[gst-devel] converting mpeg1 to interlaced mpeg2

Brian J. Murrell 9c7361253b58dd1c288013ec2ba5521d at interlinx.bc.ca
Mon Jun 10 01:52:10 CEST 2002

I want to try to convert an mpeg1 to interlaced mpeg2.  You might ask
yourself "self, why would he want to do that?".  Well, I want to do
this because my output device is my television (using MPlayer) and my
input is a tv-tuner card from which I am recording using mp1e.

I like mp1e because it is very fast and is the only encoder of any
audio/video file format that I have found that lets me record 640x480
(i.e. both fields) and leaves (lots of) processor to spare.  In fact I
have not found another encoder at all that will do 640x480 on my

Maybe gstreamer has one.  Recommendations?

Anyway, mpeg2enc (or perhaps the gstreamer mpeg2enc plugin) from the
mjpeg tools will do the mpeg2 encoding that I wish (I think) if I can
get the mpeg1 data into yuv format.  I need to separate the fields in
the mpeg1 stream however as they are de-interlaced together to form
mpeg1 frames.  This is the sticky part I think.  I don't know of any
tool that will take an mpeg1 frame and split it back into two fields
(assuming I tell mp1e to not use any form of de-interlacing other than
combining them into a frame).

Is there a gstreamer plugin that will convert an mpeg1 stream into a
yuv stream suitable for mpeg2enc?


Brian J. Murrell
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