[gst-devel] rpm stuff

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Fri Jan 4 07:57:09 CET 2002

all you debbies can safely ignore this mail.

to the redhat (or rpm-based) users, I want to run my idea for rpm
management of the various dependencies we have on the website.

I want to satisfy a set of givens :

a) easy to maintain and update for each release
b) keep a history for each release in case people want to try out previous
   releases (try to "freeze" the set of RPM's for each release)
c) offer SRPM's for these packages
d) offer the various archs we want to support

So this is basically the layout in my head :

            all gstreamer rpm's we've built
            external libs on which ext plugins depend
            dev packages for these libs
            development packages we use (autotools and stuff)
          ext, ext-dev, dev, gst
          ext, ext-dev, dev, gst

      every i386 package we've ever used

Now, the idea would be to put all non-gst rpms physically in the redhat/
tree at the top, and in the various ext/ext-dev/dev dirs link from them.
The actual gst rpm's would be physically placed in the releases dirs.

Then we would solve a) by just copying all of the symbolic links as links
to the new release dir as soon as the previous release has been made.  We
make manual adaptions from then on in the next release dir.
b) would be ok automatically as well since we don't touch the older links.
We might want to put a readme in each RELEASE dir however so we can at
least say what version of redhat we consider standard.
c) is included in the layout
d) is included and made easy since people tend to be on a fixed arch or
use srpms, and then decide if they want only the ext/ rpm's (because
they'll install gst by rpm) or also ext-dev and dev stuff (since they want
to build from srpm or tarball).

If this sounds ok to you all, let me know, so I can do this on the
webserver, and write some docs on how to keep this current and stuff.

Any suggestions are of course welcome.

And maybe (sorry, I lied) someone could tell me if something similar would
make sense for debian and if we can learn from each other. ;)


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