[gst-devel] New application

Artem Baguinski artm at nerve.v2.nl
Wed Jun 12 11:47:12 CEST 2002

Hello, people

As some of you might remember some month or two ago I wrote a new
qtdemux object for gstreamer and then disappeared. Well, i have busy

Luckily, I have some gaps in the schedule now that I can fill with more
gstreamer related programming, which i did. 

My new project is a set of pd-wrappers around gstreamer (or gst-wrappers
around PureData). Why do I want that? Because I like that flexibility pd
gives for controlling media pipelines. Because I hope to be able to
deploy beat detection in audio to control effects in video. Because I
would like to stream video onto pd-GEM textures. Etc. 

And again, I see this as a nice debugging environment (as soon as the
wrappers themselves are debugged ;) for the gstreamer elements. 

there is also gst-editor that does almost the same thing. and is more
gstreamer oriented. i mean completelly. but its paradigm is different
from that of pd - it's just an editor of pipelines, while pd is editor +
execution environment + gui. may be i'm wrong here? and I'm sooo afraid
gst-editor is gnome-dependant. is it?

But anyway coding my first video player object for pd was fun. I just
recreated the pipeline I use to play quicktime movies with gst-launch,
including my qtdemux. it works although there's some problems:

1) It's way too fast (the same with gst-launch) - it wasn't before, if
i'm not mistaken. Any ideas what have changed in the gstreamer world
while i was missing?

2) I tried to create two instances of an object in pd (== two piplines
with two sets of objects). I can play them one at a time, but not
simultaneously. I expected every sdlvideosink to open it's own window,
isn't it so? actually it segfaults if i try to play to movies

3) I can't seek. That's my own fault - qtdemux doesn't handle seek

So, now i'm working on seeking in qtdemux. 


Artem Baguinski (http://www.artm.org/)
V2_Lab - International Lab For the Unstable Media (http://www.v2.nl/V2_Lab/)
Eendrachtsstraat 10 - 3012 XL Rotterdam 

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