[gst-devel] Re: [gst-cvs] CVS: gst-plugins/m4 gst-mpeg2dec.m4,NONE,1.1

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Fri Jan 18 10:53:07 CET 2002

* wrobell <wrobell at ite.pl> [20020118 13:30]:
> I have made some investigation...
> There is also built libvo library with mpeg2dec on my system.
> That's the reason why mpeg2dec could be installed in /usr/X11R6/lib.

Yup.  The 'mpeg2dec' binary should be static linked to libvo (at least
it is in cvs.. not sure about last release).   I'd think that just
because one binary in a package is linked to X the indep libs in same
package shouldn't have to be stuck under X dirs.

> Because GST_CHECK_MPEG2DEC macro does not hurt my proposal is not
> to kill the beast...

Ok.  I was just trying to avoid the extra added complexity if it's not

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