[gst-devel] xvideosink embedding

Joshua N Pritikin vishnu at pobox.com
Mon Jan 21 03:11:08 CET 2002

i've been off the list for the past month (as for why & marriage photos
see http://ghost-wheel.net/m.html ;-).

i'm porting my code to the new gstreamer/glib1.3 debs.  To my surprise, almost
everything works with just a few changes.

1. The most noticable breakage is that the xvideosink isn't getting embedded
into my gtk+ app.  i've been using the deprecated socket_steal hack ..
suddenly it stopped working.

  gtk_socket_steal (GTK_SOCKET (fv->gtk_socket), 
		    gst_util_get_int_arg (G_OBJECT(fv->x11sink), "xid"));

The xvideosink appears in a separate top-level window outside of my widget tree.
Any clue how to fix this?  Which gstreamer demo app is working these days?

2. Another problem, gst-register isn't detecting whether it needs to rebuild
the database properly.  i always get the following warning whether i run
gst-register or not:

  GStreamer-WARNING **: gstplugin: registry needs rebuild: run gst-register

Any clue or should i dive into the source code?  Without a clean registry,
debugging becomes incredibly slow because all the plugins load instead of
the 4-6 plugins which i actually need.

Victory to the Divine Mother!!         after all,
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