[gst-devel] error building libgstaasink_la-gstaasink.lo

Charles A Edwards eslrahc at bellsouth.net
Sat Jul 13 11:11:02 CEST 2002

On 13 Jul 2002 12:30:34 -0400
Michael Rothwell <rothwell at holly-springs.nc.us> wrote:

> On Sat, 2002-07-13 at 12:06, Charles A Edwards wrote:
> > Sorry it did not work out. 
> It's not your fault, but thanks.
> > I know that on our build there were 4 plugins which caused the
> > "-Werror," , aalib, arts, avifile, and dv.
> > Before the patch %configure had to be set --disable for those 4.
> Ah. That explains why you could build, and I can't, at least in part.

Another thing that may be different in our build is the use of

> Did vorbis build for you? Is there a way to disable the &%#$@&^#$
> -Werror flag during the RPM build?

No problem with vorbis.
The patch is what we used during the rpm build to prevent the -Werror, I
do not know of another.

Of the plugins which configure says will build
dxr3videosink, osssrc osssink, ,qcamsrc, v4lsrc v4lmjpegsrc
v4lmjpegsink, vcdsrc,
xvideosink videosink, a52dec, aasink, gstalsa, arts, artsdsink, afsink
windec winenc, cdparanoia, dvdec, dvdreadsrc, dvdnavsrc, esdsink esdmon,

flacenc flacdec, gnomevfssrc, gsmenc gsmdec, colorspace, gsthttpsrc,
jpegenc jpegdec, 
ladspa, lame, libfame, mad, mikmod, jpegmmxenc jpegmmxdec,  
quicktime_parser quicktime_decoder quicktime_demux, mpeg2dec,
sdlvideosink, icecastsend, 
sidplay, snapshot, vorbisenc vorbisdec

Using the -Werror.patch a python.patch and a flac.patch (needed for
flac-1.0.3) all will build.

These configure says will not build. 
vgavideosink,jack, lcs,	dv1394src, rtpenc rtpdec, smoothwave, tarkin,

I would be interested in any info or special needs required
for,jack,rtpenc rtpdec, smoothwave, tarkin, and xmms.

Now for a shameless plug all he gstreamer rpms, base, plugins, and
player are available for Mandrake cooker and I feel confident that they
shall be included in the next release.
Mandrake-Linux available through box sets, ISOs or FTP.


P.S. We are almost neighbors.
     I,m in Salisbury, half way between Charlotte and Greensboro on 85. 

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	You just think they think.
		(We think.)
Charles A Edwards
eslrahc at bellsouth.net


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