again sometime.

third, a piece of perspective. the status page should kept up to date
with our current status and plugin bugs. 'feature request' and more
fundamental changes should perhaps be tracked on the dotplan page. imho.
although really, as long as we get it done, that's cool with me :-)

plugins just passed distcheck for me, woo hoo! :)



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