[gst-devel] Re: [gst-cvs] CVS: gst-plugins/ext/lame gstlame.h,1.2,1.3

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Thu Jan 31 09:13:04 CET 2002

* David I. Lehn <dlehn at vt.edu> [20020131 02:39]:
> * Thomas Vander Stichele <thomasvs at users.sourceforge.net> [20020130 06:27]:
> > I checked lame packages and source code and they seem to want lame.h in 
> > prefix/include/lame.h
> > 
> > so I fixed stuff accordingly.
> > 
> > Do any systems have lame in include/lame/lame.h ?
> > If so, mail me and we'll work it out.
> ..
> > -#include <lame/lame.h>
> > +#include <lame.h>
> Yes, all platforms use include/lame/lame.h.  Upstream, at least in cvs,
> has it set that way.  See the Makefile.am [1], notice it uses
> pkginclude_HEADERS which is $prefix/include/@PACKAGE@/lame.h
> Please revert.

Ok, so I reverted it myself.  If your platform doesn't use the
pkginclude dir then fix it. <g>  Maybe another solution is to hack on
and use the m4/as-lame.m4 macro.  Have it export the HAVE_LAME_H_STD and
use that to conditionally use either the proper or broken location.
That's covering up the problem though so I'd suggest just fixing the
packages that install headers in the wrong spot.

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