[gst-devel] Q: Video standard converter

Leon & Marissa Brits ljbrits at rocketmail.com
Wed Jan 23 02:49:07 CET 2002

Hi all,

Due to my business I work abroad for long periods. Due to various reasons I currently have a PAL TV-Tuner Card in one computer and a NTSC TV-Out graphics card in another. I also have a NTSC TV.

If I place the TV-Tuner card and the TV-Out graphics card in one computer is it possible to use GSTREAMER in real-time to capture the TV-Tuner input and send it to the TV via the TV-Out of the Graphics card?.

I just do not want to pay US$500.00 for a converter when I basically have all the hardware already. And further more I like the challenge so please do advise me to buy something ready made.


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