[gst-devel] merits of dumping glib1

Baker, Steve SBaker at CHELLO.com
Wed Jan 30 06:33:10 CET 2002

Thomas said:
I would like to take stock of the combinations of deps possible to build
gstreamer.  While most people want only glib2, I think there is merit in
still making glib1 work and willing to put in the effort.  I just need the
possibilities mapped out once and for all ;) IMO the effort going into
making gstreamer build without libxml is the same as making it work with
older glib too.  I mean, as soon as you allow variation, it isn't that hard
to allow for more than one variation.  The bigger step is from zero to one.

Steve replied:
I have been waiting for someone to say "thats it, we're not supporting glib1
anymore". There are many features in glib2 which can't be shimmed (or which
would be a laborious PITA to do so).  Also there are some hairy differences
which cause subtle bugs in one build or the other - this makes testing more
time consuming as everything needs to be checked twice. 

The subset of glib2 which has been shimmed is the bare minimum required to
be useful to us and it will be great when GStreamer can suddenly use all of
glib2 just by dropping support for glib1.

The only reason I can think of for maintaining glib1/gtk1 support is that
fewer people have glib2 installed.  Since glib2 is stabilising and we are
still aimed at developers I don't think this argument holds much weight.

So I'd like to think that the only decision required is "what version to we
remove the shim"


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