[gst-devel] Hang in cothreads

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller Uraeus at linuxrising.org
Sun Jun 16 15:18:03 CEST 2002

Using latest cvs gstreamer I now get same hang as Jorn in rhythmbox.

Pasted below:

DEBUG( 9214: 0)gst_pad_get_allowed_caps:1583: get allowed caps of
DEBUG( 9214: 0)gst_caps_debug:157: caps debug: caps of newly connected
src pad: entering
DEBUG( 9214: 0)gst_caps_debug:170: caps debug: leaving
INFO ( 9214: 0)gst_element_change_state:1980: sink_0 default handler
sets state from PAUSED to PLAYING 1032
INFO ( 9214: 0)gst_basic_scheduler_find_chain:866: searching for element
"sink_0" in chains
INFO ( 9214: 0)gst_basic_scheduler_chain_enable_element:721: enabling
element "sink_0" in chain 0x81edd60
DEBUG( 9214: 0)gst_basic_scheduler_cothreaded_chain:510: chain is using
DEBUG( 9214: 0)gst_basic_scheduler_cothreaded_chain:530: element
'sink_0' is a loop-based
DEBUG( 9214: 0)gst_basic_scheduler_cothreaded_chain:567: inspecting pad
DEBUG( 9214: 0)gst_basic_scheduler_cothreaded_chain:614: setting
cothreaded push proxy for sinkpad sink_0:sink
DEBUG( 9214: 0)gst_basic_scheduler_cothreaded_chain:567: inspecting pad
DEBUG( 9214: 0)gst_basic_scheduler_cothreaded_chain:619: setting
cothreaded pull proxy for srcpad sink_0:src

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