[gst-devel] generic gstelement gui

Andy Wingo wingo at pobox.com
Sun Mar 3 19:05:02 CET 2002

yo, i've got a generic gui for gstelements that i use in beatbox. it's
pretty modular, i can hack it out of there in about an hour or so. i'm
thinking of adding it to gst-editor cvs in libs/gst/element-ui/, because
the same code can be used in gst-editor and in gst-launch-gui (both of
which run right now btw; -editor still sucks though).

this gui will receive notification signals, so it updates as the plugin
changes state, etc, and it is (i think) threadsafe (ie, can receive
notifications from elements that are in other threads).

right now it has an optionmenu that you choose the prop you want to mess
with from, but i think in the future it can have three modes of
operation, i think - compact (one-GtkLabel height), normal (as it is
now), and full (list all of the properties, like the old (nonfunctional)
editor code did). the view should be settable by an object property.
it's in gtk.

so what i'm wondering is does it sound like a good idea to add this to
gst-editor cvs. this is really a question for steveb i suppose, as you
were thinking of this before too.

in the future we really will need to have some sort of property flag
that indicates that a certain property would be interesting to change,
from the user's perspective. like all of the ladspa paramters for
instance are interesting, but only location and offset are interesting
on a filesrc.

so, lemme know what ya'll are thinking. i'm more in a do-cool-stuff mood
than a prepare-for-release mood, if you can't tell :)



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