[gst-devel] naming stuff

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Thu Jan 31 09:06:06 CET 2002

* Erik Walthinsen <omega at temple-baptist.com> [20020104 01:48]:
> I think my perferred scheme is something like:
> module/tarball		rpm/deb
> --------------		-------
> gstreamer		gstreamer
> gst-editor		gst-editor
> gst-player		gst-player
> gst-plugins
> 			gst-plugin-mad
> 			gst-plugin-vorbis
> 			gst-plugin-xyz
> gst-bindings
> 			gst-binding-perl
> etc...

Yeah, slow response, sue me. ;)

Who thinks deb plugins should be renamed to this scheme?  Right now I
just have gstreamer-<pluginname> but gst-plugin-<pluginname> is just as
easy.  Eh, whatever...

I vote we change 'gstplay' to 'gst-player'.  It's a bit more consistent
with the rest of the modules and I never really understood why arik
didn't like that name.  In any case, it's kind of confusing with
gstoldplayer, gstplay, gstmediaplay, libgstsomethingplay, etc.

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